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reflected in the eyes of a dead man on a beach on the naive, super Sardinian west coast in a tempest


11/24/2021 | Portu Magu (Arbus), Sardinia> drove south along the coast from Alghero > stopped at Bosa + walked around, cute little town w/ colorful houses on a river tho when you're walking around in the streets u don't see the postcard view > pushed on + R GPS (which we call Merkel (b/c it's a BMW), who precedes everything w/ «please», found this obscure route along 1 lane roads thru farmlands past a swamp w/ pink flaming0s + thru this janky old port til we got to this sketchy 1 lane bridge that said no access in Italian but there was no way we were going back or even stop + have sum 1 tell us we couldn't use the bridge so we just sped across + fortunately no 1 came the other way as 1 of us wd of had 2 back up the whole way back > found R hotel in Portu Magu (near Arbus) + again, seems we're the only 1s in the hotel 0nely now we're really in the middle of the boonies + our restraunt is the 0nely thing 0pen 4 miles around > was still sunny when we arrived so went swimming in the sea 4 a good ½-hr... water is a little chilly but by California standards its nice > crazy that no 1 swims in the sea here after September as it's not so bad > then walked along the beach/coast + had dinner watching a thunderstorm over the sea




where we had our meals the past 2 dayz

11/25> storm rolled in last night > didn't sleep well w/ pressure changes + noises of storm > had breakfast then drove 2 spiagga de piscinas which is end of road, no other cars on the road + no 1 else on beach, had N-tire beach 2 R-selves > walked about 10k RT, including up sum big dunes, tho bigger dunes await tomorrow > even tho it was so remote + no ppl not much in the way of beachcombing, just a lot of plastic debris + very few shells > came back + took advantage of last bit of sun 2 lay out + then had lunch watching the storm w/ the panoramic seaview > then bunkered from the storm + started reading Naive, Super by Erlend Loe, which so far is intresting, like a Norwegian Robert Lopez, tho w/ much simpler language (+ obviously it's in translation) > had linguini w/ bottarga 4 our thanxgiving dinner

Spiaggia di piscina




view on thanxgiving

11/26 | Portoscuso, Sardinia> stormed all night + by morning was like hurricane 4ce winds > we had planned on taking backroads along coast + stopping @ dunes but thought better of it b/c of the stormy weather didn't want 2 get trapped somewhere, even still very few cars on the route we took > seemed 2 B a lot of abandoned housing complexes + mines that never got off the ground > got to R bnb in Portoscuso + it was shuttered up > called the # + they told us the door was 0pen + 2 just go in + find a room (which was a bit unnerving, that any 1 cd just come in off the street) + right as we got in this squall came along banging all the shutters + the rain was blowing so vertically it was coming in thru the open doors so spent the 1st 15 minutes mopping up the floor w/ whatever we cd find > went 4 a long (10k+) walk along coast, nice path that led to these sculpted rocks that seemed almost meant 4 walking/climbing (not on googlemap or anything so any 1 curious back channel us as it was cool hike)
















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