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the adventure of eclipsed nights + animals in motion 2 the apathy of habit + discontent of modernity


11/13/2021 | Bo10gna> 2 nites ag0 re-watched the 1st ½ of L'Avventura (not crazy about the 2nd ½, mostly b/c we don't dig the male lead) + last night re-watched L'Eclisse for mayB the 4th or 5th time... 1 of the best films ever made, cd watch it over + over just 2 gaze @ Monica Vitti, who turned 90 last week, + also Alan Deloin... then we started 2 watch Boyz in the Hood (quite the contrast) b4 remember'n how bad it was > walked in2 the surround'n hills last 2 days 4 exorcise... 6 miles yesterday, 10 miles 2day

11/12 walk (short but steep up via dell'Observanza, a walk we often did 4 exorcise)


11/13 walk thru villa Spada + up the 300 Scalini


San Luca in autunn0


Another portic0 2 perambul-8

11/14/2021> re-watched La Notte last night, wich we've seen less than the other 2 in Antonioni's trilogy, only 1 or 2 other times > guess we shd of watched L'Eclisse last as it's technically 3rd in the trifecta on modernity + its discontents, not that it matters as they're not really sequentially related > last time we watched all 3 back 2 back we saw them in order > Y is it the great screenwriters R from this region? Anonioni's from Ferrara, Fellini's from Rimini + Pasolini's from Bologna > + a young Umberto Eco (also from Bologna) has a came0 in La Notte + the literary party

... alth0 they botched the translation in the above 1st clip, Marcello actually says «non è cosa de scrivere, ma come scrivere», which we interpreted 2 mean: «it's not what u write, but how u write it» (he uses infinitive form of the verbs, not 1st person)

11/14> walked again 4 exorcise, this time around the northern periphery 2 the area around DumBO (Distretto Urbano Multifunzionale di Bologna) as N X-tension of our perambulate'N portic0s project ... perhaps our last walk while «living» in Bo10gna (we'll be back in December 4 a week but staying in a h0te1)

11/14 walk (8+ miles)


in2 the margins


pondering modernity + it's discontents








stopped 4 a cofee here @ DumBO





















porta San Felice





stopped in 4 another Americano @ Caffè Rubik + also left them sum cassettes (the unheard tapes +
the Sleepingƒish XIV mixtape) b/c they have quite the collection lining their walls 4 play'n in the caffè


> also bin reading Animals in Motion by David Ryan, sum really good 1s in there, specially «The Bull Elk» tho they taper off after the 1st few

+ also sum books (all that we've read since being here) we left @ Johns Hopkins


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