Like zoombies exorcising in place to rerun our liebury stacks during this pandemic


12/06/2020> > Finished 1994 in our journal archiving, the last of our hand-written diaries we needid to transcribe. So now weave completed everything before 1996... onely gap left to do is 1997—2003, where we journaled on our computer so it's just a cut + paste job, but we ain't in no hurry... might be a good something to do if/when we go back to Italy next year + are living w/ just a laptop + nothing else to do. There's a bit of overlap cuz the 1st few years of (actually we started this on + then wasn't really a diary per se but more of a review site. We din't know what this would end up becoming + u can kinda tell, feels all cobbled together + not much we can do about it now cuz we din't have the foresight or wherewithal to use cascading style sheets. When we go back + look @ those old pages a lot of em are outta whack or have broken links + images. Every video from before 2013 or so was busted cuz YouTube changed their embedding protocol so we had to go back + fix all those... weed known about it for a while but was too lazy to go back + fix em but the other day we got to thinking that we bothered to make those videos what's the point otherwise?

> Last night we was @ some sorta resort + went to use the gym + all the equipment was really weird + hard to figger out. We was on sum sorta contrived + complicated elliptical contraption that was way off the ground w/ small sloping pedals that seemed broken + that could potentially be really dangerous. Our view out the gym was of a beautiful beach so we was thinking why not just run barefoot on the beach but we had a trainer that was tasking us w/ certain exorcises + guess we was thinking it's good to mix things up + do diffrent types of exorcises since we can always just run. Then we was trying to do some lat pulldown thing that was out rusting on the beach but there was this annoying family that parked themselves right near the equipment + the kids was playing under it. So we moved to this other piece of equipment like a Smith machine but we needed a pin or sumpin to get it to work so we went to get the pin + when we came back there was some douchebag guy taking a shower in it + we said excuse me we was using that + that the Smith machine wasn't for taking a shower but exorcising but he didn't budge, just gave us a look like fuck off. Can't remember what we did after that, guess we just gave up w/out exorcising.

> Sure glad we got our own gym to exorcise in, w/ an elliptical + stationary bike. But it's still sorta like being a rat on a wheel, maybe why we dreamt this. Yesterday we herd our bedder-½ say to a colleague that "we're all becoming zoom zombies" cuz they're on zoom all day... again, glad we ain't becoming a zoombie, don't know how our bedder-½ (let alone ½ the world) copes w/ this new virtual reality. We don't have as many running options as we did say in Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Harlem, Rome, or other places before that. We've baysickly settled into 1 route that goes up thru Malcolm X park along 16th, down Harvard into Rock Creek up Klingle Valley trail + then back along Adams Mill road down 16th home... not quite 10k but good enough:

> This run inkloots 4 booxes so sometimes we end up w/ books in our hand by the time we get back (a few days ago we scored Blood Meridian, Lord of the Flies, the newish Josh Cohen + a Rilke from 1 boox). We'd run south when we get to Rock Creek but the trail's been washed out for years + u got to run thru a bottlenecking tunnel which sucks in times of covid. Before covid we used to do run the stairs + lap around Malcolm X (Meridian Hill) park but there's too menny covidiots in the parks exorcising w/out masks. Sometimes we just run around wherever thru the streets thinking of avoiding people + cars as part of the exorcise. Even tho we finished our Microcosmic DC project we still do 1 or 2 long (~10 miler) walks a week w/ our bedder-½ + now we're @ liberty to go wherever we feel like since we don't got no alphabetic or state-named constraints, usually our routes lately incorporate as many booxes as possible. 1 of the bedder walks for booxes is similar to the route above thru Mt Pleasant which vies w/ Capitol Hill as having the highest concentration of little liebury boxes + often we gotta replenish the booxes we took books from when we was running + didn't leave nothing behind. Our liebury boox is become quite popular, cooking in our kitchen or sitting in the window like we are now we sea a steady stream of folks + a lot of turnover that we curate daily (we take the books not in align w/ our aesthetic along w/ Calamari to exchange in other boxes throughout D.C.). Here's what's in the reserve pile near the door @ the moment:

> The only problem w/ collecting these books is we often get tempted, seeing books we think we 1 day we might want to read so they go upstairs in our to-read pile which is ever on the verge of toppling over there's so many books in it, so every once in a while we got to go thru it + give em cursory reads to decide realistically if we'll ever get around to reading them. Here's this post's pile of books that we was tempted by but alas will end up in the above pile for exchange (any 1 out there wanting us to hold a book for them let us know):

  • Cherry by Nico Walker—seems Gian used to go on about this guy (he "discovered" the guy + was originally gonna publish this book before some bigger press scooped him) telling us we had to check it out so was excited we found this in a boox, but then we started to read it + it just seemed over the top w/ glorified drug-fueled exploits of some convict.
  • Moving Kings by Josh Cohen—after reading reviews + what it was about din't seem like something that would intrest us... we've red or tried to read plenty of Cohen's stuff, used to pal around w/ him back before he was famous but last time we saw him (reading for his Book of Numbers) seems he didn't even member who we was (does any 1?)... wonder what kind of writer he'd be if hadn't had all this sucksess?
  • The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro—we've never read Ishiguro but we ain't sure what made us think he was sum 1 we needed to read
  • The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver—we red or started to read this when it 1st came out, we read most of her stuff in our Tucson dayz which we just finished chronicling (tho not yet the late 90s), but don't know if we're ambitious or care enough to tackle this now... tho we're holding onto it for our bedder-½ to read
  • Diary of a Bad Year by J.M. Coetzee—we dig Coetzee but we've red plenty of his stuff + it's not all so great (specially all these dam Geezus books he's writing now... maybe he shouldn't write so much)
  • Best American Short Stories 2011—not sure what gave us the idea that we cared what was deemed the best in 2011?
  • A Million Little Pieces by James Frey—guess we never really intended to read this we just think it's funny how he duped the likes of Oprah + how every 1 gets their knickers knotted up about whether something is really true or not... is not all writing lying?
  • Innocents and Others by Dana Spiotta—we used to sort of know Dana now sure where from, maybe she's the 1 who invited us to do sum sort of Syracuse thing at Algonquin Hotel. This seemed okay but really it just reminded us that we've been meaning to read Eat This Document which we just bot
  • Yeti six—cool music zine that we perused, even came w/ a CD but we was too lazy to figure out how to play it... if it was vinyl that would be 1 thing but how does 1 play CDs these days?
  • Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates by Tom Robbins—we used to dig Robbins in college, best to just leave it at that
  • Mason + Dixon by Thomas Pynchon—we gave this the old college try when it came out in hardback maybe getting a 100 or 200 pgs in... not sure what made us think to give it a 2nd try, just seems impenetrable.
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