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walking the wall 2 get an «al dente» perspective + avoid root canals


23 Aug 2021 | Bologna > Got an Italian phone # + broke our tooth chomping in2 crunchy serial

> the darkness on the rim was b/c it was on a molar w/ a cavity > about ¼ of the tooth broke off witch freaked us out, haven't had that sensation since we was a kid. . . guess it means we're getting old (or halve eaten 1 too many pistachios + sunflower seeds in our time) > 8 @ Scalinastella (★★★)—good but salty + buttery > we're just gr8-full we can eat outside + not get eaten alive by mosquitoes

25 Aug > 8 @ Pescheria Aldrovandi (★★★★½) again b/c it was so good > had a plate of carpaccio that was essentially like eating sashimi but w/ lemon + olive oil instead of soy sauce + wasabi > also had ravioli w/ clams in a buttery saffron sauce, washed down w/ a Pignoletto which is the local white wine grown outside of Bologna + when frizzante (u can get it both ways) may replace Prosecco as our go2 beverage > evidently it ain't available outside of this region cuz the Bolognese want 2 horde it all 2 themselves, haha

26 Aug> went to the dentist 4 a preliminary consultation > 11 km away in the outskirting industrial zone > cd of taken the bus but not sure we're ready 4 that + it was a nice day 4 a walk, the same way we went 2 go 2 San Luca Sanctuary, but we kept walking past that across the Reno river > ends up we need sum sort of «46 lithium disilicate (E-max) onlay» (we had them print the estimate in english so our insurance ppl wd understand it) but @ least we don't need a root canal

xing the Reno river

more Calamari graffiti in the periphery

> 8 @ Taverna di Roberto (★★★★½), had eggplant parm appetizer + tagliatelle Bolognese, washed down w/ a San Giovese > the other night we decided 2 watch sum of the 1st season of SNL, intresting 2 see the evolution . . . the 1st episode was essentially a George Carlin stand-up routine w/ a few skits in between, the 2nd was a Paul Simon concert w/ the only comedic interlude being him playing 1-on-1 basketball against sum NBA player, they didn't use the Not Ready 4 Primetime Players 1 bit > don't feel they hit their stride til Belushi's interpretation of Joe Cocker in the 3rd episode

27 Aug> Watched La Piscine (★★★★), there's this 1 part where Alain Delon laughs + it tripped us out how much it reminded us of Gian

> went walking in the hills around Bologna . . . w/ in 20 minutes u can be «hiking» in the countryside thru vineyards + orchards past hermitages, etc. > we had planned to do CAI (Club Alpina Italiana) routes 904 > 900 > 902 but somewhere along # 900 we lost the trail markers + ended up on a road going back so we'll have to try trail # 902 another day

view of Bologna from up in the hills

> rewatched Bagdad Cafe (★★★★), 4 the 1st time since it came out in the 80s

29 Aug> walked the wall 2day, counterclockwise, orienting ourselves w/ all 12 gates, about 6 miles including getting there + back

> the wall is only intact in a few places + the ports themselves

canal going under the gate

more free art «contaminating» ad spaces

916 <(current)> 918 > Tributary #17: «Snake» means river in sine landgauge
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