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Long Day's Journey into Night of residual language acquisition in REM/ROM isolation


1/14/2021> We were on a boat last night + started to see all sorts of wildlife: dolphins, white beluga whales, ducks, penguins + then we saw a goose w/ markings that looked Aztec but on closer inspection the markings spelled out: "I've seen this happen in other people's lives + now it's happening in mine". Sum 1 in the group joked that Morissey ripped this bird off... "guess he figured nobody would come up to the Antarctic + spot this particular breed of penguin." Even tho we were apparently in the Antarctic tons of mosquitoes were biting us.

Last night had pozole (vege) + a beer + maybe feel a little less dizzy today. Finished A Very English Scandal w/ Hugh Grant which was pretty good, but depressing... just goes to show even back in the '60s nice guys finish last + asshole politicians get away w/ everything (it's based on the Jeremy Thorpe affair).

Tonight had Spaghetti Vongole w/ garlic bread. Weigh 166. Still dizzy + ears really ringing. Watched 2 episodes of Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer mostly for '80s California nostalgia. Focused way too much on the cops that didn't seem to do much to catch him.

1/15> Had shrimp tacos + beer + ½ a bottle of cava + finished Night Stalker then watched Wuthering Heights, the 2011 version which sucked (our bedder-½ wanted to watch it).

1/16> Pesto Ceci pasta w/ a salad + garlic bread + 1 too many glasses of red wine then rosé (slept ok but headache today) + watched Long Day's Journey into Night, which was slow but the cinematography was stunning, especially the final 59-minute dream sequence shot in all 1 take thru tunnels on motorbikes, zip-lines, drones, while they played ping pong, pool (the kid had to sink a hard 8-ball shot or tthey would've had to start from scratch) + it was all shot outside at night in the winter.

1/17~ Had to go back to work last night + evidently a few ppl in the office had tested positive for covid so we were trying to hang out by the back door (which we tried to keep open but sum 1 kept closing it) + we were being interviewed over the phone + we kept getting distracted by ppl at work + we were putting down the phone + forgetting where we put it down or what the question they had asked was.

Ate black bean tacos + guac + watched Poto and Cabengo wich was fascinating, a movie about 2 identical twin girls in San Diego in the late '70s that invented their own language, or at least unique way of babble-speaking pidgin english/german (like The Wolfpack, the kids were homeschooled + kept isolated). Wish we had known about this movie back when we was working A Raft Manifest.

Rem + Rom, the invented twins who invented their own langauge to write A Raft Manifest

Think we're done w/ Residue... we didn't always use carwreck spelling + grammar in it, but the language is certainly more readable then A Raft Manifest.

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