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popping prosecco in Positano along the trail of the goats w/ boats


15 Oct 2021> shifted from Ravello to Positano, on the stretch of road that perhaps b4 we said was the most technically challenging driving we've ever done, but now we're getting used to it (even tho we never drive) > drank the complimentary bottle of prosecco (we shd tell all hotels it's our bedder-½'s 50th b-day) in our room w/ a view then walked around + swam in the ocean even tho it was still a bit windy + chilly + then @ sunset hired a boat for a jaunt up + down the coast (w/ another bottle of prosecco) > had dinner @ Adam + Eve's + then after stopped in @ the church where earlier we'd seen an artist rehearsing a performance where she'd drop sand on a surface that wd display englarged on a screen + now they were doing the actual performance as part of sum grand cheesey opera


view from our room


big pimpin'

b-day girl

Italian sushi

church turned performance space

16 Oct> woke up + walked up to Nocelle... not the 1st time we've done the «path of the gods» in fact, we did the «sentiero degli dei» b4 it had a name, in 2001 ... back then when we asked locals how to walk to Nocelle they said to take a bus + that we were crazy to walk > now it's a popular tourist attraction, tho seems most don't walk up to Nocelle but take a bus or car to the start to not have to do all the steps > saw a dog that was runing the trail by itself + then made friends w/ an old goat w/ big balls > we were gonna walk all the way to Amalfi but seems like you'd have to walk too much on the road so went down to Praiano + took a water taxi back > then went to Fornillo beach + laid out + swam in the sea + ate seafood > crazy to think it's mid-October

next morning

along the sentiero degli dei

old goat we met on the trail

2 old goats

goat territory

leaving Praiano back to Positano

fritto misto on the beach

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