time-traveLing 2 Vesuvius (VA) via VALiS when th times, they = ch-ch-changin'


7/9/22 (saturday) > 5in¢e yr bedder-½'s on 5abbatical (+ dat menes U 2) U got 2 thinking U'd post hear 1x per weak on th 5abbath, but then realized 1 shdn't Use machenes on th 5abbath, ⊕ rather, 1 shd let ccomputers take 1 day break from U, th User... y'all con5idered weather 2 do ≈ orth0dox Jews + naught Use N-E thing dat Uses electrici-T + naught do work of N-E 4m but that'd B 2 hard ... th0 U've got-10 in2 habit of just checking email + th daily noose 1x per day in a.m. + then naught u5ing inurnet 4 rest of day eXcept 4 inurnet reSearch + then in evening 2 watCH m∞vies > + 5peaking of habits, after blowing yr drinkless streak @ ~75 dayz y'all R falling in2 th pattern of 5haring 1–2 bot'Ls of wine per week on Friday ± Saturday eve ... (th0 have onely had 1 bot-L in past 2 weeks), ⊕ rather, th glera grape + technology dat go in2 prosecco making Use U 2 consume 1-2 bot-Ls per week, witch = bedder than nothing

> th pa5t week U've bin Livin9 in th yrs 1960—'65... 5in¢e yr bedder-½'s b∞k deals w/ th time period B-tween '66–'72 y'all figured U'd dedic8 Ntire week, if not month, 2 each yr, but b4 U get 2 '66 figured U'd 1st recap '60–'65 > trippy 2 onely lis-10 to music from 1 year, U dig?... feel U'R in time bub-L ... music definitely 5hifted rite around '65... b4 d@t iT was mostly bub-L gum pop w/ stupid 1yrics until Dylan came along in '62–63 ... even b&s ≈ 5tones + Beat-Ls were just emuL8ing American black music w/ silly pop lyrics @ 1st, pre-63 > n0 1 diverged much from typical blues/R+B song-writing structures, th0 b&s ≈ KinX + SoniX started 2 push punkish/noise enveLope + then of course VU > just goes 2 show how cookie cutter + postcard perfect life was pre-1963

> also watched Woodstock (1970) witch has sum classic B-roll, th0 5ong 5election inklooted in th film sucks > not many American films from 1960–66 we want 2 rewatch > watched The Adam Project b/c it deals w/ time travel (U already D-clared dat = theme of next Sound Furies album) + has 2 of yr fave actors, Mark Rufalo + Catherine Keener but iT = pretty dumb, Speilberg-ish > als0 saw Michael Clayton b/c U'd nvr seen it b4 + iT deals w/ sum big food corpora8ion (fiction, but conjures Monsanto) + Two Summers + started 2 watch Irma Vep, th nu HBO series, abt remaking of th French silent 7-hr film series The Vampires, dat also piggy backs off the Irma Vep movie made in the '96, witch U saw a few weeks ag0... can especially reL8 2 iT 5in¢e iT para||e|s Marsupial, based on yr eXperiences working on a film in France in '94, onely in Marsupial iT's also a schlocky b-grade vampire film

> after putting Valis by P.K. Dick in yr liebury b∞x overflow parking thinking iT din't sound worthy, U happened 2 read dat iT in5pired Thom Yorke in the writing of the lyrics of OK, Computer so U pulled iT back off th stack + then found th audio-b∞k version on archive.org + halve bin listening 2 iT when U work out > als0 relevant 2 yr bedder's sabbatical theme...

This time in America—1960 to 1970—and this place, the Bay Area of Northern California, was totally fucked. [...] The authorities became as psychotic as those they hunted. They wanted to put all persons who were not clones of the establishment away.

+ sum intresting metafizzical/fillosofical 5tuff in iT, th0 Dick drops th G-word 2 much > th main character = Horselover Fat (alter eg0 of Philip Dick (fat = dick in German)) keeps an eXeG-zus journal dat = inter5persed througout

Journal entry 37. Thoughts of the Brain are experienced by us as arrangements and rearrangements—change—in a physical universe; but in fact it is really information and information-processing which we substantialize. We do not merely see its thoughts as objects, but rather as the movement, or, more precisely, the placement of objects: how they become linked to one another. But we cannot read the patterns of arrangement; we cannot extract the information in it—i.e. it as information, which is what it is. The linking and relinking of objects by the Brain is actually a language, but not a language like ours (since it is addressing itself and not someone or something outside itself).

+ other stuff abt i Ching, Dogon metaphys6, Logos, duality, Aboriginal dreamtime, hol0grams, mimicry, cullapsed M-pires, etc. > vis-à-vis Fat, Dick B-comes 1 of anon I'm us > thru such philosophical bantering B-tween characters, Dick (who also appears in the b∞x az himself, th sci-fi writer) writes things such az: «Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away» or

Entry 48. ON OUR NATURE. It is proper to say: we appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiential information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction—a failure—of memory retrieval.

July 10, Vesuvius.... VA> ∫umwhere in th Shenandoah's > in th spirit of iSBN, a Toyota Tacoma enticed us 2 rent iT, 2 keep prolifer8ing more Toyotas... U had n0 choice in th madder, U reserved th cheapest mod-L w/ best gas mileage (n0 hybrids 2 B had) but when U showed up they of course said they were out of the car U reserved + only had vans + pickup trucks.... so ended up w/ a big 4WD truck /w monster tires dat no doubt gets shitty gas mileage... th0 @ least U fit rite in th Apalachia, specially 5in¢e th truck has Virginia PL8s + U re5haved yr head 2 weeks ag0 so fit rite in > renting cars = concession U make on occassion 5in¢e U don't 0ne V-uckle of yr 0ne > 0nely 4 1 week th0, niXed R original 2-month X-country plan b/c of K-OS in U.S. > past year seams 2 B abt making travel plans 4 trips U nvr take, th0 unlike last yrs 2-month Italy roadtrip dat nvr happened U din't make N-E reserv8ions B-sides th car (cancellable of course...onely make refundable plans these dayz) but U did outline plan, originally leaving July 4 > Shenandoahs > Asheville, NC > The Farm in Tennessee > Muscle Shoals, Alabama > Oxford, MS (via Tupelo) > Jackson ⊕ Natchez (on Mississippi) > Natchitoches, LA / Nacogdoches, TX > Austin, TX > Marfa, TX > Santa Fe, NM > Stanley Crawford's garlic farm > Taos > 4 corners/S. Utah > Utah > Nevada > Mammoth Lakes, CA > Ojai > Santa Barbara > Pismo Beach > Santa Cruz > Eureka, CA > Oregon Coast > Portland > Mt St Helens/Mt Ranier > Eastern WA > Montana > S/N. Dakota (not black hills) > Omaha > St Louis > Kentucky, WV > Sept 4 home > s0 alth0 U niXed this trip (5till mite do iT in another month or 2), U d-sided 2 @ least do 1st leg az far az Asheville > listened 2 mixed tape U made 4 th o-cassion

> picked up th 4wd monster truck rental + drove west 2 northern N-trance of Shenandoahs > drove along Skyline drive, stopping 3 times 2 go on 2-4 mile hikes > then 2 this place near Veusuvius, Sugar Tree inn (original placed U booked called morning b4 2 cancel yr rez... yes, now B-sides airlines cancelling flights, hotels can cancel U) > got cabin overlooking ravine of tall trees w/ deer + her 2 fawns living under yr porch > no Inurnet > s0 Quiet makes yr tinnutus even louder > herd owl fallin' a5leep > nice 2 take a break from ⌂



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