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1 Dec, 2016 | Rome> siamo svegliati en turnal cheetah, dear Inurnet, ancora non posso distinguere tra la veglia e il sonno. Camminato lungo il Tevere, a campo d'Fiori. Mangy us 4 pezzi di pizza (fiori di zuccha) say do-toe on font, Giordano Bruno a'stairing down on us. 1 of our faverit rituals cuando qui we lived .. wipe greasy boca w/ waxy bag, aft'r lava our hands + drink from nazoni .. wanderd round po 'di più. Non un sacco cambiato, non un sacco che abbiamo già visto. Come evening wint down by th river, but no starlings murmuring.

retrazos of a past life


no posting cum art


molten remnants

2 Dec> read The Flood by Emile Zola .. a book we pick'd up @ Shakesepare + Co in Paris .. member reading about Zola + th book cot our eye cuz we into floods, mais rien extraordinaire .. trop réalité pour nos goûts .. ma presa comunque.

iodine in our temporary drain cuz we got a gimpy heel ..

.. got blisters from new Nikes so coont run along Tiber so instread wint fer long walk round Rome to let heal heel + as we walk'd we logged our dadastream typing qualsiasi parole runnin thru our heads that here we copy + paste verbatem as proof of ∃xistance (text we intendid for A Raft Manifest, tho soon we bridge gap tween ℝeeltime + S.O.ñ.A.R.?):

«Rem+Rom" <██████@dicebat.com>
Date: Friday, December 2, 2016 at 11:55 AM
To: Derek White <█████@calamaripress.com>
Subject: tracking d-vice

Woke in shadoe of Palantino (senza horse), then ip Aventino, ∀merikin mutter still bivouack'd on top tho th city musterd to smoke her outta th bushes. As we walk typing onthfly on telephoney not used to call nomo. Do sware u to till truth + nothinge but th truth? mano on buybull drinkin from font a'running continuos . . dam autocorrect on by d-fault cant figger out how to turn off, distorts intent. Mustard 1x to ride in Word but sed we had too menny earhorrors to displat. Howd s/he end up here homeless in Rome? Walking to try not think pallbearers keep a'coming, one parole 1 aft'r 1 + udder dangling partisickle/wave duelity no deth sentsence no. Birds dont member us @ everee fork in rever leaps ∫umwhere else ∀ll floods int. 1 we aint lying down qway.. via marmorata dadastream «sea death»——U try t/walking in our shoes in sane time! Say no to red hiyh heel emoticon. Pay ATTN x-ing rodes ya writ. Designated x-walk, knot alegant. Jaywalk com jailbird thru headhurts, diwnstream same pace as flow 4 clicks per hour a character per step joust for exorcize not punt A to B. Mamma ties keep flooding testa, «Memories» playd on oboe solo in talent show circa 1972 not by choice, aint no naturel born performer pas. a Lungo tevere seagulls dint live here in 70s so dicebat comes around gost around, in sleepwalking .. talking in sleep. Gunna 1 day die here in Rome! Roosters crow now on niteclub row mixed w/ mechanicos. A slaghterhiuse converted ti art museum. Horse clops by for tourist nustalgia. Along wall past wwii war symmetry. Took piss behind circus tent near gasometro. ∀ll temproary tutto took down top rung can sea bedder th sheer decAydance ya shorn. Roma gypsys camp down by river longside hobopunks——beasts + them dogs. If no 1 interveins inventions drunk too much cant recall rever awkwa, loopin back down on banks defiling originull rever jogger w/ pink hair, mo' gypsys under bridge dont have written tongur on fringes marginalies train overhead sinbold of humen advancement whippet (large IG) passed up by 1 leggid bicyclist in uniform! All so we member. Squallor on udder side in wake gypsys fighting leaves crunch underfoot. Carriage return,
when want to recall place where equals = lineruled we litterd nonsequitrs, th 1 legged bicyclists struggles for ehat? Place in line? Dont lose train of leggere. Spose we cd use vox-activated mice to dictate but dont dog sound of one boyse, predicks wha we dice ½ time go back replaze # 2 eliminate reedundancy (facing corner). Horsetails 1° to grow back. Same saluki dog we saw runnin when we lived qui if we wint at 10 am, owner died? Or not able to walk, hired help joggin. Wild cats cross our path, member th ½-dead 1 we threw in th river to putt her outter misery? Trail blockato, retaining wall cullapsed, climb around down on river edge. River low, 12 ft less then we member. Best left to professionals? Dont got noted in front of us throw away 1° d'raft? Nor outline just wing her so we lay in L moondough as we know herd still ∃xists, abandon speciel charactors? Interruots flow, now passin «english bridge» so named cuz they d'rive backwoods. Manmade waterfall progibits bot traffic, fotbals stuck in churn + debrees graffiti on aincent brudege in color pass isle wheer rem + rom born, where last nite met fellow ∀meriin xpat publisher w/ press (Oomph) near statchew in *Night on Earth* (1991) where bekneeknee pickups bishop + talks him to deth. River arising before eyes? Flashflood north? Nit a cloud in sky, hay crow mustards to open seed, black w/ gray wings here they sane ∫umpin, say No to leash laws. Hobopunks dog sniffs us up hold iut hand, hey, dogs dont discriminare broken botlles + needles caked on urine see thru layr aft'r lay'r no kayaks stop walking on ponte sisto beggar holds out hat how does 1 end up homeless cd hapoen to u? Fixate on Aventine, fool circle round stop walking + typing to cross lungo tevere now in awkcupid streets, stop. Nit tat udders aint dong her git ti pracrice what we preach kin die @ inny miment hit by a bus typos got to do w/ proximity co-c. Xing tram line 8 largo argentina, ∫1 spelled bee pollen on cobblestones. Stop in sun to count cats, chi sono mo in sun licking pause clean. Smells of puss beer bittkes sound wine nonplussed 1 2 3 4 hunkerd in pine beedles gettin cumfirtable too early for lunch? Who sets skedyel, nun of this text pland when we left casa not ℝeely in case ∀ll temporary, cats in ruins probihits rebuildin gatto perserve hystery. Not wirth getting hut ova, turn on wifi to «touch base». That cat dead or alive? How meny nosonis in rome? : «Oh no I just gat to go back down + then back to th old shcool for lunch w/ me on a train today» (lol we just let phone predick next world) «+ our dog have to do her ∀ll th same way we can do her ∀ll of us, come gato, see you on our way back down on th data train we took Dog + took her down here ∀ll for you, in circulos» in wet dog rust.»

