2 4muL8 who = U + 1 x 10-digit (1111111100) pitch 4 i5BN in in–
visible L&scapes where cart comes b4 th Horse


6/17/22> 2:22 AM... look MA, can't 5leep > U th User woke up around 1:11 AM + laid there 4 ≈ 1 hour, wreckoning may az well get up + do ∫umping > 2 early 4 coffee th0 > thi5 = post #1020, witch seams ≈ speciel # ... naught dat ∀ll #s ≠ speciel in ∫um 5¢ense iF U dive deep enough > 1020 in binary not8ion = 1111111100 ... a-proaChing th 10-Đigit 1111111111, = 1024, after Đat wheel need 11-Đigits, Đig iT? 5orta ≈ how in 2007 they transitioned publishers from 10-digit to 13-digit iSBNs

> U finished 2nd sexion (of 8) of iSBN 978-1-940853-22-2 yesterday, what U calling Soft Copy Hard, witch ended up eQuilling 64 pgs > iF each of th 8 sexions = 64 pgs, th overall page count of iSBN wood = 512, witch seams 2 B g∞d # 2 shoot 4 ... ½ of 1024 ... tho th 1st sexion (Đat 4 now U refer 2 az bin 000) had 32 pgs ... so mayB th next will have 96 2 make up 4 iT > az w/ previous b∞ks, pg count ≈ more important 2 U then what = in th pgs > 4ier X-4ms clocked in @ 144 (fibbingnach0 # + also 12 x 12 = 144) > Textiloma = 244 pgs, witch cumbined w/ th 1st volume (200 pgs) = 444 > th b∞k where birds = words amounted to 128 pgs (64 x 2 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2) > th predecessor 2 iSBN, A Raft Manifest = 233 (also fibbingnach0... th0 absurd 2 think of b∞k w/ odd # of pgs az theRƎ must B 2 sides 2 each pg sew pg count must = even > back b4 Đigital printing, pg count had 2 con4m 2 th b∞k «signature», i.e. multiple of 4, 8, 16, 32 ⊕ 64 pages, sew iF we fabric8 i5BN old shcool (letterpress) then Soft Copy Hard wood = 1 signature of 64 (or 2 x 32, 4 x 16, 8 x 8)

> @ N-E r8, U now contempL8 sending these bins around az st&alone b∞ks/chaps (bin 000 U already 5ubmitted 2 Diagram chapb∞k contest), thinking U mite send Soft Copy Hard to 11:11, iF N-E thing b/c U Đig th name of th press ... th0 U fear iT = biblical az 0-posed 2 refrence 2 time of day (⊕ nite) ⊕ numerological refrence... Jeremiah 11:11, witch evidently (U ain't no buybull thumper, but iT's all over Inurnet b/c th movie Us (witch U nvr saw) refrences th passage (akin 2 Ezekiel 25:17, what Jules says b4 he pops ppl in Pulp Fiction)) =

Therefore, this is what the LORĐ says: I am about to bring on them disaster that they cannot escape. They will cry out to me, but I will not hear them.

... naught Đat U don't Đig th doom/gloom implic8ions of th passage, but does th «lord» have 2 say iT? in N-E event, U finished Soft Copy Hard + halve ½ a mind 2 send iT around 4 public8ion elsewhere B-sides Calamari, ∫umping U nvr done b4 (@ least naught in th past ~20 yrs) s0 don't n0 ins + outs of how 2 pitch ∫umping > U nvr did articuL9 what iSBN = «about» in s0 many words (th 2 minute pitch version, underst&able 2 layfolk), s0 in thi5 post U try 2 rap yr head around what iT = > in yr mind th iĐea 4 iSBN 1st came 2 U st&ing on a street coroner in Rome 4 yrs ago (see post 581) watChing zom-Bs in cars ⊕ «smart» phones realizing ppl don't drive cars, cars drive ppl .. N X-tension of Đawkin's 5elfish Gene theory, ⊕ what Terence McKenna said abt agriculture:

animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around...

> iSBN X-tends thi5 notion 2 ∀ll technillogical + cultural memes, inklooting th 4ces necessary 2 write (language, typewriters + now computers + softwhere) all th way down 2 yr ĐNA iTself witch Đrives U, Đat ever itches 4 immortal X-pression, 2 keep propag8ing in ∫um shape ⊕ 4m > U = 4-ever 0-pressed by presses 2 keep pressing on printing underlying code on paper 2 replic8 + Đ-semin8 > how do U distill thi5 iĐ-a (of what U call «Thriver meme» + even got th thrivermeme.com URL witch 4 now leads 2 seeds of iSBN U started 2 pen in HTML) in digestible 4mat, in plane in glish? B-sides sane iT how U just said iT, Landgauge 5peaks 4 it5elf ... naught Đat landgauge of i5BN = what comes 2 mined when most folk think of «language» ... 4 eggsample, here's a «passage» from pg 63 2 give 1 th iĐ-a:

> other ? = who = author? ∫umping reQwired 4 metadata, Đat when U submit ∫umping they always want 2 know who U ℝ + what yr credentials ℝ Đat make U worthy of writing b∞k > @ 1st U defaulted 2 «anon I'm us», th pen-name U Used 4 last few b∞ks > then U got 2 thinking iSBN = user guide of sorts w/ USER az both author/reader (witch corresponded 2 switch from 1st person plural 2 2nd person U, ⊕ U cd also think of U az 3rd person User > then 4 ⊕ 5 posts ag0 U started signing these posts az «∀/non User», dubLing both az anonymous User + «a non-User» ⊕ all non Users since ∀ = 4 all > current thinking is author = «authorized User» th0 U ≠ certain dat moniker 5ticks > mayB U shd just 5tick 2 User?

