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5-teague tearing the lack of wanderlust from the parking lot attendant's bog


19 April 2021> 2 yr anniversary since we moved in2 this house. weave lived in other dwellings more than 2 years but never where weave dwelled so much inside + hardly travelled. slept over 9 hrs last night wich is unherd of 4 us, maybe cuz we was glad 2 bee back in hour one bed. din't sleep sew well in Chincoteague, wich we still gotta look up how2 spell so wheel jus call it 5-teague... not that "chinco" is Spanish nor Italian, guess it's actually an Algonquin word. "Algonquin" makes us think of Gian + the time we were both invited 2 speak about our presses @ sum Salt Hill/Syracuse U event @ the Algonquin hotel (where the infamous round table used 2 take place, wich also happend 2 bee across the street from where we worked @ Napster). we were sposed 2 inspire students as 2 the merits of starting a small litterary press, but as we member it both G + i was just happy 2 hang 2gether + get free dinner + drinks + seams the more we tried 2 discourage the students from starting a small press the more the kids wanted 2 become drunk buffoons like us. wierd thing is that our bedder-½ jus happens 2 bee reading Eat the Document (we gave it 2 her a few months ago after we red it) + Dana Spiotta is the 1 who invited G + i 2 this Algonquin event (+ also the 1 who introduced us 2 Chiara, who toll us about G's departure poche settimane fa) + we member asking Dana if there was cualquier cosa we shd say 2 the students + she said nah, bee yourselves, that we din't need 2 act professional or nuttin', go head + bee drunk bohemian buffoons (wich G was already hellbent on doing w/o asking, but we figured we shd @ least clear it w/ her). comunque, weave gone on abbastanza about Gian, this post is sposed 2 be about 5-teague.

the 2nd day in 5-teague we rented cruiser bikes + pedaled around Assa-teague i-land. between walking + biking we explored every path + trail there is 2 explore, the Virginia end of the I-land innyway. the annoying thing is that there's a dirt road that continues up in2 the Maryland part but signs said no bikes allowed... there was a bunch of roads that allowed off-road vehicles—dune buggies, monster trucks, etc.—but not bikes. we wd of ignored the signs but there were also signs saying it was a hunting area + we din't feel like being shot. welcome 2 this U.S. national seashore, where u can be a dumb-ass redneck + ride monster trucks all over the sand dunes + shoot animals, but where u can't hike or ride your bike. we rode as far as where we walked the day b4 + sat on the beach + 8 crackers + watched a pod of dolphins jumping + fishing boats laying their nets. saw horses again, but jus from a few hundred feet away. then we got sum clams (50 for $12) + cobs of corn + made our own little feast cuz the restraunts suck. re-watched Sleepers (1996) + maybe sumping else, we 4-get. no pertickler reason we din't sleep so well other than we ain't used 2 not being in our one bed. bin in a bit of a funk lately, not sure if it's cuz of G's death or a sorta post-traumatic stress sindrome. was reading sumpthing in the noose-paper about how introverts were dreading a return 2 normalcy + spose we can kinda rel-8... during lockdown we had an excuse 2 bee a recluse, but now ain't no excuse why we shouldn't leave the house + socialize, etc. this weekend in 5-terre reconfirms how we felt even b4 covid, how 99% of the world has bin ruined by humuns + how most ppl are idiots, now there's the covidiot factor on top of it. on the way back we stopped @ sum diner 4 breakfast + there were no signs saying 2 wear masks + we walk in2 the crowded restraunt stuffed w/ a bunch of rednecks not wearing masks. not that we're concerned about getting covid, we're vaxin-8'd... it's just the attitude that comes w/ it, the mask has become a political sinbull. the more we see of middle Amerika the more we got no desire 2 venture further in2 it + the more excited we are about getting back 2 Italy in a few months. we saw plenty of it in the '90s living + working in all sorts of backwordass places out west + South Dakota or down in Georgia. second u venture outside of D.C. there's Drumpf signs everywhere. Biden may halve gotten elected but all those ppl ain't going nowhere. even intl travel has lost it's luster, air-travel is a real drag + tourists have inund-8'd every coroner of the planit, from 5-teague to 5-terre (Cinque Terre). we spent ½ our time in 5-teague watching fat Amerikins stopping 2 take a gazillion pics of sum poor bird or horses way off in the distance cuz they'd see us stop + wonder what weed stopped 4 so wd stop right next 2 us, usually not wearing masks + talking loud. even on the highways there's this weird clustering phenomena where every1 likes 2 cluster 2gether in groups rather than halve open road in front of u, driving side by side @ the same speed so u can't get by.

the great bog

Bin readin The Parking Lot Attendant by Nafkote Tamirat which aint bad 4 a book Oprah called "dazzling." A look in2 the Ethopian community of Boston from the p.o.v. of an adolescent girl navigating between a deadbeat dad who means well + another father figure whose job as a parking lot attendant is a cover 4 other shady dealings... haven't finished it yet but were intrested enough that we want 2, which onely happens 2 us in like 1 out of 10 books.

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