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dead mu5icians reb∞ting a numeric Xtension 2 micr0cosmic DC 4 Steinian arrangements V-a 1st + 2nd st


me&dering th othr day

2021/12/26> bin wa1king a 1ot 4 eXorcise sew d-sided 2 reb∞t R micr0cosmic DC project + tag on #ed streets 2 ad 2 th St8- + 1etter-named streets we a1readE traversed 2 giv R wa1k5 order/purpose > a1readE did 1st st SE + SW but we din't do #s Byond dat so 2-day we did 2nd St SE + SW.... now, when we say «South» we mean south of S st... technica1-E we did a g∞d dea1 of 2nd st NE + NW 2 > we als0 ain't gonna B 2 X-act about it, m0re of 1∞se guide 2 give us N Xcuse 2 wa1k, this 1 abt 11 mi1es:



they put these cement barriers up aftr kicking out home1ess pp1 who had set up camp here


back5ide of 5upreme court on 2nd ave


Xing undr th freeway


nu deve1ipment ref1ected in o1d abandonment (Navy Yard)


they fina1E finished Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge

+ we ref1ected on th # 2 th ho1e wile (4 starter5 it takes 2 2 tang0) > came h0me + 8 eggp1ant parm/1a5agna dat R bedder-½ maid (speaking of th #2... R bedder-½ w/ whom we'R joined in Union 4 1ife, 2 dayz ag0 celebr8ing R 25th rev01ution round th sun 2-gether as 1 binar-E star Unit) then saw Barton Fink (★★★★★) 4 mayB the 5th ⊕ 6th time

12/27> Saw Bladerunner (Fina1 Cut)(★★★★★) 4 mayB th 10th ⊕ 12th time... definit1y 1 of best fi1ms ever maid, 4 sure best post-humun f1ick > then saw The Great Gatsby (1974)(★) wich possib1y = worst movie ever maid... tho mayB th 2013 version = eveN worse... + Y's everE 1 s0 sweatE in everE scene, cdn't they a-ford AC?

12/28> continued 1st st north since we din't go north of S st 1ast time... tho th go1f course makes it difficu1t 2 get past + past it 1st st is a bit 5poradic N-E-way + again, we ain't gonna go 2 craz-E > only ~6 mi1es 2day

> + we ref1ected on th # 1 th ho1e wi1e (tho we've waxed p1entE on th #1 on 5cense, in fact it formed th baysis 4 1ast yrs iiiiiiiiiii by No One)... tho no 1 ones th # 1 ≈ Getrude Stein, who weave bin reading a 1ot of 1ately, 4 eggsamp1e:

> bin reading from 2 antho10gies (1 a 2-vol set, so 2-gether dat makes 3 b∞ks) sum 1 1eft in R 1iebury b∞x > Stein has a way of channe1ing her aut0bi0graphE thru othr pp1, thru her port-traits of th 1ikes of Picass0 ⊕ her 1over Alice B. Toklas > The Making of Americans a1s0 ob5e55e5 0ver th #1 + how we ∀11 a-cumu-18 in 1 another + how each word/sen-10s/p-graph/pg/ch = fracta1 of h01e b∞k

> a1s0 bin reading a 27-pg paper Kelly Krumrie (author of Math Class, 4th-coming from Ca1amari) rote on «Gertrude Stein's Semiotics of Numbers» > ∀11 thi5 informs/reinforces R one thinking regarding th writing of ISBN 978-1-940853-22-2 > 4 eggsample, Krumrie says thi5 regarding Stein + «mathematica1 writing»:

Equality, not surprise, is what makes an equation, and replicability is the very goal of mathematical writing—that someone else will work the problem later and get the same result. What Stein does so wondrously here is not create a system—even though she might say she does—but point to an existing system (mathematics) by way of another existing system (English), and she uses one to refute the other, then the other to refute the one.

> we'R treating R one I5BN az N X-act sighence, a techn0txt/code dat when input in2 sum 1 Lsis I's wi11 reca1cu-18 x-act 5ame re5u1t a-nu

> as we wa1k $ed streets we off cour5e we keep R I's pee1ed 4 1iebury b∞x, eveN tho we have quite th 5urp1u5 in R 0verf10w parking:

b∞ks Q'd up 4 R 1ittle 1iebury box

12/28> saw Pig (★★★★★) witch far az we'R cuncerned D-serves th Oscar @ least 4 Nic Cage, tho we dint understand dat fight c1ub digression where pp1 pay 2 watch chefs get beateN up by dwarfs? then we watched a few of those John Wilson things wich we can't d-side yet if they're bri11iant ⊕ naught, we'R az far az th 1 dat g0es in2 Y pp1 cover their furniture in p1astic

> then 1ater in th nite (⊕ thi5 AM) R bedder-½ worked az a sorta f1oral D-ziner/artist (mixing in othr L-ements) dat made arrangements 4 Jimi Hendrix (eveN tho Jimi = dead) + we made a1bum covers 4 o1d music by dead mu5icians a1readE recorded in the '60-70s using fotografs 5um 1 Ls t∞k of b1dgs + arkitexture > we din't no who = R M-p1oyer ⊕ what = Economic viabi1i-T of thi5 work ⊕ Y we did it ⊕ 4 whom

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