5cense Vicariously around the world in 44 dayzzz + how our copies stack up against the real thing


11/15/2020> Yesterday we took stock of which embassies we'd seen + hadn't + set out to see the lingering few we hadn't witnessed yet w/ our own eyes (mostly in the Woodly Park area north of Georgetown). There's a few we're still not so sure about, that we've walked by but were in non-descript buildings w/ no flags or not where they were supposed to be on the map. But we've done our due diligence + that's that! Now we can say we've walked all the state-named avenues (+ the letter-named streets to boot) + passed most every embassy in D.C. Even tho we haven't left D.C. for almost a year, we've travelled vicariously to every country (that has an embassy here) + U.S. state, so our Microcosmic DC project ended up being an apt exorcise to do in this homebound state.

Central African Republic (in Adams Morgan)




Switzerland (apparently abandoned + boarded up)




beehives (in anticipation of our next single—Colony Cullapse—that we're releasing next week)

+ then right after we got back our 4ier X-forms books were delivered (anyone wanting an advance copy let us know)!

how the replicated copies stack up against the real thing


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