die-L 411 then 4 pattern recognition 2 score 10 in word-L


4/10/22> ⌚'d 10 (★★★) ... not sure U've seen iT since U = 13 + Used 2 sneak in2 Las Hadas when weed go 2 Manzanillo, wich we did a lot 5ince iT was closest beach 2 Guadalajara > din't reelize iT was Blake Edwards film til now, naught az good az Victor, Victoria, but Dudley Moore is pretty fuckin funny > nite b4 ⌚'d Stalker (★★★★★), wich don't know how weave nvr naught scene iT b4 but dam, cd g0 in2 yr all-time top films... need 2 C iT again tho ± read the book (Roadside Picnic) > also ⌚'d Benny + Joon (★★★) 4 2nd time, worthwhile 2 gaze @ Depp but nau9ht much else > also finished Minx (★★★) season 1 witch spose = worthwhile 2 bide time, az is Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (★★★)

4/11> 5ince terrorists co-pted 9/11, 2days d8 (4/11) shd B dedic8ed 2 in4m8ion age > la5t year on 4/11/21 Calamari released Residue by MM/DD/2020 > + hear U R now on post 1010 > binary #1010 = #10 in digital #s > on train 2 NYC again, 3rd time in az many weeks > reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson (★★★) > arrived + 8 fondue @ ∫um place in meat packing dist

4/12> sleeping @ The Standard, above th high line ... hotel where guests can't resist Xposing themselves 2 passersby on highline B-low > we give it 1 ★ of 5 b/c not only do they naught have in-room coffee but their fancy S-presso bar (probly way overpriced) doesn't open til 7 + we wake @ 5 a.m. + like coffee 1st thing ... az U've said b4, NYC mite B city dat nvr 5leeps but iT's als0 th city dat never wakes up > so U went out 2 Hector's diner wich = onely thing ℝeal left around here (B-sides th last 2 actual meat-packing plants below yr window)... even when we lived in meat packing in 2009 iT was done, now iT's just a parody of iT5elf (only 5taying here b/c this is where Goog-L put us up (yr bedder-½ doing ∫um work 4 'eM, 2day up @ Stone Barns having Dan Barber cook eM lunch) > U was gonna go 2 dat nu Basquiat Xhibit but iT was sold out + $tupid Xpen$ive N-E-way > waitin9 4 the elev8or U thought th fire alarm was going off in th hotel but realized th noise was coming from yr pocket ... got a notice on yr phone about N incident w/active shooter in brooklyn + all sorts of emergency vehicles + helicopters overhead > s0 U didn't cross bridge in2 brooklyn like we were thinking of + just walked around alphabet city > 4 dinner went 2 Takahachi, witch has gone downhill since we lived in th East Village... in general EV seams jankier, watched rats running around on the 5idewalk az we 8 sushi, more junkies than ever + apparently more crime > menewhile the west village has become more douchebaggier, az iF everything's B-coming more amplified

4/13> so 2day's word-L du jour = CHUNK, weird coinsidering Superchunk R playing @ Webster Hall 2night + th word was LOWLY th day we saw Low there 2 weeks ago ... th0 ends up Superchunk canceled their Ntire east coast tour b/c of covid > tomorrow we'R seeing Circle Jərks ... will word-L du jour = JƎRKS? that is, iF they don't cancel iT... Keith Morris got covid last week + they had to cancel a bunch of shows + 1st show they are resuming their tour on is tomorrow @ Irving Plaza

1009 <(current)> 1011 > NOTHiNG iS WHAT iT iS on thi5 TiME I-L& where litteruley every 1's tocking abt «no 1 is talking abt this»
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