5cense Don't look now, say N-O to boarding a train thru a train w/ Thurston Moore


27 Oct 2020> Last night we were sposed to go thru sum sort of initiation rite by jumping off a cliff into a lake below. When we got to the top Thurston Moore was already up there, buck naked + howling at the moon like a mad man. We din’t realize we was sposed to do this naked so we took off our clothes. He told us to go 1st + he would follow so we stepped up to the edge. We could see Kim Gordon below by the lake so was sorta self-conscious, but we jumped. We lingered in the lake after jumping, not wanting to get out… realizing we had to hike all the way back up to get our clothes. Thurston Moore was taking forever. Some hipsters came along + Kim Gordon told 'em they couldn’t party yet cuz Thurston hadn't completed his initiation + they acted annoyed, like she was controlling him. Finally Thurston showed up, fully clothed, strolling down to the edge of the lake. He said he knew what he wanted to do for his initation + pointed to some Viking girl in a magazine + said "i wanna do her!' + Kim Gordon got all annoyed + we was giving him shit for not jumping, "what happened dude, did u chicken out?" He said he was staring at the sky + just got lost + spaced out.

30 Oct> Finished putting 4ier X-forms together + sent it to the printer yesterday, shd be available 12/12/2020. It's got the same cover as 4!× except it's a 2-d picture of the actual 3-d cover.

Went on a microcosmic DC walk, down to N street + west to G-town + then (to get some extra leaf-changing nature-walking in) continued thru the Georgetown campus to Glover Archbold park where we used to run 2 or 3x a week when we lived there... an underrated park (more wild + far less crowded than Rock creek) then connecting into Whitehaven + then we cut back down to pick up O + took that back thru Georgetown + home. Not a single bookbox in G-town, guess they're too uppity.


Glover Archbold


wall in Georgetown

Oct 31> Last night we was sposed to meet our bedder-½ on a train. We was early so was taking the garbage out. We saw our friends on the train and they said our bedder-½ wasn’t there yet. We went to go take the empty cart back that we was using to haul the garbage. To get off + on this train you had to walk thru another train. We pushed the cart onto the platform + then started walking back when this in-between train started moving + they shut the door connecting to the train we was supposed to be on. We was trying to find the conductor + was saying they needed to stop the train + a passenger laughed + said, "they can’t stop the train once it starts." A woman handed us her phone so we could text our bedder-½ but the # + letter selection on the small screen was like those morphing word clouds where the letters moved around so hitting a letter or # was like hitting a moving target that u didn’t know where it would come up from. So we gave up + handed the phone back. We walked to the front of the train trying to find the conductor to figure out what we should do, if we could get off at the next station to switch to the other train, but evidently the train we was sposed to be on was a direct train that didn’t stop. 

For sum reason in the last week or 2 we've seen quite a few movies based on Daphne Du Maurier stories, not sure why, perhaps it started w/ The Birds (our forthcoming Herd of Birds album appropriates that creepy nursery rhyme the school kids sing + we stole some footage for the last video) + a few nights ago we saw the new version of Rebecca (better off just seeing the original Hitchcock) + then last night we were looking for a horror film so watched Don't Look Now... which we're not totally sure we've seen before, we read the story in 2017 so that's sort of fresh in our head + we sort of remember Donald Sutherland + the scenes in Venice, but then again it might be based on our own memary.... gets to the point weave seen so many movies + read so many books it's hard to remember what's what, or maybe that's just a sign of getting old.

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