the day i died + left motherless bklyn for a jettisoned winged pig


12/08/2020> the other night we saw what looked like a pig next to the garbage can across the street so we went to investigate + sure enough it was a pig! A handsome pig w/ wings actually. The poor pig looked like it had been kicked around a bit, mostly likely some pranksters stole him from a xmas display we reckoned, but looking around (we was in socks + T-shirt) we saw no nearby lights or nativity sorts of scenes. We brought him in from the cold + plugged him in + his lights still worked so the next morning we walked around our hood looking for a xmas display that might be missing a flying pig w/ no luck. So we we repurposed our liebury boox as a lost + found.

(+ yes that's our xmas tree... it's a year of 1sts, the 1st year we had a turkey on thanksgiving (+ last)
+ now our 1st (living) xmas tree)


12/09> We've always confused all Jonathans from Brooklyn w/ that Franzen dickweed thus wrote them all off (guilt by association). Only after seeing Bored to Death did we realize the brilliance of Jonathan Ames but we still hadn't managed to disassociate Jonathan Lethem from the dickweedery of Franzen or Foer. So when we found Motherless Brooklyn in our boox (or maybe it was another's) we figured we'd give it a go + must admit we was into it @ 1st, a gritty noir from the p.o.v. of some guy w/ Tourette's. But once that shtick wore thin it seems it's just another pulpy whodunnit sort of book, which is fine if u read books just to pass the time but we got more serious books piling up in our to-read stack. So moved onto Fanged Nuomena by Nick Land which so far is good, but it's dense so we can only manage 1 essay @ a time (the 50 page editor's intro was a chore enough as it is). So then we wreckoned we needed sumping light so we read 1 of Mark Baumer's books that we got after seeing the Barefoot documentary about him. The other day we had a socially distanced beer or 2 w/ Blake Butler (who was interviewed for the documentary) + he was talking about how they cut most of the stuff where he talked about the writing of Baumer (which evidently he's collecting into a book for Fence) to focus more on his tragic death (understandable if you're a movie maker that wants people to actually watch your movie). In 2012, Baumer wrote + self-published 50 books in 1 year! Granted it seems most are short little books full of random absurdisms, but quite a feet nonetheless (did he @ least get a Guinness for it?). The 1 we read was the day i died and left america. The book is sposed to be about the day he left Amerika + died, but mostly it's about rib sauce + shoes made of bird meat. The text is framed in little boxes superimposed over blurry pictures of Ben Marcus, or some 1 who looks just like Ben Marcus, for whatever reason. Almost as weird as the time we came across an article in Puerto del Sol pairing us (back when we had a name) w/ Ben Marcus as vanguards of a new "NetSub" litterary movment that obviously never materialized (that was over a decade ago). In the post about the Barefoot documentary we talked about how 4 years ago we shaved our head + made a video of it that Baumer commented on while he was walking barefoot across Amerika. We've cut a few inches off here + there when it annoys us (pulling it back in a ponytail + chopping the excess) but here's what 4 years of hair-growth looks like w/ Baumer's text superimposed over a bald Ben Marcus superimposed over us:

Baumer may have gotten hit by an SUV, but there's still all these books of his on Amazon + videos on YouTube, etc. so in a sense he's still out there, specially to someone like us who never met him in person. In fact, on the copyright page (doesn't seem the book is copyrighted actually) where it lists the standard ISBN/library info of congress info it says "Baumer, Mark James, 1983–(still living)"... u still out there Boots? As Nancy Sinatra said, "u ready boots? Start walkin'!"

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