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counter-clockwise completion of a radar-scoping circumnavigation of the 12 ports of Bologna


29 Oct 2021 | Bologna> flâneured the last 2 gates of our perambulating porticos project—porta San Donato @ 2 o'clock + porta Mascarella @ 1 o'clock—thus completing the circle in 30° slices, sweeping counterclockwise like radar > UniBo + the «Jewish ghetto» pretty much comprise that NE quadrant > when we started the project we were scoping out the city w/ an eye 2 live here + after finishing it now we aint so sure... not that we got nothing against Bologna as a place 2 visit but as a place 2 live the apartments are expensive 4 what u get + there's not enough green space... very few trees, no animals, hardly any birds even + it's crowded w/ ppl + cars, especially considering the city really ain't so big (it's just packed in2 a small area) > afterwards got pizza @ Due Torre pizza + went back 2 the Basilica San Petronio 2 see if we cd see the sun align properly w/ the meridian but this time we were 2 early + didn't want 2 wait or deal w/ all the security + crowds 2 get back in > 7-8 miles in total

the final sweep

the opera house + «joe green» (Giuseppe Verdi) piazza (a.k.a. «punkabestia» piazza)

via Zamboni

view from apartment we looked at ... if only it wasn't on via Zamboni which is like the Bourbon street of Bologna

Zanichelli publishing house

either an Erica il Cane or a copycat

bullet holes in wall where police shot leftist Francesco Lorusso in 1977

either Cubo pizza is good or Bologna's got a garbage problem
(judging by the fact that u have 2 have a key 2 access dumpsters assuming the latter)

UniBo (oldest University in Western world)

porta San Donato

the Calamari artist strikes again

Porta Mascarella

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