Self-meditating 4ier X-forms to stave off mortality


12/12/2020> Released 4ier X-forms today, for what it's worth... we probly moan about this every time but the day a book gets published it becomes dead to us, dead as the trees it's printed on, specially to sum 1 like us who lives + publishes in a vaccuum. We still get Calamari submissions occassionally, but wonder why any 1 in their right mind wood want to be published by a press that don't Ǝxist, at least in social media circles where it seams 99% of ppl live these dayz (see also our "living at 1%" post #817).

4 stacks of 4ier X-forms (only 1 being the real thing)

We spent a good part of this year making the 4 books that went into 4ier X-forms... 264 collages in all + then binding them into 4 books + then scanning + repurposing them for a publishable book. We threw out that scanner right after... not that it didn't work no more, but it was just taking up space on our desktop where we could put a keyboard or record player, which are more useful to us now... who needs to print + scan anymore? @ least 4ier X-forms we might keep on our coffee table 4 a while + glance thru it, but the other books we've "written" just gather dust on shelves... perhaps bookworms we'll eat their way thru the pages + 200 years from now sum 1 will find 'em + think the way they've aged is cool (regardless of what they're about) like the Japanese books we blogged about in the last post. We'd like to think that 1 day we might go back + read a book we wrote but never do... do authors ever do that, read books they write? That's the beauty of music, we listen to our tunes all the time, in part to understand our musical evolution, but also as a form of self-meditation.

> The difference between meditate + medicate is 1 letter.

> 2 posts ago we talked about how Mark Baumer still exists thru his books + Inurnet mediums... art as a way to stave off mortality. A record is a record, a record of our Ǝxistence, specially since we've roped in our bedder-½ to give voice to the songs.

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