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Residue of riding unicycles w/ baked slutty Norma the talking gorilla


1/18/2021> In the 1st post of the year we said 1 of our resolutions was that we would make 1 new dish a year + we haven't really done that (tho since we never follow recipes almost every meal we make is unique). 2 of our favorite Sicilian dishes are Pasta ala Norma + Pasta Puttanesca so we decided to make a bastardized hybrid of that + call it baked slutty Norma (puttanesca means slutty)... 1st we cubed up an eggplant + some mushrooms + garlic in our Dutch oven, then we added some leftover red sauce + anchovies, capers + pine nuts. Then added rigatoni noodles + grated some mozz over the top + stuck it back in the oven to make it sorta like a casserole (the beauty of Dutch ovens). Didn't watch a movie but last night we saw Koko: The Talking Gorilla, which was intresting but they didn't really go into the later period of her life + we've seen a lot of the footage already on YouTube.

In the 1st post we also talked about how we used to have a New Years tradition w/ our our bedder-½ where we'd make predictions + seal them in an envelope til the next year + how we hadn't done that in a long time... well we ending up doing it this year + so far the 2 of the predictions have already sorta come true. We said, 1. Trump would stage a desperate + pathetic attempt at a coup on Jan 6 + 2. We said he'd get kicked off Twitter. Our 3rd prediction said in the 1st days in the White House some 1 would try to assassinate Biden w/ a drone, but would fail (lets hope this doesn't come true). It would start this whole trend of people using drones to do bad things + legislators + law enforcement wd scramble to try to figure out how to regulate them, much like how guns are supposedly regulated (when really they're not)... we're really surprised this hasn't already happened yet (except for that 1 guy who landed a copter on the Capitol lawn + the attempted assassination in Colombia). Doubt anything will happen tho until the national guard leaves, the police presence here is unbelievable, it's like living in a war zone.

1/19/20 We were bunkered in some apartment in a mall complex. We were the 1st participant that showed up for a bicycle race + started to take a spot in the corner, trying to figure out how we would ride the race inside this small apartment. Evidently u were sposed to lift the front wheel up + ride vertically against the wall + it seemed easiest in the corner. Then this French girl decked out in flashy biker gear w/ a nice bike shows up + we told her she could have the prime spot in the corner since we just had a shitty bike. We were sorta riding around wondering how they would know how far we rode + the bicycle turned into a unicycle. Some other people showed up + evidently we were to remain bunkered there + couldn't leave the house + we were wondering what we would do if more people for this bike race showed up (cuz of COVID) but evidently we had another room we could go to. The apartment was enclosed w/in this sort of atrium where this other room was on display. Evidently someone had been robbed + when they asked the security guard if they noticed anyone suspicious coming in the security guard thought they were accusing them.

In going thru our dream journal from last year for Residue, seems we had quite a few dreams about running marathons + that took place in such mall complexes... weird how we never dream about the home or city we're currently living in.

Tonight we ate baked salmon + asparagus w/ garlic mashed potatoes + rewatched Princess Bride (for the 3rd of 4th time... love that movie). Think we're finished w/ Residue, we'll be sending it to the printer tomorrow. Here's the cover:

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