#7 (#1 side 2): A southern cassowary couched in the constitutional loopholes of "Novus Ordo Seclorum"


12/19/2020> * flipping disc, singing 7 swans a swimming * the 1st # on the 2nd side (track 7) of Herd of Birds is "Novus Ordo Seclorum" ("new world order" for those that don't speak latin). When we released it as a single we blogged about how we wrote the lyrics after reading the Constitution + pondering the loopholes w/ a dread that it would be hard for the U.S. to oust Drumpf regardless of election results, so guess the song is sorta about that + the malaise of living in a frascist police state under covid lockdown + the general oppressive + isolating mood of 2020, which is almost behind us. Musically it's a pretty simple tune, mostly about the drums (which were a pain on them little pads). The guitar was tuned D-G-D-G-A#-D + we just sorta riffed off that. As usual we didn't really write down what we were doing, but we did jot down these few notes about the opening progression + which notes to play + then made it up as we went along:

Birds featured in "Novus Ordo Seclorum" are a southern cassowary (the low bellowing at the beginning) + a capuchin bird.


the birds bring us to kneel
in unchartered fields
before the river takes us to see

the onely thing that's reel
is the hard glassy feel
as u slam into the pain

to be herd
not seen
skin deep
walled in
to isolate
self-driving cars
deliver eggs
uv city streets
can't u see?

kin u feel the impressions of feathered friends?

the hail on the skylight
reminds us to breathe
the potential diffrence between
what's supplied + what's resieved

from cloud to ground
the charge comes top-down

whips crack
horses nay
saddles creak
police state
the gavel drops
d-fence rests
the hole world
under house arrest
welcome to novus ordo seclorum

is this the biginning of the end?
augured from the owls
what do the howls portend?

blood runs blue in the veins
until exposed to the reins
ever since he downed the cherry tree
file it under profitsea
it puts the chokehold on our nape
rapes the self-fulfilling yoke from the hero's cape

gun-steel turns to rust
in Dogs we trust
the leash

reverse the rites
the right to arm bears
yield to a congress of ravens
welcome to post-humun novus ordo seclorum

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