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Tributary #12: «Sandy»—knowing in a heartbeat all this could end


8 Oct 2021 | Bologna > stream #12 off Tributaries = «Sandy», the last song on disc 1 > this track is a tribute to the Sandy river @ the base of Mt Hood in Oregon, where we had a cabin when we were young, but also it's about the explosion of Mt St Helens > our bedder-½ was also living w/ in sight of St Helens when it interrupted in 1980 (we was living in Mexico by 1980 but was visiting our dad in Portland when it erupted) > the Sandy river is named as such b/c when Lewis + Clark 1st saw it it was chock full of pumice, probly cuz Mt Hood had erupted


u were 6
i was 1
1 in 3.8 billion
when i was 5 + u were 10
living in oblivion
we'd never met but i loved u then
when magma seethed beneath the skin

when i was 9 St Helens blew
our eyes met on the mushrooming plume
u looked north, i looked south
the world stood w/ gaping mouths
in awe at how all in a sudden nothing couldn't mean a thing

we watched in awe from suburban sprawl
of cul-de-sacs + manicured lawns
unaware of the graves beneath
the sewers seething to the brink

before emulsion grain could render a scene
they blazed a trail to the sea
the world had scarcely reached 1 billion
every humun living in oblivion
of how they looked like an ant death spiral from 30,000 feet

the promise of passage lured them west
our destiny was manifest
in musket, ax + bayonet
we loved u then tho we hadn't met

the river Sandy w/ pumice of Hood
along Natchez trace afterword
Merriweather took his life
+ the bird woman was taken as wife
+ William adopted her newborn child + son before she died

i loved u then before we were born
who would of known we'd end up in Rome
Tierra del Fuego or Timbuktu
Tokyo or Katmandu

if they hadn't searched for passage to sea
would we be here in armchairs reading magazines?
reminding us how the weather-vane could change
danger's the risk + lure all the same
knowing in a heartbeat all this could end

+ hear's the video:

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