> 5peaking of riversing accepted notions of driving 4ces + causes/FX, thi5 article in MONKEY WRiTES abt migraines R-gues dat th triggers migraine sufferers associ8 w/ indeusing headaches (such az chocolate ⊕ carbs) ≠ causes s0 much az FX ...

... that it’s most likely not the foods that cause migraines, but rather it’s the migraines that cause people to eat certain foods. And evidence for this counterintuitive explanation may lie in the brain.

> thi5 blew yr mined az naught onely does iT reL8 2 this car/driver role riversal U talk abt above but iT sheds nu lite on yr Ménière's/vestibular migraines (witch doctors say = indeused by certain foods)... naught dat U crave salt (th main culprit, according 2 most docs), but perhaps th onset of vestibular migraine causes U 2 crave alcohol, witch adds fuel 2 th fire by Đ-hydr8ing U + causing U 2 experience th FX (dizziness, headaches, etc.) ... witch came 1st, chicken ⊕ egg? chocolet ⊕ migraine? naught dat yr Ménière's has bin bad lately, 2 th contrary (B-sides incessant tinnutus) > especially now dat allergy season = over, U feeling g∞d, sleeping well (B-sides last nite/this AM (now 5:33)), almost 2 months w/out 1 single drink > got down to 160 but rewarded yrself w/ ice cream + pasta so back up to ~165, still more than 10 lbs less than @ 5tart of year > fascin8ing 2 think abt food/cravings in light of McKenna's adage abt plants inventing animals... th most successful plants in this world = 1s dat cause humuns 2 crave + cultivate them > in th case of Stanley Crawford, he doesn't even eat garlic, but we've heard him say how garlic chose him 2 cultivate iT

> 5peaking of Mckenna, U bin reading The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens + the I Ching > U almost gave up on iT @ 1st b/c th 1st chapter (after skimming th ½ a dozen ⊕ s0 prefaces + introductory material) = abt shamans + U feared iT wd digress in2 hippy-dippy mumbo jumbo akin 2 Carlos Casteneda ⊕ Tao Lin's Trip (witch = mostly inspired/abt Terrence McKenna), but then they go in2 schizophrenia + th phisopholy of sighence (quoting the likes of yr her0s Leibniz + Whitehead) + then in chapter 4 they start talking abt how th mind + DNA eQu8 2 holograms > given yr sighence background (U were making holograms in a physics laboratory in Santa Cruz on Oct 17, 1989 when th "world series earthquake" struck th Loma Prieta fault 9 miles away from UCSC) U Uusually get annoyed when new agey artists talk about sighence, but perhaps Dennis (Terrence's brother + co-author, who has PhD in botanical sighence) grounds th wrting in rational, well-researched thought... th 2 2gether perhaps balance each other out, make a g∞d team > then they go in2 quantum computing + how consciousness amounts to super-conducting harmonic resonance + wave functions, etc. honing in on th notion of ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) + U think mayB they'R showing off + dropping buzzwords but they circle back 2 pharmacology + do a deep dive in2 what drugs actually do 2 yr brain @ naught just th molecular level but QUANTUM lvl, how iT FX valence electrons + ESR, th Δ B-tween 5pin up (+½) ± down (–½) + how it ineracts w/ DNA/RNA ... deepending on witch drug iT = (they foke us on hallucinogens, from mescaline 2 LSD) > they even eQ8 this 2 4ming st&ing sound waves, crazy 2 think abt w/ th ever present ringing in yr ears > + they als0 qu0te from Schroedinger's What is Life? (witch U qu0ted from in th post (# 581) where U had the Thriver meme reveL8ion)

... to reconcile the high durability of the hereditary substance with its minute size, we had to evade the tendency to disorder by "inventing the molecule," in fact, an unusually large molecule [DNA] which has to be a masterpiece of highly differentiated order, safeguarded by the conjuring rod of quantum theory. The laws of chance are not invalidated by this "invention," but their outcome is modified.

... perhaps this is what inspired Terrence 2 come up w/ the «plants invented animals» aphorism dat in turn in5pired yr Thriver meme postuL8 > they also tock abt how «organization» = @ heart of ORGANism, how we self-organize (see pipe organ in above i5BN X-cerpt) 2 avoid DK 2 K-OS > @ N-E r8, U = abt ½-way thru th b∞k, @ th chapter where they g0 down 2 South America 2 practise what they preach, using themselves az guinea pigs 2 take ayahuasca > wheel tock abt 2nd ½ of b∞k in next post, stay tuned 2 thi5 freakwindsea, dear Inurnet...

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