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Horse-out-of-H20 beach-combing trip 2 the amor4us coast weave called home 4 20+ yrs


15 April 2021> Herd our bedder-½ rustling round + drinking water @ 3:33 a.m. so we said ciao + they mumbled sumping a bout a dream they had where we were waiting 4 a boat in Tieland, 2 go 2 sum I-land. we had 2 get all our provisions like shrimp, lobster, etc. cuz there was nothing on this I-land + we were haggling w/ the boat guy cuz they had changed the price + these other fancy-pants shyknees tourists w/ a Thai interpreter were pushing us aside + sweet-talking him 4 a deal + our bedder-½ mumbled about how annoying this all was, the hassles of travelling. meanwhile in our headspace we were in the mountins sumwhere in Cali4nia + we saw this small private jet that had landed on this tiny airstrip + we made our usual comment like "what kind of assholes have planes like this" when secretly we were jealous cuz it wd be so cool 2 have a private jet + be able 2 fly around el moondough. we were looking inside it, there was dozens of bratty kids lounging around w/ no safety belts, shit layin around all over, overhead bins open as they were taking off + then we were thinking wait a minute, we're watching this from the inside, we're on this plane! we had a ticket 2 go 2 San Diego on Air China + evidently our flight was overbooked + they maid arrangements w/ this plane 2 take us. then it occurred 2 us that they were probly going strait 2 China so we aksed the pilot (the father), "you're dropping us off in San Diego, rite?" but he wasn't planning on laying over there + we was starting 2 panic saying we din't halve no visa 4 China + din't want 2 fly all the way there just 2 be sent back. he was fumbling thru his personal FX trying 2 find the # of sum 1 he cd call 2 change his flight plan + @ 1 point axidentally dropped sum U-lock keys out the window.

Maybe we both had dreams about travelling 2 Asia cuz weave bin watching The Serpent series (about sum guy who drugs + robs hippies travelling thru Asia in the '70s), which cd of bin cool, but just seamed so far-fetched... like we get drugging ppl so they pass out + u can rob them (this was a thing when we was travelling SE Asia in the late '80s + member seeing a guy in Malaysia offering us a drink + we declined but we watched as he held this beer in his hand + never drank it but kept offering it 2 other backpackers) but we don't understand why they wd keep drugging em just enough 2 make em sick + keep them around 4 dayz in their apartment, or those ppl they needid 2 kill rather than just drug em 2 death they drugged em 2 make em groggy then stabbed em then burned the bodies. or how there was only 1 Dutch ambassador (+ why was he always yelling?) that wanted 2 solve this + how no 1 in the police, Interpol, other embassies, media, etc. wanted 2 help, like it was a vast conspiracy the entire world was a part of. we just don't get ppl's thinking... if sumbody was trying 2 drug us + then take us hostage + we were out in public by a pool w/ all these other ppl around rather than go along w/ him we'd just yell "help! this guy is drugging + killing ppl!" + if he had taken our passport we wd just go down 2 the embassy + say hey this guy stole our passport... + if he had 1 police guy in his pocket go 2 another police station or Interpol. if you're gonna make a movie based on a true story u need 2 make it believable or reveil why folks act the way they do.

Or maybe we had these travel dreams cuz this morning we're actually leaving D.C. 4 the 1st time in over a year, soon as our bedder-½ is done zooming w/ the Ethiopian govt. now that we're both fooly vaxin-8'd we're renting a car + going 2 sum place whose name we can't pronounce, on the coast of Virginia, the I-land where they have the wild horses. why is it weave bin on the east coast 4 sum 20+ yrs now + can't pronounce nothing + don't know where nothing is? we cd tell u every town along the west coast + know it like the back of our hand tho we haven't lived there since the late '80s (+ the '90s in Arizona). the coastline on the east coast seams so vague + nebulous, all the I-lands + capes + intra-coastal waterwaze. as we transcribe our journals from 1997 when we 1st came out 2 Georgia + then New Hampshire we went 2 places like Cumberland I-land (where they also have wild horses) but we hardly remember nothing, felt like we was just watching sumbody do these things. we felt like fish-out-of-water tourists + still do. we haven't even a'tempted 2 explore our surroundings outside of D.C. (crazy 2 think we've bin here like ~5 yrs)... we did in Savannah, then Portsmouth, then in NYC, but it always seamed so pointless, going on roadtrips was just not the same on the east coast as it was out west. sin embargo we feel this obligation cuz we got cabin fever + ppl give us shit when they here we haven't bin 2 such-+-such a place.

