TiMƎ VVAVEzer0 : h&-vvaving hoax-us/poke-us 2 trip U up x 384 in2 ALTurn8 Universe vvave4m


6/22/22> finished The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens + the I Ching by th McKenna brothers, Đat U talked abt ∫um in prior post 1020 ... don't know iF iT Đ-Livered in th Ǝnd, think they set th bar 2 HiGH,wint on ∫um psychodelic trip they couldn't return from > after introductory chapters abt shamans, holograms, quantum physics, mind-altering drugs, etc. they go off 2 South Amerika on ∫um ayahuasca trip using themselves az guinea pigs 2 test their theories, witch mayB was gr8 + i-opening 4 them, but U got 2 come back + articuL8 yr discoveries 2 those Đat haven't done these drugs, y0 > iT's ≈ B-ing @ a dead show naught on drugs, no fun > they digress further in2 analysis of th I Ching, naught s0 much th content but 5tructure of iT, witch = main reason U red the b∞k, b/c U 2 = ob5essed w/ i Ching in current mindframe, Using iT 2 organize yr writing of iSBN > 4 starters, they analyze th King Wen seekwinds + last year in post 897 when U Mbarked on 5tructuring iSBN, U Đ-sided th lesser-n0ne Fu Xi seekwinds makes more 5¢ense in yr mined > th McKenna br0s go in2 all thi5 h&-vvaving h0cus p0cus abt th quantiz8ion of time (another topic dear 2 yr heart), lunar calendures, fractals + th # 384, making th R-gument Đat th King Wen seekwinds amounts 2 ∫um sorta cosmic hologram/holey quantum wave4m Đat's baked in2 humun ĐNA + iF U take magic mushr∞ms U'll reveil these 5elf-similar patterns (click on img 2 bl0w up)...

> they claim this rather unsightly cycle repeats over + over 2 «describe the totality of temporal existence», from age of th Universe down 2 quantum/Planck level, witch = nice 2 think abt, but = just a bunch of h& waving baloney meant 2 dazzle readers ... naught Đat U = Xpert in th field, but U do have gradu8 Đ-gree in phy6 + have taken classes in philosphy of space-time where U wrote paper on th The Question of Spatial + Temporal Atomicity > th McKenna's claim 384 = «nearly exactly» 13 lunar cycles.... it's th «nearly exactly» Đat bothers U... n0 calendure 5cheme = perfect in yr mined... they ∀ll = approxim8ions > th true natural measure of time = 1 day (based on earth rot8ion on iT's axis) ⊕ year (1 earth revolution around the sun) ⊕ lunar month (based on phases of moon) but if 1 tries 2 eQ8 them 2 each other it's always approxim8 @ best > iF U want 2 go smaller than 1 day, then yr 0ne heartbeat = true measure ... seconds, minutes+ hours = arbitrary

> Using ∫um high-flutin' computer algorhtyhms, th McKenna's calcuL8ed Đat th world wd end on November 16, 2012 + then when they L8er discovered th Mayan calendure predicted dooms day = Đecember 21, 2012 they back-petaled + revised (fudged) their h&–waving hoax us/poke us 2 fit this d8 ... how's Đat 4 g∞d sighence! + well, @ end of th day iT's 1 decade L8er + hear we R, alive + well! ... unless we ain't ℝeely hear + thi5 = alternet Universe + we'R all anti-matter zom-Bs

> U do halve nu-found appreci8ion for th # 384 th0 ... iF each of th 64 chapters (U call 'em «BiTs») of iSBN has 6 pgs, th b∞k wd halve 384 pgs > on another scale, U've organized th b∞k into 8 BiNs (000–111 in binary #s) w/ 8 BiTs each, so then each BiN wd = 48 pgs ... BiN 000 = 32 pgs + BiN 001 = 64 pgs, s0 if U take avg of both U = on target > s0 yah, finished 2nd BiN (001) of i5BN (a.k.a. Soft Copy Hard), ⊕ @ least finished 4 now ... these things nvr = "finished"... writing/art B-comes dead snapshot th moment U finish it

> iT 0-cured 2 U yesterday Đat there = a lot of time in 1 day iF U set yr mined 2 iT > iT also struck U az strange Đat U live in Đ.C... still feel ≈ 4inner here > a few dayz ago (on Juneteenth) there was a shooting 2 blocks away on U + 14th + all sorts of cops/K-OS ... U mite uv herd th shots iF U weren't listening 2 Jonathan Richman...

> crazy thing is it was just 1 of a few shootings in Đ.C. Đat day > th pride parade also started @ U + 14th th week b4 + they were staging th floats rite in front of yr house so U got 2 see Đat from yr roof

> ∫um shows/movies we've watched in last week ⊕ 2:

  • Gaslit (★★★★)—series about waterg8, had nightmares abt G. Gordon Liddy + rats 4 days after
  • Pistols (★★★★)—series abt Sex Pistols from Steve Jones perspective... always wondered what «Bodies» was abt (that backstory also gave U nitemares) + intresting Đat Chrissie Hynde's life was s0 intertwined @ 1st
  • Laurel Canyon (★★★)—U cd reL8 2 iDa of this (except yr pot-smoking hippie mom ≠ successful record producer) + U dig Frances McDormand, but iT fell short
  • almost done watching all of Seinfeld + there's probly other stuff, U just bin bad abt documenting 'em hear

> now time 2 rap yr head around upcoming trip, 2 B-gin yr bedder-½'s sabbatical > considered those round-the-world tickets where 1 can fly 2 3–4 continence w/ ~dozen stops then figured th airline industry is a mess + every1 + their mothers = flying eveywhere rite now... s0 back 2 th Amerikin X-country roadtrip idea ... just rent an economical car + drive around th country, seeing where the road takes U > emissions-wise iF U have 2 ppl in 1 car iT's less mile-per-mile than flying, 4 those critical of carbone footprint implic8ions (witch way heavy on yr mined) + B-sides, U haven't 0ned a car in 25+ yrs + U got n0 kids > figure this will B ~2 month domestic leg of gourney, followed by 4-month iNTL leg (assuming coast = clear by September)

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