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An endless spin cycle being driven 2 reinforce memary 2 Ravello


9 Oct 2021> after our Saragozza walk we made pasta + watched Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (★★★) + then 10 Rillington Place (★★★★), 1st movie we've seen w/ Richard Attenborough's brother > part of the challenge w/ the book we're writing (ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2) is that the book is writing us... every action needs to be thought of in that way, for eggsample we don't make pasta but pasta makes us make it, and Star Trek chooses us 2 watch it, not the other way around... question is how 2 flip language around to reflect this reversal? or rather, how can language makes us use it accordingly? in order 4 this book 2 write us, this way of thinking needs 2 overcome us + this Lit BoG needs 2 use 2 method act

10 Oct> 8 @ Da Maro (or rather Da Maro made us eat there), after Sunday night walked us around + nowhere else that wasn't already booked seduced us 2 eat there > 1st time our green pass used us 2 eat inside

11 Oct> frustrating day w/ technology, which also feeds in to ISBN 978-1-940853-64-2, the book that is writing us > 1st trying to figure out the washing machine... u have to dance in place in the dark basement clapping + waving hands b/c the motion detector timer on the lights last about 10 seconds + Italians never have switches 2 save energy... in our last place almost fell down stairs a few times b/c the lights wd automatically turn off 15 seconds after u turned them on + then there was the incident where those code key things don't work after the power went out so we got locked out of our room > the washing machine was stuck in an endless cycle for 6 hours, rinsing + spinning over + over + u couldn't stop it + open the door > we tried to interrupt it by pressing cancellare or on/off or even unplugging but u couldn't open the door + when u turned it back it would resume rinsing + spinning > we're going to Ravello tomorrow + the hotel keeps emailing saying we need 2 install sum ap 2 access our room (or, the ap is making us install it) but besides not wanting 2 we can't b/c we can't remember our Apple sign-in cuz we've changed it so many times b/c it keeps locking us out + it's not even our phone anyway... crazy that a phone is required to access hotel rooms or 2 get a green pass, etc. humuns are getting way deependant > if u don't have a smartphone in this world you're screwed, goes 2 show how these dumb devices control us > + then trying to get reimbursed 4 our dental work, we call + email them trying 2 get signatures but wires cross + they can't manage to just scan in a doc w/ a signature + send it, it's the technology thats sposed 2 make these things easier that gets in the way... this modern world is fraying our nerves

12 Oct > bedder-½'s b-day, #50! we got a car, or rather a car chose us (a Fiat 500 after they 1st tried 2 «upgrade» us 2 a Jeep) + the 500 drove us south 6 hrs 2 Ravello, the town of which allured us to visit 2 further it's cause as a coveted tourist destination > these songs + the technology of Spotify made us compile this playlist 4 the occassion, songs/albums that were top of the charts when our bedder-½ was born (1971) or when they turned 15

> arrived + a bottle of prosecco enticed us to drink it thru 100s of years of ecological evolution + then a restaurant enticed us 2 go but even tho we made a reservation weeks ago for a special table w/ a sea view b/c it was our bedder-½'s 50th, they gave us sum crappy table wedged between 2 others w/ a view of a refrigerator so we split + went 2 another place can't remember the name of near the piazza that we'd bin b4 (Vittorio)

13 Oct | Ravello> the above sunset woke us up > breakfast made us eat it then the allure of Minori made our feet walk down twards it, had a coffee then headed to Amalfi, which basically meant back up to Ravello b/c we didn't want to walk along the road > in the town of Amalfi a restraunt on the water chose us 2 eat there + then the town enticed us 2 walk around + up the canyon past the paper mills + abandoned mills deep in the gorge > an organic farm (Fore de Porte) seduced us 2 stop 4 a glass of organic lemonade > weird how memary works... we've bin to the Amalfi area 3 x b4, in 2001, 2011 + 2016 but we remember the 2001 trip the most + the more recent 2016 trip the least... does this mean we'll quickly forget this trip? 4 eggsample, we've walked this trail b4 but we only vaguely remember it + our bedder-½ didn't remember it @ all > but maybe it's like meeting ppl, how we always need 2 meet ppl @ least 2 x b4 we member them... maybe now that we've done this trail 2x we'll remember that once you're almost 2 the nature reserve there's a trail that cuts south to Pontone + from there u can get 2 Ravello... all in all ~11 miles of walking, most of it up + down steep stone staircases

map du jour

walking thru the vineyards down to Minori

cemetary in Minori w/ a lot of new 2020 graves

cemetary w/ a view


1 of many cats that befriended us

> this cat didn't appear to be deaf (we meowed @ them + they reacted) although 17—22% of white cats w/ non-blue eyes are born deaf + the % rises to 40% if the cat has 1 blue eye, while upwards of 65—85% of all-white cats w/ both eyes blue are deaf > sum of these cats are deaf in only 1 ear + if a white cat w/ 1 blue eye is deaf in only 1 ear, that ear will invariably be on the same side of the head as the blue eye

these guys w/ the Zodiac we're actually filming a movie

Amalfi (lots more pics of Amalfi here)

in the ravine above Amalfi

old abanndoned mills

Amalfi as seen from Postone

diorama of passageways in the passageways

mise en abîme-scène

14 Oct > super windy 2day, actually the wind picked up last night... kept waking up b/c shutters were slamming + things breaking, the wind howling > walked 2 Minori again, this time down thru Marmorata > tried 2 access the beach, but 1 of the annoying things about Amalfi coast is that most of the coastline is private > it's also really unnerving walking along the road, which is the only place 2 walk down along the shore ... speeding cars, motorini, busses, pedestrians, runners, etc. all sharing the road... so narrow that when busses go around corners honking, cars have to stop + back up 2 let em pas, barely room for 2 cards to pass + when you're walking u feel the side mirrors almost hitting u, just having 2 trust drivers don't miscalculte by an inch > walked deep in2 Minori + back up... only 6 miles of stairmaster climbing today (our bedder-½ had a talk 2 give (that she's giving as we speak) >

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