16 April | Chincoteague, VA> Had 2 google how2 spell where we're @ ... also the 1st time we're writing a journel entry from a place other than D.C. in over a year. got a rental car + 1st drove 2 Blackwater refuge... started 2 do a few hikes but the ground was really boggy, spent most of our time trying 2 keep our feet dry. went 2 the Harriet Tubman underground railroad museum... guess she lived in this neck of woods + the "railroad" went thru these parts.

dog caged on display in town where we 8 breakfast


... continued on2 Chincoteague, 8 oysters, clams, calamari, soft-shelled crab, etc. sort of outside (screened in porch)... getting closer 2 our 1st indoor dining experience. today got up early + wint on2 Assateague I-land... walked about 4-5 miles along beach north into Maryland. found all sorts of large conch + horseshoe crab shells, more than we cd carry. then did the Woodland trail wich was perty lame, big wide paved path w/ lots of old ppl + kids, etc. so we desided 2 get off the beaten path. saw wild horses from a distance a few times. we were just following this little strip of beach along Tom's cove until it petered out + we cd see from google map that we weren't far from where we parked so started cutting cross this boggy marsh getting our shoes wet + then bushwhacking + wasn't so bad xcept 4 the last section 2 get back 2 the trail had 2 fight our way thru sticker bushes + got our legs all scratched up, bloodying up our socks. part of us was thinking along Herzog's lines, how nature is evil + why shd we even venture out of our house + part of us was pondering on the 1st settlers + Indians, thinking bout what a pain it wd of bin 2 get from pt A 2 pt B w/ no roads or trails + no maps + it made us feel greatfool, specially in these swampy parts where there ain't menny landmarks + u can't really travel in strait lines cuz there's water everywhere (+ probly hard 2 navig8 by boat 4 the same reason). + there ain't mosquitoes yet, no way in hell we'd come back here in the summer. we were about 2 do the lighthouse trail cuz we saw some wild horses + thought the trail might lead us close 2 them but @ the trailhead we saw a sign warning about "abundant poison ivy" + panicked cuz we did see a few patches of it so we rushed back 2 our place 2 shower + wash our clothes. chilled sum (the itch subsided) then went out 2 the lighthouse trail which wasn't much 2 write home about. then we walked into town 4 dinner... all in all the step-counter on our bedder-½'s phone says we walked 17.5 miles. feels good 2 get exorcise + be x-posed 2 the elements... sun, wind, sand, plants + also covid... folks round here ain't so carefool about covid (lots of Drumpf signs on the way hear 2 remind u you're still in Drumpf country), but we're vaxin-8'd + figure now's a good enough time 2 expose ourselves 2 the virus cuz repeated xposure (either thru booster vaxinations or anti-bodies) is the only way we'll get thru this in the long run + face it, we need to be thinking long-term cuz we've spent a year fighting this thing w/ restrictive interventions + it ain't going nowhere so we just need 2 learn 2 live w/ it just like we live w/ the commun flu. the restraunt we went 2 had a beautiful porch on the river but it was closed + we asked Y + they said cuz the weather wasn't nice enough + we pointed out that it was 60+° + sunny but they just gave us a dirty look back... so we shrugged + 8 in sum dank interior crowded w/ covidiots. then went back 2 our place + watched A History of Violence.

remnants of the "underground railroad?"

dollar stores, waterslides, gun + mulch... pretty sums up Amerika

another swamp


booty haul

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