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2020+ ≠ 404: subconchus residual sub-missions to let sleeping fish lie


1/23/2021> Ate dry sauteed string beans w/ tofu + shitakes + watched Chaplin... think the last time we saw it was when it 1st came out... the last good movie Downey Jr made before being rehabbed + ressurected (courtesy of Mel Gibson) as a stupid blockbuster super-hero.

1/24> Black bean tacos w/ guac + watched football + Schitt's Creek.

1/25> Bin submitting excerpts from Residue to various magazines/journals... it's bin a long time since we've submitted anything, surprizing (or maybe not) how many zines/journals have gone under after 1 or 2 issues, how many of our old bookmarks give us a 404 error. We've been so out of touch w/ the lit world, specially not being on social media.

Speaking of submissions, we opened up subs for Sleepingfish... we're calling the next issue (online + ongoing) "Sleepingfish 2020+ (≠ 404)" + the theme is "let sleeping fish lie."

1/26> Seeded said Sleepingfish 2020+ (≠404) w/recent (post 2020) + forthcoming works we've done under the guise of anon I'm us, No One, Sound ƒuries + MM/DD/2020, inklooting these pages from the forthcoming Residue:

844 <(current)> 846> Use or lose Mg dreams of corona mandala tattoos + the finite jest of culling the slush pile
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