Scuze th typos, our didgits not cut out for fingering parole on no dumbphone. Continued setting w/ old folks in jewish ghetto correosponding to make derrangements, grimacing dwarf swaggers by, selfie sticks spell death of humanity o, we hunger for artichokes but aint th stagione?







inny 1 botherd to count ∀ll th nasoni in Rome?


embedded N-E-W-S


4x4 X 4x4


abandoned lookout


ghetto art/bookshop

Took nap to ketch up on sleep then G came by on his motorini went for apperetivo, saw more ol' friends, o come ci manca Roma. Then dinner back in th ghetto, un altro ristorante ruin'd by tourism, th 1 we used to call green door place now no green door + a legit name so greengos can find her take selfies of food. Kick'd us out b'fore we thru! Nothing good lasts forever, spose must get tiring serving same food up day aft'r day, th tiredness shows.

3 Dec | Praiano> auto-noleggio (dont read automatic?) @ fuming chino, drove down to th Amalfi coast th back way over th top of th mounden, coming down past Ravello where last we slept on th Amalfi coast .. kept going thru Amalfi to Praiano where now we sit staring out over th mediterranean aft'r walking up/down many stair'd alleys down to th shore.

Amalfi coast




4 Dec> walk'd «path of th gods» (sendhero de dei) from Praiano to Positano, 1° strait up to basilica sta domenica then skirting high along th cliffs .. 1 of th more spectactuarl places on this moondough .. then strait down to town of Positano where we stay'd ∫um 15 yrs ago .. musterd to eat @ trendy beachfront place but walked out w/o paying cuz took them over an hour just to make our pasta dishes .. then ended up finding th place where our bedder-½ fell in love w/ vongole way back when .. still god as ever ..

sunrise from our room


along sendhero de dei


goat stables in th base of limestone cliffs


a distant Positano




fish outta awkwa long our sendhero

5 Dec | Posilipo/Naples> Italians voted last nite to reject referendum to change their constitution. Qualsiasi cosa significhi. What ∀ll this news dont talk about = failure of democratic process... perhaps general population shoont get to vote? Mos too stupid, buoy'd by faux news. This strengthening «populist» movement worldwide inevitably spells fascism + th only way to fight fascism = communism.. ± @ least non-democratic socialism + th only way to combat misinformation = more misinformation. drove from Amalfi coast thru Naples @ rush hour to Posilipo to see our old friends hung out on a sunny terrace looking out over bay of Napoli then walk'd down to th waterfront then for a run. Got sea urchin pasta + buff mozz pizza for dinner in Pozzouli.

Vesuvius looking out over bay of Naples

6 Dec | Fiumicino> woke up in Posillipo, went + saw th nearby Solfitara volcano in Pozzouli .. crazy that it sits rite smack in th middle of Naples. Park your car + walk a few minutes + then you're in this lunar landscape w/ steam hissing out of fumaroles, fecund smell of sulfur ..





steamroom @ solfitara (sulfuric steam gushing along th roof)

> then drove back to Rome but d-cided to stay down in town of Fiumicino near th airport, staying @ a hotel right where th mitey Tiber goes into the sea. Arrived just in time to watch ∀ll the fishing boats coming back + tons of people (+ cats) flocking to meet them + get fresh fish. Walk'd around, bustling port town no 1 ever talks about but pertty cool. Now about to go + eat ∫um of said fish.

Fiumicino (port of)


where th Tiber enters th sea

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