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Tributary #5: «Pishon»—brood X keeps on carrying on


11/26/2021 |Arbus, 5ardinia > 5tream #5 off Tributaries = «Pishon», 5 of 25 so 1/5 the way > a 5imple pop 5ong we added last second, think it 0nely took u5 a day 2 do > might b the 0nely song we used our ukelele that we bot during the pandemic > also features brood X cicadas @ the beginning + end that we recorded b4 eating them


spring is sprung
the levee gives
the hanging garden
yields vine-ripened fruit
ripe + red
take a bite
to stave off death

all hail Mary
1st River Queen
cursed from birth
by atomic submarines
the wive-tale kiss
the hair of the dog
the got-away fish

to keep from starving a mouse eats her own tail
from headwaters spring the same cure that ails

by mistake named for the river sign
not Shoshone for serpentine

the snake-bite kit
under his seat
Eden’s curse comes built into her purse
which came 1st
the rabbit or hat
for better or worse

the Adam bomb in the evening sky
every night they kiss their ass good-bye
we all gotta die
don’t cry
don’t ask Y

string on string, S.O.S.
the garden of Eden don’t exist
+ Johnny Appleseed was preacher in disguise
but the brood X keeps on carrying on
fish on
to climb high in the trees to keep on singing their song
fish on

> hear'5 the vide0:

> Tributary #6: «Gambia»

956 <(current)> 958 > reflected in the eyes of a dead man on a beach on the naive, super Sardinian west coast in a tempest
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