U half 2 B a5leep 2 B-leaf in heard mentali-T, 5% outta sink w/ every 1 X-cept th kitschy synch


5/10/22> finalE, deər a/non User, U testid positiv 4 COViD... az in VERY +++++, th T line darker than CTRLine:

> had 5¢ratchy throat + heada¢he 5unday ± Mon, but hard 2 tel az U also we'R feeline allergies/ Minèarèyes d-zzz symptoms, 5pecially w/ this LOw front dat went thru + evidently has 5talled over th SE US > @ N-E r8, now U've joined th HERD! 1 of the masses

5/11> posted a song/vide0 by Budokan Boys on Sleepingfish:

> ½ of Budokan Boys = Michael Jeffrey Lee, f.k.a. ½ of Brothers Goat , whose fiction U publiↄhed in issue 8 + 12 of Sleepingfish + whose 4mer band Hawn U saw in New Orleans a deↄade or s0 ag0 > > 5peaking of Magic (Johnson), finished 1st C-son of Winning Time (★★★), abt L.A.kers' Die-nasty in '80s > als0 saw Woodshock (★)... can't B-lieve U + bedder-½ actually sat thru N-tire movie, nun of th charactors had N-E redeəming qualities whats0ever, just sat around B-ing board... we were w8ing for ∫umping 2 actually happen + iT eventually did, but iT was twards th end + was disturbingly uber-violent... just n0 point 2 th movie > als0 saw Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (★★★★) th other nite, by same director dat made Drive My Car, both from 2021 ... WoF+F wasn't az good as DMC, but 5till intresting, th0 LOTs of dialogue (2 read, 5in¢e in Japanese)

5/12> approved th proofs 4 Hist, so now iT's contingent on 5upply ↄhain > red The Employees by Olga Ravn (★★★) ...U dug the premise (out of order dispatches/mem0s from various crew members (humun + &roid) abored a 5pace 5hip) but iT could've bin bedder > iT was also LiTERALLY hard 2 read, set in what seamed like 6 pt font

> als0 5kimmed SYNC: How Order Emerges from Chaos in the Universe, Nature and Daily Life by Steven Strogatz (★★) > again, U were intrigued by th premise, in th iDEA of synchroniz8ion + there were intresting TANgents/eggsamples dealing w/ K-OS, cybernetics, cicadas, circadian rhythms, etc. but U got bored aftr a wile ... Y do these pop sighence books feel a need 2 inkloot humun interest L-ements? pontific8ing how they met whatever no-bell laure8 in coffeeshop in whatever city + 8 a scone + focusing on th author's 0ne mundane contribution 2 th field... these books shd B more about th subject + less abt who rights them

> but U dig th iDEA of SiNK how 5tars a-line + 5hit achieves resinant freakwindsea > more + more U feel out of sink w/ rest of humanity, or @ least ∀merika... th0 now dat U under th influenze of moronicron U've joined th ranks of ~60% herd mentality > can't reL8 or buy in2 99% of th ©rap on Inurnet these dayzzz, U feel s0 outta sink w/ all these modern ¢onveniences witch in th Ǝnd onely diminish quality of life ... + seəms nowadayz U need a passwd 4 everything + U ↄan't remember 'M or they need 2 send U sum verifi¢8ion ¢ode + they send iT 2 who nose watt phone # U had a deↄade ag0 > even Ur 0ne maↄhene dat Uses U 2 rite iSBN keeps prompting U abt Ur ap-L iD dat they've maid U ©hange s0 menny times U'r running out of passwd i-D-as + they send ¢odes 2 ∫um phone # U had 20 yrs ag0 + then lo¢k U out + want 2 store all Ur passwds in a ©loud U nvr ask 4 + 4 th life of U can't delete ap or change setting + iF U do th setting re5ets 1 month L8er back 2 how iT was, th «default» setting when they 4ce U 2 DL + in5tall upd8s witch they seam 2 day every fuckin day ... thi5 = th ¢ase w/ everEthing U do—iF U go2 a ©oncert U got 2 DL ∫um ticket basterd ± Live Nation ap... getting 2 th point U don't want 2 go2 ↄoncerts ju5t 2 a-void halving 2 use tho$e ap$ + pay tho$e ridi¢ulou$ fee$... ∀ll bull $hit > th other day U just wanted 2 buy 1 cookie (in a ℝEAL brick + mortar shop) + they said U can't use ca$h + acted like it was n0 big deal, Y not just Use your phone? az iF every1 + their mother has 2 halve 1 (+ whatever payment ap) or ¢arries iT w/ them @ all times > or last year, th poor italians that dint have phones or R willing 2 jump thru all the hoops 2 get a green pass (digital only)... U cdn't even eat in a restraunt or get on public transport w/o iT! (th0 Italy finally dropped th green pass requirement a few weeks ag0)

