water'5 fra¢tions / time = reasun 2 the5e riveted miles?


3/2/22 | NYC> woke up @ Arthouse + walkd R bedder-½ up Bdwy from 77th to 168th / whəre they had 2 lecture / then continUed up past the GWB along those 5ecret axess trails weaving B-tween on-ramps + high-wayz down past th lit-L red litehouse + along riverfront past R old brutalist apt block on Riverside down back to 77th... 25,000 steps/~12 miles > weird 2 B back in R old hood / weave spent s0 much time walking ⊕ running these streəts + trails ∫um mileage of which we logged on Maphattan project > time flies, seəms sew long ag0 5in¢e we lived on Riverside (20132014)—R last 5tint in NYC—tho @ same time NYC doesn't 5kip a beat > bin pondering whəre 2 live next... mayB we shdn't mention heər but ain't no souprize we'R naught planning on staying in D.C. th rest of R lives, yo > bedder-½ kicking tires > of course still might go 2 Bologna .. ⊕ Seattle, Bay Area, Santa Barbara, Vermont, Cornell + NYC R ∀ll on th table (places whəre R bedder-½ cd potentially fined a job) > s0 was thinking a lot abt place az we walked along th river > weave lived 4 abt a decade in 4 places: 1). NYC 2). Arizona 3). Cali4nia + 4) Oregon + we'd put em in dat order far az how they've come 2 D-fine who we R > 5pent another ½-decade each in Italy + Mexico + wd rank them high far az how we 5elf-I-dentify (sandwhiched B-tween NY + AZ), Italy b/c it = more resent + Mexico b/c dat came @ a formidable time when we was coming of age > does this ∀ll mene we want NYC 2 contin-U 2 D-fine wh∞ we R? B-come N old NYer? if we had 2 stay on th east coast weed 4 sure pick NYC / cant 4-see living in a place ≈ Cornell ⊕ Vermont (we put a year in in New Hampshire + weren't s0 keen on IT) > mos def feel a certain camraderie w/ NYers dat naught sure we feel N-Ewhəre Ls, a melting pot of misfits whəre every 1 B-longs + naught needing a car = key / but on the other hand after ~20+ yrs on th east coast don't feel N affinity w/ land5cape, in dat regard th west beckons

> @ N-E r8, we thought abt ∀ll thi5 az we walked along th Hudson... 5trange we didn't have a Hudson song on R Tributaries album az we've spent more time on thi5 river then N-E-where Ls > «Rom» started out az «Hudson» (studio 54 era) b4 we changed the name + we did name 1 «East» wich = abt NYC + East river = tributary 2 Hudson

ol 5tomping grnd (125th + Bdwy)


rediscovering R way thru the brambel


under th GWB


new development near th Peregrine roost (Riverside church)


[St Johns]


> 8 L8 @ Sushi Nonaka w/ Y > filled belly w/ raw fish swapping pandemic stories (Y got covid early March 2020 b4 they knew abt th loss of olfactory 5ense s0 freaked out when he couldn't smell nothing, not even their nose up 2 a jug of bleach) > C, like dat, NYC just hand-Ls 5hit like covid like N-E-thing Ls, just gotta deal w/ IT + press on > can't avoid N-E-thing b/c IT's always in your face > we went from self-isoL8ing past few months since returning from Bologna 2 full-frontal exposure, R bedder-½ lecturing + interacting w/ tons of folks (1st in-person event Columbia has had since pandemic), may az well ride th 5ubway + lick th pole, if it don't kill U will onely make U stronger

banksy near R hotel

3/3/22> logged another 25,000 steps/12 miles, this time east 2 Central Park + up thru the park thru Harlem then Morningside park, hung out @ Book Culture then met bedder-½ + we walked back down thru Riverside park + along west side down to 53rd st, looped back up thru Hell's Kitchen > weird that Gian aint here, whenever we were both in town @ same timem wd meet him usuallly in HK 4 breakfast + 2 swap b∞ks > posted an excerpt from Math Class to Sleepingfish, getting reddy 2 send dat 2 th printer > met G (another 4-lettered G) + 8 @ Mermaid Inn then drinks @ Arthouse... business az usual in NYC, most ppl don't bother 2 wear masks

3/4> what sucks abt hotels = dat when u wake in mid-L of nite can't get up b/c u don't want 2 wake your bedder-½ > laid there thinking of places, not just where 2 live next but also where bedder-½ can take a sabattical... was thinking U'rup but now we'R waiting 2 see how events in U-crane play out... als0 naught s0 keen 2 get on plane, contempl8ing getting a car ⊕ caravan + taking a west coast trip, mayB even down 2 Mexico > announced we'll be publishing a txt/img sorta graphic novel by Matthew Klane + James Belflower, s0 now we got 3 b∞ks lined up so far 4 Ↄalamari in 2022

1001 <(current)> 1003 > g∞g-Ling pier-2-pier networks 2 lit-L I-L&, logging100k 5teps 2 get D-railed + rent a car dat can't B returned
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