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Covid-California dreaming of cabin fever, brain fog + another shitty east coast winter


Feb 13> We were living in this house w/ an open floor plan, th California style our bedder-½ dreams of where it's hard to distinguish when u you're inside or out + we din't halve a fence round our yard + we herd sum 1 in our backyrd so wint back + there was a girl talking on her phone. She was talking quietly + seamed cool but we were annoyed she was talking in our bckyard. We were trying to get her attn to ask "can we help u w/ sumthing?" but she just kept talking not making eye contact or eggnowledging she saw us. @ 1st we was thinking she had a lot of nerve but then thought it was kinda cool dat she felt comfortable enough to just walk into sum stranger's yard. Finely she got off th fone but before we cd say sumping she said "ahhh, it's such a nice day out" + took a seat in 1 of our lounge chairs out by the pool + we looked up @ the sky + sure enough, it was beautiful out + then we was feeling guilty we wasn't enjoying our nice backyrd on such a nice day. Our bedder-½ came out + started chatting w/ this grrl + then they went "inside" (again, everything was ½-inside ½-outside w/ no doors) + then as if we wasn't xciting enough company she called sum guy on her phone to tell him come on over. She told us we'd like this guy, that he used to be in Kiss + our bedder-½ said which 1 + started to get into a conversation trying to figure out which 1 not by their name (Gene Simmons was the only name we knew) or instrawment they playd but by what kind of facepaint they wore, like, "the guy w/ th star over his eye?" This Kiss guy walks in + he's handsome + polite + it's weird to see him w/o his facepaint + we're like "yah, we recognize wich 1 it is." He introduced himself + shook hands + we were all just hanging out + then a few of his friends started showing up + ppl were mingling in + out + it occured to us our place was a cool place to hang out. We walked back + there was a dozen or more ppl, sum waiting for the bathroom as if our place was a restraunt or bar. We went back to th table where th Kiss guy + this grrl + our bedder-½ were + evidently a movement was afoot to hit some club our restraunt + they were talking logistics, like shd we take 1 or 2 cars + we looked back + now there's tons of ppl in our house + we tell our our bedder-½ we don't feel like going out + then say we probly shouldn't leave th house when there's 100s of ppl in it + she said we were exaggerating, implying we was being up tight + shd chill out. We said ok, there's like 100 ppl + they were all xploring deep into our house + upstairs into our bedroom. We walked w/ our bedder-½ bac thru the house + said it was getting out of cntrl that we shd be keeping an eye on things + she agreed. We speculated dat this grrl probly called all her friends + told them to come over + dat it was all a scam + they wd rob us but every 1 was being casual + chill just hanging out. We had this spirel staircase going up to our bedroom (like the 1 we had on via Titta Scarpetta) + all these ppl were coming down so we couldn't go up. This 1 guy in a puffy jacket looked at us defensively + said, "what? U want to search me?" Mostly we were thinking about our guitar + musickle instrawments, we din't really know what else there was of val-u to take. But we couldn't get up the stairs to check cuz so menny ppl were coming down.

Haven't bin logging day-to-day stuff like we was @ th beginning of th year. Bin busy making music + writing. Haven't been watching that many movies, mostly watcing Schitt's Creek (perhaps why we dreamt the above, cuz the annoying girl looked sorta like the dotter Alexis) in the past week or 2 we saw Romero's The Crazies (intresting movie for this pandemic), One Night in Miami (bothered us cuz it rides that fine line of truth + fiction we were talking about a few posts ago) + Minding the Gap (self-made documentary about 3 skaterats growing up in Illinois that was pretty good). Haven't been drinking so much, just on weekends for the most part, as a reward mechanim or way to break up the monotony of these weeks running on end w/ all the dayz feeling the same. @ 1st it was 3-day weekends + we'd treat ourelf to a mid-week drink, but now it's getting to the point where we look forward to Sunday more than Friday night. The less we drink the more the FX of just a bottle of wine get to us, we don't sleep so well + we're just sort of in a brain fog most of the next day. Regardless of wether we drink we get dayz of dizziness + ringing ears (a few dayz last week it was so bad we thought we was completely deaf in 1 ear yet @ th same time super sensitive to noize) cuz of our minearey's d-zzz but on days we don't drink night before it ain't as bad + we've had bad insomnia this past week, sum dayz going to bed at 10:30 + waking up 2 hrs later @ 12:30 wide awake but if we haven't bin drinking we get up + are super productive whereas if weve bin drinking we just lay there not able to get bac to sleep but not wanting to get up + do sumping cuz we feel just blah + uninspired. The whether's bin really shitty too, they keep predicting snow but we just get a rainy/sleety "wintry" mix + if it does snow it doesn't accumulate or like today it's raining/sleeting even tho it's 30° so everything just gets coated in ice. We're still going on our walks 1 or 2x a week or running just to get out of the house + breath fresh air from outside, but we have to wear a mask most of the time + just get annoyed @ th covidiots. Baysickly what we're trying to say is this pandemic is starting to get to us, starting to get cabin fever, probly also why we had the above dream w/ a house w/ an open floor plan where u can waltz seamlessly between inside + out + there's no doors or gates. Here's sum of what we've sceen on recent walks:

+ speaking of morbid animul photos, we posted another piece on Sleepingfish 2020+ (≠404), The Clearing by Blair Hooper.

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