the aged aesthetic of Japanese bookwormhole asemic art objets


12/11/2020> We don't just make + publish book objets @ Calamari Archive, we also cullect 'em... not just artist books (such as the 1s by Dimitry Babenko) but books we keep in our personal liebury not just for their literary merit but cuz they're just old + cool looking (tho sometimes we get carried away + cannonballize 'em to repurpose into new book objets made of old 1s like 4ier X-forms (which is being officially released tomorrow)). We sometimes find "keepers" in our liebury boox travels (which seems to be the main excuse for our walks now, to cull + curate our own liebury boox) or these most recent acquisitions we had shipped all the way from Japan (from Nihon Kosho). We don't know what they're about, we just dig the way they look having aged over the years (most are 100-200 yrs old), bookwormholes + all... a form of asemic or visual poetry.

















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