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Reflecting on the journey of Calamari as we transfer the physical archive to Pittsburgh


26 July 2021> Taking inventory + packing Calamari in preparation to relocate the physical archive to Pennsylvania... here's what the current state of the archive looks like laid out:

+ here's the archive boxed up:

boxed Calamari in 2021

This isn't the 1st time we've relocated the archive, when we moved to Kenya in 2008 we sent the books to brother Markus in Detroit. We had 2x as many boxes back then which is surprising considering we had ½ as many titles... guess we've just become more efficient @ keeping less surplus stock on hand, tho small press runs were considerably cheaper back then (now it ain't worth it to reprint less than 100):

boxed Calamari in 2008

We also aren't shipping the books (how they got to Detroit) but driving them to Pittsburgh later this week... tho thinking about it now it probly wd of been cheaper to send them USPS media mail (specially considering the supposed "rental car apocalypse" currently underway)... then again we wouldn't have been able to visit Garielle + get a visual on the archive's new digs (assuming we get the car we reserved).

When we went to pick up the 3rd bed books (the 6 skinny boxes on the left end above) from Brian Evenson's basement in Providence in 2008 the rental company didn't have the car we wanted + gave us a gas-guzzling "ba-da-bing mobile" which at least had lots of trunk space. So these 3rd bed books have made the journey from Providence > NYC > Detroit > NYC > DC + now Pittsburgh... actually, most of the above books have also been back + forth across the Atlantic + Mediterranean not once but twice, in 2010 + then again in 2018. So when u get Calamari just think the book traveled the high seas twice on cargo ships + humun hands unpacked + repacked the books from battered Bookmobile boxes in Detroit, Rome (2 diffrent places), NYC (8 places), DC (3 places) + now Pittsburgh + how when u buy Calamari going forward they'll be personally mailed by Garielle Lutz, not sum Amazon warehouse employee that handled the book after peeing in a bottle cuz they don't get bathroom breaks so their boss can rocket into outer space in a giant phallus that u helped pay for.

28 July> New development... ends up we won't be driving the books but shipping them USPS... we had sum ppl (all vaccinated) over for dinner on Saturday + 1 of them tested positive for COVID. We went out + got 1 of those BinaxNOW kits from the pharmacy + tested negative but still, better to not be travelling round when we were exposed to sum 1. This delta variant is sum nasty shit, for the next 2-3 weeks before we leave for Italy we ain't going nowhere, except masked up to the post office to ship these books... this is all assuming we're able to go, the delta variant is spiking in neighboring countries in the EU...

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