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Trip log + analog moving images of our mother the fish before + after the honeymoon


8 Feb 2021> Between post #391 (wherein we blogged about our great antsisters from 1849–1960) + post #457 (wherein we archived our host body's early years ~1960-1970s), we glossed over our host's pairunts, 'specially their mom cuz she was still alive (tho we did resently post snippets of their father's flight logs + day planners (closest thing he'd halve to journals) in post #839). But since their/our mom (technically our adoptive grandma) died last summer + also cuz we resently got sum digitized old super 8 film footage, figgered weed feel in the gap + blog about our parental units as part of our retroactive fleshing out of Life in the Blog of Ghosts, grandfathering in this material guess u cd say. We had most of dad's super 8 films x-ferred to VHS back in the late '80s + then in the '90s (once VHS became obsolete) we had them digitized but we digitized from the VHS tapes so the quality degraded w/ each xfer. But our brother resently digitized the super 8 films directly + sent us copies, inklooting a few reals we hadn't sceen before. Part of our intrest is in the film itself (the medium is the message after all), how they capture memaries + since our host body used to watch these home movies when they was a kid we're intrigued about how our memary of curtain events are informed (or @ least was reinforced) by watching these films. Crazy to think of all the millions of mom ents that slip by unremembered if they weren't captured + how randumb life kin be. Also crazy to think of mother as an individual before we were born, what she was like + how halving us changed her. Consider this clip of her paddling around in a pool...

She's probly swam in pools 100s of times + might not of remembered this pertickler mom-
ent unless it was captured (+ now she dead but she still lives on in such moving images). We trip out about this all the time when we watch old movies, how the people + animals on screen are probly dead now. And who is the 1 filming mom swimming? Don't think it was dad cuz it seams before she met him.

The year before mom met dad she went on a cruz to Hawaii + Japan. She kept a travel diahree of the trip wich also has also resently come into our possession.

Far as we know it's the onelie journel she ever kept. We considered transcribing it hear on LitBoG, but the handwriting is hard to read + it ain't so intresting, for the most part typical touristic details of where they went + ate. Wierd tho how diffrent she was back then, complaining about how her 2nd class cabin didn't have enough room to hang her clothes or how she'd sneak up to the 1st class deck to use there pool. She's also quiet sinical, saying things like she "found a group of miserable passengers" or "saw a lousy movie," witch is strange cuz she would never say such things later, was always very positive as a mother. There's also a lot of drinking + flirting w/ occifers. The Trip Book comes pre-formatted w/ constraining headers (after a section of "Information and Suggestions for your Travelling Comfort"): Itinerary, Going, Returning, Hotels Stopped At, Autographs (the only autograph our mom scored was Red Skelton), Incidents, Side Trips, Memorandum + then Places Visited, which forms the bulk of the diary, followed by Cash Account + Addresses.

"The only excitement was I stepped on Marilyn's razor":

(written w/ a fountain pen?)

She went to Nagasaki + Hiroshima + says they were all "so friendly towards" Amerikans (even tho it was barely a deckaid after the bombs) + she also says she talked to "pimps" that wanted her to go into "girlie shows":

Hear's super 8 footage of this Hawaii + Japan trip (mom's the 1 in the brown coat @ the beginning + posing @ the foot of Buddha):

The flaws of analog film are just so much more intresting then digital d-FX:

mom in a kimono

She added a post script to her trip diary in 2009 about how she met dad 3 months after this trip + married him 3 months after that. They wint on their honeymoon to Baja, which is coinsidentally where our host body went on honeymoon in 1996 w/ our bedder-½, the journels of which we transcribed in post #719.

Again, weird to see pairunts as the ppl they were before they produced us + to think of how they might of ended up if they hadn't gotten married + become pairunts + how randumb life kin bee. Even back then dad seams to have awkwired a taste for hooch + although mom is guzzling caca blanca in this clip we rarely saw her drink as a mother, perhaps cuz pot consoomed her identitty into what she would become.

Sometime after this (@ the end of the real is our oldest brother as a toddler so probly ~1960-61) they also went to Beermuda (again, a parently by ship, from NYC).

This is 1 of the reals we ain't seen yet... souprizing to see mom + dad scooby dive! We had no idea.

mom in Bermuda

mom + Lady Liberty

The 2 other films we halve of our pairunts before our time (1966) are 1 of them picking strawberries (presumably in California) + another petting deer on Blakely Island in the Puget Sound.

Maybe we'll supplement our 1966–79 entry (once our host body came into the picture) w/ more of these super 8 films... stay tooned.

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