enough 2 make a SOFT COPY HARĐ


6/8/22> Đear ƎNĐ User, iT's bin a wile 5in¢e U've bLog'd ... bin toiling away on iSBN... trying 2 Use yr Đesktop mother5hip much az U can b4 U + yr bedder-½ split town 2 live in laptop limb0 4 th rest of 2022... th0 y'all 5till don't kn0w where 2 Xcept probly th 1st month in central mexic0 > working on bin 2 of iSBN witch U'r calling «SOFT COPY HARĐ»... th project's getting so unwieldly U wreckon U mite brake off each of th 8 seXions + send 'eM around in chunks 2 publich az chapb∞ks ⊕ 5tandaLone pieces (N-E-publichers out there intrested?) > Soft Copy Hard logs in @ 64 pgs + iT's dents ... rite now U're plugging in edits from a hard copy U actually printed out (dat's th other thing, U won't halve aXess 2 a printer), hear's what th 1st pg L∞ks like 2 give U th i-Đ-a:


+ hear's how iT l∞ks after edits = a-plyed:

U pu5h in Đ-zine 2 iT's limits, making iT do 5tuff perhaps iT ≠ intended 4 + iT keeps cra5hing .... getting 2 th point U halve 2 break iSBN up in2 chunks az th files get irretrievably corrupted + U must back-petal + resort 2 convill∞ted work-arounds ... 4 eggsample ∫um times iT crashes when U click on a certain page—doesn't matter ware on th pg, but iF U in5ert blank pages + 5hift everything up (witch = hard 2 do in In D-zine 5in¢e tXt flows B-tween boxes dat U halve 2 keep track off) + D-Lete th blank buggy pg it = OK (4 time B-ing) ... + then U halve 2 readjust everything + re-do edits dat = lost ... yestrday 5pent 2–3 hrs on su¢h work-arounds just 2 get back 2 th page U = on ... 2 steps [ » ], 1 step [ « ] > U just fear dat iT will cra5h Byond repair b4 U finish th b∞k + U'll lose everything, 3+ yrs of work > + U halve 2 remember 2 ⌘+S often + make up back-up copies off-10 b/c th aut0-save feetsure seams 2 cauze in-D-zine 2 ¢rash even more s0 U turnd iT off + D-ny prompts 4 aut0-recovery > U cd call Adobe but last time U did dat ∫um guy in India t∞k control of yr machine remotely + started deleting ∀ll 5orts of settings in yr registry/libraries + technical hidden areas ... + dat was ∀ll 4 a chapb∞k dat BWR solicited from us + then ended up rejecting + we haven't done N-E-thing w/ iT 5in¢e Xcept cannibalize ∫um of iT 4 iSBN s0 mayB there = virus in dat file dat infected iSBN? iT's ∀ll fitting th0 b/c @ it'5 core thi5 = what iSBN = «about» ... abt tecknowledgy 5uch az Adobe iN-Đ-zine dat Uses humuns 2 further iT's cauze, + U propag8 th iN Đ-zine machene landgauge + ensure th continued success of underlying softwhere code

naught much else 2 report on utterwise ... haven't bin doing much else > y'all bin watching movies in th evenings but U 4get witch ... + 0h, y'all = abt 50 dayz in2 sobriety > down B-low 165 lbs but U haven't broken 160 barrier yet > watched Capricorn 1 b/c ... U dig th idea of iT (5pace mission faked in 5tudi/0 s0 public thinks th astr0nauts (1 of whom = O.J.!) walked on Mars) but eXecution = lacking > watched We Own This City witch = eye-opening but makes U feel hopeless about humanity (abt recent Baltimore police corruption, by th dude dat made The Wire) > tried 2 watch ∫um new shows ≈ Tokyo Vice ... think we're 5tarting 2 experience th 1st of TV/movie badness b/c of covid ... U underst& acting being bad during times of covid, but th writing = particulary bad in a lot of nu movies/5hows U've 5cene az of L8

hear = mixtape of kind of 5tuff U Lis-N 2 when working on iSBN:

th0 more than N-E-thing U Lis-N 2 minmal ambient/drone music s0 th words ± melodies don't di5tract U ...

OK, n0 m0re procrastin8ing, back 2 SOFT COPY HARĐ

1018 <(current)> 1020 > 2 4muL8 who = U + 1 x 10-digit (1111111100) pitch 4 i5BN in in– visible L&scapes where cart comes b4 th Horse
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