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8½ residuals of a kajillion from a crocodile-infested swamp searching for covid advice


1/23/2021> We were watching a swimming race thru a swamp on what looked like closed caption TV. The cameras were terrible most of the time showing aerial views of empty patches of swamp w/ the occassoinal swimmer. U cd see crocodiles + we couldn't understand why they didn't attack the swimmers or why they would have a race like this thru a crocodile-infested swamp. Then we saw a swimmer coming close to a crocodile + the crocodile just quickly ate them in 1 bite + it seemed the judges or no 1 noticed, or if they did it just wasn't in their culture (we were somewhere in Australia or Asia) to grieve or even acknowledge death. Then we went swimming out in the ocean, surfing these big waves w/ a tube thing. There was this 1 part of the ocean where bubbles came up like there was an underwater hot spring or thermal vent.

Then we went to a sushi restaurant w/ a few people we hardly knew + none of them had money or jobs so nobody would of been able to pay. Then we ran into some colleagues of our bedder-½ + they were going to some Belgian restaurant + we went along for the free meal but it was early + we weren't even hungry so we left. Later in the evening we were with our bedder-½ + she had to go somewhere + we were gonna meet her back at home + she was saying there was an app where u could get a cab by taking a photo of the street u live on to tell them your destination (+ u couldn't just type in names of the cross streets) + we thought this was ridiculous cuz if u cd take a picture of your street then u were close to home + may as well walk. We were walking + saw a covid center (we didn't know if it was for tests or shots) + figured since we were gonna get on a plane the next day we shd go + when we got to the register we said "I'll take 1" (cuz we were embarrassed not to know wether it was for tests or shots). She said we had to be invited + we asked how 1 could do that + she started to go into this long convoluted spiel then all these sketchy types started coming out of the woodworks like when u try to use the train ticket machines in Rome saying they overheard us asking how to get a covid shot + they were saying we could just go to so we were trying to get away from them acting like we knew what we were doing. We found a quiet piazza + sat down at an empty outdoor table figuring we cd just google the information but then more sketchy types kept coming up to us. This 1 guy attached himself to me w/ this string + tried to act like it was accident. We ran thru this market, seemed like Asia or the street scene in Blade Runner, trying to get away from the street hustlers + also trying to put our mask on.

Haven't been saying what we've eating or watching the last few dayzzz, all starting to run on end. Last night we had seared tuna tostadas w/ peppers + guacomole. In the past we've made 2 attempts to watch Schitt's Creek + always given up 10 minutes in cuz it looks so stupid, but a few nights ago we were so desperate we tried for the 3rd time + got thru the 1st episode + now we've binged the 1st season... it is dumb but it's sorta of goofy + funny + light. Last night we saw Kajillionaire which was strange + interesting. Evan Rachel Wood is good at being homely + frumpy, far cry from her character in West World. Miranda has evolved from literary darling to big film maker. We also saw Psycho again.

Made a book trailer for Residue:

Most of the music was made from a recording of film running thru a projector slowed down + shift-pitched + manipulated samples from the opening of 8½. Speaking of music + Residue, we also made this mixtape of music we were working on as we were putting Residue together.

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