> 5houldn't iT B a rite 2 NOT halve 2 halve a phoney phone + Use ∀ll these aps? R there n0 sites on Inurnet B-sides 5cense dat 1 kin browse freely w/ no ap$/ad$/add-on$/$ign-ins/ sub$cription? U rant on abt ∀ll this b/c iT gets 2 th core of iSBN, how humuns think they Use ∀ll these D-vices 2 make their lives EZier when reely these D-vices ℝ Using Us, hoodwinking us 2 think they're @ R di5posal when in fact U'R @ THEiR beck + call, in th end 4 their propag8ion + prolifer8ion > George Carlin once said «it’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it» ... seams 99% of ∀merikins = zom-Bs, mindlessly walking around COM&ed by their phones + cars + whatever else tecknowlogE > seams Carlin might of also said ∫umping akin2 «nessycity = th mother-fucker of invention» > iF Carlin was 5till alive he'd probly be cancelled

> in 2dayz Daily Noose (Monkeys Write): «Twitter said that it had estimated that less than 5 percent of its users were fake or spam, a figure it had disclosed previously. Twitter cautioned that it had applied “significant judgment” in making the calculation and that its “estimation of false or spam accounts may not accurately represent the actual number,” language similar to that used in past filings from the company.» ... does no 1 else hear how ludicrous dat sounds? how th cautionary disclaimer completely neg8s th claim?! how hard is iT 2 just count th # of fake accts + give N X-act %? does no 1 use sighence no more? the$e dayz multi-billion $ deal$ R maid based on empty terms ≈ «significant judgment» witch is rooted in vague baseless claims word-smithed 2 cover 1's a$$ in a legal $etting > guaran-T U there's more than 5% of «fake» users on twitter (witch means Musk's deal will fall thru) ... tho guess dat deepends on meaning of «fake» > U haven't seen those ppl dat overnight suddenly have 100k users? is iT not commun knowledge U can BUY users? U personally no ppl dat have done this but U ain't gonna single them out... but iF u halve ½ a brain look @ ∫um 1's # of followers + then look @ th # of ppl dat «like» or «retweet» their posts... like Richard Nash has 133.4K followers but most of his tweets get less than 10 likes... how is dat statistically possible? whereaz Blake Butler only (compatively) has 10.9K followers but his tweets (abt nothing) typically garner 100s of likes > Electric Literature has 270.2K followers but their tweet from 14 hrs ago got 3 likes! 1 per 100,000 > due th math > U don't work @ twitter but U can guaran-T dat 99% of th «followers» of th likes of Richard Nash + Electric Literature = bots or fake accts or @ best twitter's 4m of «mechanical turk» ... by Ur estim8, only 5% of twitter Users (or N-E 1 on Inurnet) = ℝEAL

5/13 > happy friday th 13th! covid kind of distracted attn away from fact dat U + bedder-½ halve bin 3 weaks sober (+ 3 weeks off twitter) > naught @ all craving 1 drink, th0 we're temptid 2 try micro-dosing shrooms 2 C iF they help w/ these dam migraines > 5till in a sorta brain fog, mayB covid ± mineareyes > naught yet 100% reaping str8 edge FX, az Ian sang in th «Out of Step» anthem (th0 U nvr understood Y they took issue w/ fucking (xcept w/o birth CTRL)... U wd of changed dat line 2 «i don't BREED» + mayB U wd of added a line abt naught halving a car, or not B-ing on $ocial media).... but at least i can fucking think! i can't keep up! out of step, w/ the world!

> iT's ∀ll abt thinking 4 1 self, clear + present in ℝeality, in CTRL of 1's life, naught letting N-E 5ubstance, ap, machene, majority public opinion, etc. run Ur life or program U 2 tell U what 2 do > 2 do everything on Ur 0ne terms

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