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Tributary #17: «Snake» means river in sine landgauge


2 Sept 2021 | Bologna > splitting town early tomorrow so releasing the weekly Sound Furies track a day early ... not that anybody will notice, nobody listens except us > stream #17 on Tributaries = «Snake», an ambient instrawmental so no lyrics ... actually we did originally halve lyrics but our bedder-½ couldn't figure out how 2 sing em, but if u want 2 halve a go hear they are:


rather than starve, a mouse eats her own tail
from headwaters spring, the same cure that ails

the wive-tale kiss, the hair of the dog
rabbits from hats, wheels stuck in cogs

mistakenly named for the river sign
not Shoshone for serpentine

a baby's rattle, a Blackfoot shakes
heads or tails, ghost-dancing quakes

the buffalo bows, knees at a bend
in severed oxbow, she comes to her end

dreadlocked Scot blood, meanders down the stream
all hail Mary, the 'riginal River Queen

from the Vestibula to the neck bone
Leggos + Lincoln logs jettisoned

nickel + diming from our lyric pool
the General Slocum incident blamed on kazoo

Dylan din't say that but i'll let him be in mine
the tail-eating snake stuck head-first in a bind

Evil Knievel lived to get old
chop in any part + it recreates the hole

fractal gas, dare devil my ass
a knife-edge life, a livid wife
she tames the hairs, makes u care

> think we was reading Gertrude Stein @ the time so they probly don't make much sense, especially 4 those 2 young 2 remember Evil Knieval's pathetic attempt to jump the Snake river canyon in Idaho > supposedly the Snake river got it's name b/c when Lewis + Clark pointed 2 it + asked the local Indians what they called the river they made a waving S-motion w/ their hands that meant «river» but L + C thought they meant «snake» > sum of the lyrics we're reused in other songs, most notably «Pishon» (stream 5) > the song starts off w/ a sample from Strangers w/ Candy followed by various scrambled voices reading from Siddharta

> musically hear's what we were trying to do (on guitar anyway ... we probly erased over the original guitar, or distorted it beyond recognition)), as w/ most of the other streams, pentatonic tuning + triplet rhythms:

> mostly we let the guitars feed back + riffed on electric piano around a Chopin loop in D minor > hear's the video, :

> Stream #18: «Fishkill»

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