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Red doc> corona score of formation to inform our residual diet


1/9/2021> Baba-humus-ganoush w/ pita bread, salad, cheese, olives then cava + ice cream while we watched a double feature, 1st WALL-E (2008) then Repulsion (1965)... again, seriously doubt there's anybody in this moondough who's watched these 2 movies in succession. WALL-E's cute, we resisted seeing it when it 1st came out but when we told our friends we cried during Short Circuit 2 (1988) they told us we shd see WALL-E cuz it's about these robots that take care of humuns cuz we've ruined the planit + the fat humuns just lay about in souped out lay-Z boy chairs having machines take care of their every bodily need, so it seemed an apt movie for current times. Repulsion is technically the 1st (chronologically) in Polanski's apartment trilogy, so we've been re/watching them in reverse order... again, perfect movie for being under house-arrest. Polanski must have seriously had some bad landlord/living situations, definitely captures the psychosis that develops from being couped up in shitty apartments. It's 1 of Catherine Deneuve's 1st movies, she's so young we wasn't even sure it was her @ 1st. The only thing is she looks nice the whole film, her hair clean + combed, but meanwhile the state of her apartment is going to pot w/ dead skinned rabbits laying around. If we're sposed to be led to think she's losing her mind then they shd of had her looking disheveled + unkempt. Also weird to watch Polanski films knowing he's a statutory rapist tho this was before that + before Sharon Tate got murdered.

1/10> Went for a walk (~7 miles) up thru Mt Pleasant + thru Rock Creek. Came back + laid around watching football (1st time watching live sports during this whole pandemic besides the French Open final). Go Ravens! Watched 1st ½ of Browns vs. Steelers which was quite exciting, 1st time a team has scored 28 points in a quarter in the playoffs + it happens to be the underdog Browns vs. notorious Steelers defense. Just seemed like a good thing to do (watching football) to make it feel like a Sunday + also wanted to see what it was like (Pittsurgh stadium was empty except for select friends + family, but Tennessee's stadium was mostly full + the commercials kind of weird (ATT shows a disclaimer saying commercials were made safely, w/ everyone standing 6 feet apart)). For dinner ate gorgonzola pasta w/ shrimp + peas, salad + homemade bread. Watched the 1st episode of that Fran Lebowitz/Scorsese documentary about NYC (Pretend It's a City) but wasn't really into it.

1/11> Had sushi delivered from Ogawa (maybe the 2nd or 3rd time we've gotten take-out during this whole pandemic), was a nice change + we're happy to support our favorite restaurants, but not worth it, just not the same as in person dining. Watched the last 2 episodes of season 2 of Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories.

1/12> We've woken up the past 2 mornings w/ the worst verigo we've had in a while. Slept well 2 nights ago but not so well last night. No alcohol the past 2 nights. The gorgonzola pasta was perhaps a bit salty. Had ice cream the past 2 nights, but now all our ice cream + chocolate is gone so we can completely cut out sugar + see what happens. Trying to minimize coffee + salt. Not going to drink the rest of January, or at least not during the week, tho as we discovered last January drinking has nothing to do w/ it, except red wine fucks w/ our sleep + gives us vestibular migraines. In fact we're wondering if hooch actually helps cuz it acts as a diuretic. Pressure has been pretty normal lately, hovering between 29.92 + 30.33. Haven't been listening to loud music w/ our headphones.... all the things we've blamed it on before. It's all quite random. Despite the intermittent fasting we've been doing since xmas we've gained a few pounds (169) rather than lose a few. We've been exercising pretty much the same as we always have, 45 minutes a day either on elliptical, stationary bike or doing weights/yoga, tho we haven't been running much this past month (too cold + too many covidiots).

Been working on our new Residues book (or most current thinking Cutting Room Residue). We keep flip-flopping w/ the language, whether to continue w/ this voice we've been using for quite a while now. Think we'll definitely stay in 1st person plural so it speaks to the collective unconscious. Maybe not so many mispellings. We're also trying to make the language gender neutral, using they instead of he or she (which goes well w/ the we of 1st person plural) unless it's a person of known gender. Sum of the dreams we're appropriating are rather sparse so we're having to fill them in, getting into a sort of lucid dream state.

1/13> Woke up still dizzy, ears still ringing louder than ever. Ate orecchiette w/ simple red sauce last night w/ pizza bread (homemade) + salad. Tried not to put too much salt on anything. No alcohol, no sugar. Ran 10k. Back down to 167. Watched the 1st episode of A Very English Scandal after trying to watch the beginnings of maybe 5 other series that sucked, including the Altmann mini-series Tanner '88 (nice idea tho).

Been reading The Book of Formation by Ross Simonini, a book we found recently in our liebury boox. Simonini is the 1 who reviewed our Poste Restante (prequill of sorts to our current Cutting Room Residue) for The Believer a long time ago. It's a book told in interviews (which makes sense since he's also the staff interviewer for The Believer, the 1 who did that Q + A thing w/ Gari Lutz in 2013) about sum adopted kid of a cult celebrity. Started to read Red Doc> by Anne Carson but i dunno, we just don't get it... seems she can poop on paper + critics will love it. Also "read" Corona Panic Score by Rosaire Appel, which u don't read so much as view or play sonically in your head... perhaps we'll try to put sum of it to music for our next album.

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