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Tributary #11: «Piscataqua» — when nothing else mattered cuz we had each other


15 Oct 2021 | Ravello > stream #11 off Tributaries = «Piscataqua» > when we lived in Portsmouth, NH in 1997 our apartment overlooked the Piscataqua, a tidal river w/ sum of the swiftest currents in the world > musically we wanted to write a song like «Master's of War» or «A Horse w/ No Name» w/ a repetive oscillation between 2 chords (in this case Dm + Csus, w/ drop-D tuning + in 12/8 time w/ triplets hi-hat/guitar picking)

> we moved to Portsmouth after our bedder-½ graduated w/ her bachelor's + our brother died... we were in debt + didn't know what we were doing w/ our lives, our bedder-½ was doing a post-doc at U of NH (then quit the program) + we worked as a computer programmer writing + installing software 4 hotel yield management


we shifted north
on fast moving tides
we slept on the water
near where witches abide

thru a skylight we could hear the moon
humming + drumming the old familiar tune

that was the summer
Princess Diane died
we watched the M tugboats
pull in ships w/ the tide

the salt heaped in piles beneath our view
that plows will spread on icy streets

to keep commuters from slipping
to black from a lighter hue uv blue

only to wash into sewer drains
+ raise the PH, reflux from acid rain

we went from sweet iced tea to knock if you're in need
fireman axed down our door leaving no apology

but nothing else mattered
cuz we had each other
this was the 1st winter
after the death of our brother

+ hear's the video:

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