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Tributary #22: "Sacramento"


30 July 2021> Stream #22 off Tributaries is "Sacramento" > we've included a "cover" song of old material from the unheard tapes (before unknown artist 11/22/66 had our bedder-½ to sing, as Sound Furies) from each of our prior albums, this is the remake on Tributaries, originally called "the unlearning" > we started to redo the guitar then realized we liked the sound of the original (12-string) so just sampled the intro part before 11/22/66 started singing + looped it (we don't have the original 4-track tapes so couldn't just isolate the guitar track) + added sum ambient FX + also drums > we also changed the lyrics a bit to fit the tributary theme (not about an actual river so much as a data stream) + "Sacramento" cuz that's the movie in River's Edge (although the actual incident that inspired the film was in Milpitas in the south bay (where the Sacramento empties into), not far from where we went to high school in Mtn View + started making these tapes):


what are words to the dying dads
as they struggle on their beds of death
all the birds come spilling out
in the stale heave of their last breath

symbols used to simplify
information growing out of control
a spring sprouting from a barren plain
emanating from a deep dark hole

for every book needs another 1
to unlearn what u just read
read it only to realize
all we need to do is just forget

let the bee sting when u knew it wd hurt
u din’t listen to what u were told
the pain in your thumb from that warm spring day
will be w/ u til u are old

+ hear's the video (using footage from River's Edge (1986), Short Cuts (1993) + our Ark Codex ± 0 book trailer + starling murmuration videos):

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