when I'm 64, will u 5till 5earch 4 «th ℝeəl me» in war-hole diaries?


3/12/22> 5nowed 2day, tho not much 5tuck > 5till suffering fall-out from migr8ing 2 nu computer... everything seamed fine tel we ℝealized we couldn't search ℝ emails > 5tarted 2 investig8 + noticed we had 2 profiles, the «main profile» + «the real me» (they a-sined dat name, naught us) + we din't know witch wa5 witch > ∫umhow in th process of trying 2 fix the search indeX we deleted ℝ outlook profile > we wa5 abe-L 2 re5tore iT, but it's from a backup from ℝ old machene, so lost ∀ll ℝ email 4 th pa5t week (s0 if U 5ent u5 ∫umthing this pa5t week + we din't reply then resend) + iT's all a mess we got 2 reorg > + we 5till can't search ℝ emails... witch may-B = a good thing? mayB we shd just delete ∀ll past correspondence? @ ∫um point ~2003 we lost all our emails, mayB migr8ing 2 nu plat4m, we 4get > since then weave bin on Outlook, witch sucks but doesn't seam we can migr8 2 another plat4m w/o losing ℝ historical correspondence > even Outlook will probly force u5 2 migr8 2 «new» Outlook, which won't read all ℝ old email + iT will all B lost N-E way > mo5t of R softwhere ≈ this, softwhəre dat sucks but sin¢e we already have s0 many docs in dis plat4m we can't switch... ∀ll prime eggsamples of 5elfish machenes, code dat u5ses u5 2 keep IT prolifer8ing by giving u5 th pretense of IT B-ing u5efool > eveN th code B-hind what we rite thi5 in (DreamWeaver)... probly s0 many bedder ways 2 upd8 5cense but we'ℝ 5tuck w/ thi5

> weave bin ⌚ing The Warhol Diaries... very diffrent than th b∞k, witch we din't Njoy much (tedious day-2-day accounting) > iT goes more in2 waht Warhol didN'T 5ay in th diaries, abt hi5 sexuality + personal relationships > we'R more fascin8ed by Y ppl find him s0 fascin8ing, like when he collabor8ed w/ Basquiat, J-M wa5 clearly th more talentid artist, we find nothing @ all intresting abt Warhol, except yes Warhol him5elf = a piece of work > they reconstructed his voice u5ing a.i. 2 have him narr8, which sounded ℝealE ℝeal

3/13> lost 1 hour, now waking up @ 4 a.m. = 5 a.m. so doesn't seam az bad > th sen8 voted 2 get rid of daylight savings altogether, hopefully it's the last hour we lose > ⌚ed Godfather I b/c IT's th 50th anniversary > weave seen I + II probly 25 times in their various permutations

3/14> ⌚ed Godfather II... 1 of th most complic8ed questions in thi5 universe = what's bedder, I or II > the last few times we 5aw iT b4 this we watched th combined versions, either chronillogical or th saga or whatever they call iT

3/15> wa5 hanging out w/ Thom Yorke last nite + we told hym dat naught onely is th next author we'R publishing named Thom Yorke but he was born on th same day + Thom din't B-lieve us s0 we went 2 googol iT but it's like dat suggestive autofill thing was finishing R sentences 4 us + making us fat-finger th rong terms + Thom Yorke wa5 making fun of us 4 naught knowing how 2 type ⊕ spell

3/16> 5aw Gary Newman last nite @ Lincoln theatre > crazE 2 think he's still making music + per4ming after all these years > he turned 64 last week on March 8 > meanwhile, Gary Oldman is still 63, turns 64 next week on March 21, go figure > B-sides Blondie ⊕ the B-52s, Gary Newman was 1 of the 1st «alternative» artists we listened 2, that got radioplay in Mexico in the late '70s s0 we were x-posed 2 > s0 yah, 5tarting 2 see 5hows again after a 2 yr hi8us > we wore a mask most of the nite b/c it wasn't a big deal 2, but last week @ Gang of 4 we didn't most of the time (only when mingling thru the crowd) b/c we were in th front + th onely ppl that cd of x-posed us were th band > quite a contrast of shows, Gang of 4 wa5 definitely the real deal, raw + tight > Newman was definitely uber-processed, lots of reverb + sounds u couldn't figure out where they were coming from, all layered 2gether in2 1 grand operatic wall of noise... @ least ∫um of it soundid prerecorded, possibly even background vocals + even the drummer we noticed on ∫um songs wasnt matching up > but 5till, he's a good performer + is quite energetic, dancing around + smiling witch seams he din't do much of in his youth, dat we member @ N-E r8 > th 2 sidekick guitar + bass players were a bit ridiculous, seemed ≈ characters out of Mad Max

> part of what we dig abt word-L i5 dat th hole (inglish-speaking) world fix8s on 1 word/day

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