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4/3/22>⌚'d Apocalypse Now (4 may-B 25thth time?) + a nu D-tail dat nvr o-cured 2 U b4 = @ ver-E end when Willard leaves he turns boat around + cuntinUes UPstream ... i.e. rather then g0 back ⌂ he cuntinUes farther UP th river (tho Willard also V.O.s: «This was the end of the river, all right» after saying iT smelled ≈ death) > U tried g∞gling around 2 C iF N-E 1 else noti¢ed thi5 + off course there'5 ∀ll 5orts of 5tuff abt how Willard now carries th torch, puts on robes of tyrant he D-posed, B-comes Kurtz (⊕ non-violent version thereof b/c they ∀ll lay down their arms), etc. > Willard makes iT clear he's quit th R-me (b4 he kills Kurtz he V.O.s: «They were gonna make me a major for this, and I wasn't even in their fucking army anymore» ... but he takes Kurtz's writings w/ him > + earlier Kurtz's 1 request =

«I worry that my son might not understand what I've tried to be. And if I were to be killed, Willard, I would want someone to go to my home and tell my son everything...»

... will Willard make g∞d on this request? (iT's naught a promise he agrees 2 ether way, he just stares down @ his hand when Kurtz asks this) > his duty 2 kill Kurtz is naught 4 th R-me ⊕ «Almighty» (code name 2 call in the air 5trike) ... iT was 4 Kurtz him5elf + his 5ubjects

«Even the jungle wanted him dead. And that's who he really who he took his orders from, anyway

iT's also bothers U dat iT's naught clear what happens 2 Colby + Dennis Hopper ... g∞gling around seams Coppola shot f∞tage of Colby killing Hopper, b4 Colby himself getting killd but thi5 f∞tage was naught in th redux ⊕ originul ver5ions... wa5 iT ju5t b/c there = n0 space 4 iT, ⊕ did Coppola want U 2 think they 5urvive? Hopper, the ph0t0journihlist wh∞ ha5 pr∞f of ∀ll thi5 + Colby sorta Kurtz' protege who cd ju5t az e-zily al5o needid 2 B removed ≈ Kurtz

4/4/22> ∫um nice symmetry in them #s, comin9 from ∫um 1 born 11/22/66 > 2day the5e 9uise came 2 replace th telephone ¶ole in th backyard

nau9ht sure who 5ent them ⊕ who they work 4 but U R gr8full + geeked out > b4 replacing th pole they cut a rats nest of wires, now there's ½ of watt there wa5 ... 5till, there's 4 wires 9oin9 in2 yr ⌂ + U got n0 i-dea wat they'R 4 ... U got n0 landline + yr verizon Inurnet h∞kup U no 4 a fact comes from wire naught shown + yr pretty certain they ain't L-ectrical b/c they wouldn't B out there handling + cutting wires w/ no gloves on > in N-E event, our Inurnet stayed on during th hole switcheroo

lots of D-con5truction going on on yr 5treet ... lots of con5truction going on ∀ll over DC .... seams they rip up roads + put them back just like they were 2 spend ℝ tax muni ... ⊕ mayB U'R paranoid ≈ Michael Douglas in Falling Down (1993) > U got pr∞f of this from when ya'll were living in Georgetown + t∞k b4 + after pics

this morning went 2 dentist ... U use 2 dread going 2 dentist, but after yr experience last fall in Bologna, thi5 was n0 big deal, tho checkup naught az g∞d 4 yr bedder-½ ...

b4 + after of yr t∞th

few days ago y'all went 2 th i-doctor 2 C if U needid 2 upd8 yr i-glass prescryption ... getting ∀ll thi5 sort of 5tuff done now dat #s ℝ down > 5peaking of glasses, Y is iT whenever U wind-X wind-0s, th next day a bird 5hits on iT? X-act 5ame thing happend last year in 5ame 5pot aftr U 5aw crow glaring down @ U wile U wind-X-ed up on ladder

5ame wind-0 pidgin 5mashed in2 + broke iT's neck then landed rite on top of yr liebury b∞x of ∀ll places

box of Math Class came s0 U 5pent th day 5tuffing envelopes then 2 th P.O. + kept walking around Malcolm X 2 make iT 15,000 steps 4 th day, counting walk 2 + from dentist

4/6> INTresting article in 2days post abt carpet cleaner dat 5peaks 24 languages > menewile yr agonizing in gonzo journihilism, organizing a zigzag zoning, razoring + ∞zing from ionizing potential

take ∀ll this + load iT in2 5tacks + recumpile in2 5ub5tacks dat reassemble Colbert's menewile 5egment, correL8ed w/ word-L du jour dat tethers in glish 5peaking m∞ndough wile in tandumb letting iSBN write U > last nite ⌚'d Breaking the Waves (★★★★)... don't think we've seen iT again since iT came out > 2nite ⌚'d The Professional (★★★★) 4 mayB 3rd/4th time... Natalie Portman = cute 12-yr old but boy was dat Xploitive

bin reading Revolutionary Mathematics: Articifical Intelligence, Statistics and the Logic of Capitalism by Justin Joque > U were X-cited by D-scription of iT but cd of ∀ll bin said in 1 magazine article instead of Ntire 224 pg b∞k, no? 5till, we're living in N intresting age where everything = detourmined by algarhythms

4/8> az 1 can perhaps tell from 2days word-L guesses, U've bin preoccupied abt yr bedder-½ ever since th dentist di5covered lump in their MOUTH on 2sday, but thi4 mourning y'all went 2 oral sirgin + ends up it's B9, just clogged 5alvary duↄt... s0 just a SCARE az word-L predicted

1008 <(current)> 1010 > die-L 411 then ⌚ 4 pattern recognition 2 score 10 in word-L
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