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amphibious owLs + vi0lins washed 0ver by clean tel-X machenes w/ zer0-gr0wth


12/20/2021> a-gain, close 2 B-ing a pallindr0mic d8 $tring > washed ∀ll of All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace for 3rd time ⊕ mayB even 4th... can't think of a bedder spent 3 hrs if U want 2 undrstand what'5 happening 2 us humuns thi5 past centur-E...

> if there's 1 silver lining from thi5 pandemic it'5 dat U.S. popul8ion gr0wth hit a record l0w in 2020... th0 still, it grew by 392,665 > there'5 a part in AWObMoLG where (U5ing simu-l8ed cumputer mod-Ls in the '70s) J Forrester/Club of R0me predicted K-OS, Ⓐn-ark-E + sheer popul8ion cullapse if we continU-d bizness az usual + how we need zer0 gr0wth in order 2 maintain sted-E st8 Equilibrium w/in confined capacit-E of Earth... we always thought gr0wth = 0verr8d + don't understand Y ec0n0mists critisize countries (≈ Ital-E) dat halve zer0 gr0wth... if h0le world ≈ Ital-E (w/ zer0 popul8ion ⊕ ec0n0mic gr0wth) then we'd B in a h0me0static + stabe1 Ec0system

> 0-cured 2 us just now dat mayB Geldoff has a beef w/ sillycone-based machenes but apparently he red news report about dat sch∞l sh∞ting on a clean tel-X machine

12/21> a pallindr0mic $tring if we ignore th year > watched Riso Amaro (Bitter Rice)((★★★★) another g∞d commUnistic Italian neo-realism film + Happy Together (★★★★★)... Wong Kar-wai doesn't get N-uff credit, 1 of all-time great film-makers

12/22> rewatched 39 Steps (★★★★) not sure Y Xcept R bedder-½ hadn't seen it + we u5ed soundbytes from it on last yr's album

12/23> watched Faya Dayi (★★★★★)... brought back memor-Es of hanging out in khat dens in eastern Kenya, tho was filmed in Ethiopia, beautifully filmed we shd add, by Mexican/Ethiopian director Jessica Beshir > not sure waht we were thinking (rememberd liking the b∞k) but als0 watched Bonfire of the Vanities (★), quite possibly the worst mov-E ever made

12/24> R 25th Anniverar-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant B-leave weave gone 25 revolutions round th sun w/ R bedder-½ + Njoyed ever-E minute of it > 4 what it's worth, released Tributaries, th dubble album we made this yr w/ 25 trax, each a tribute 2 a river dat meant sumthing 2 us

> streamed R album + drank prosecc0 > we were sposed 2 get sushi but canceled b/c covid #s = 5piking in D.C. > in sted had traditional chickin + ma5hed potatoes (R meatless way5 got thrown out the wind0w in Bologna but we'll resume in 2022)... was gunna halve eggplant parm (b/c the reasun we married R bedder-½ was 2 have the 5ecret recipe revealed but chickin spoils fastr than eggplant > 4 R anniversary present we got R-selves a new 7-piece pot/pan set + cutting board > R bedder-½'s c∞king 4 us all weekend witch is a nice break  > not sure Y but after dinner we rewatched Seven (★★★) ... other movies we wanted 2 watch in honor of R annniversar-E (like Raising Arizona ⊕ a movie from 1996) but most movies we wanted 2watch ≠ available... the5e streaming services R getting lamer + lamer, xcept for Criterion but eveN they'R limited

12/25> bot a vi0lin + changed the $trings but figured we shd get a b/u replacement set + wile we was @ it we needed mand0lin strings > went 2 this little music shop where this guy—surfer type from San Diego that l∞ked like Paul Giamatti's meathead friend in Sideways—knew me... we’d bin there urlier in the day 2 get guitar $rings, but he was acting like we were old friends > he said the vi0lin we’d have 2 bring in2 the shop 2 have them swap out the $trings, wich we thought was weird b/c we’d changed them R-selves earlier > we left the vi0lin in a nearby h0tel but got lost retracing R way back + then found this shortcut down these grand stares in2 an underground train station + we went in2 this little br∞m closet bathr∞m where evidently we put R vi0lin > we saw a vi0lin + grabbed it then realized it wasn’t Rs > this othr guy dat l∞ked like Miles Davis showd up... he als0 worked @ the music shop + apparently this was where ppl left vi0lins 2 re$tring + when they were done they wd return them hear > we Xplained 2 Miles Davis dat R violin wasn’t there where we left it but another 1 was + he said it happend all the time, that ppl axidentally t∞k the rong violin, acting like it din’t matter, dat vi0lins = non-Unique + interchangeable like a Unit of current-C > we l∞kd around th bathr∞m + found another vi0lin undr th toilet but this wasn’t Rs either > then we told Miles David we didn’t need th $rings N-E-ways b/c we'd just replaced them but just wanted 2 have Xtra $trings on hand + he was souprized we’d changed them R-selves + we showed hym how we did it (sum complic8d proseedure dat involved tying th nu $trings 2 th old 1s + pulling 'em thru sum slot + adjusting tension by twisting 'em 2gether) > then we were hanging out w/ this Mile Davis guy along a canal > we saw this owL on the grnd that wasn’t l∞king s0 g∞d, cd barely walk + was falling 0ver > it was on the other side of a fence + we were glad b/c we din’t want 2 deal w/ taking it 2 N animal resc-U place so we just ignored it but we were watching it out of the coroner of R I + it fell in2 the water + the 2nd it hit the water it B-came N agile swimmer as if it had turnd in2 an otter ⊕ cormorant > we were thinking it was kinda c∞l just hanging out w/ Miles Davis + dat the San Diego surfer bra knew R name + was thinking we shd B-come friends w/ guys like this

> in the real world we watched Power of the Dog (★★★★★) last nite... Jane Campion sure nose how 2 make movies, it works in wonderful-E subtle wayz > also saw Don’t Look Up (★★★★) wich guess was g∞d (⊕ @ least fun-E), but unerving + 2 much reali-T... about sighingtists dat discover a meatier is about to hit the planit + try 2 tell everE 1 but everE 1 is in D-nile 

969 <(current)> 971 > dead mu5icians reb∞ting a numeric Xtension 2 micr0cosmic DC 4 Steinian arrangements V-a 1st + 2nd st
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