Roadside picnic along blue ridge parkway


7/11/22 > Deer U, anon User > woke up in woods of Vesuvius, VA.... far cry from Naples > continued on Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping a few times 4 5hort hikes > got D-toured @ sum point thru semi-urban sprawl ... made U appreci8 how nice iT = 2 drive on Blue Ridge Pkwy... thru 5toplights past 5trip malls thru shitty Virgnia towns (think near Roanoke)... 5o much of Amerika looks th same > nice driving along Blue Ridge, naught crowded az U feared, all U halve 2 worry abt = dear jumping in front of yr 4WD monster truck rental > 5topped @ sum sorta Blue Ridge music place + watched live sum bluegrass band + crystal-meth fueled rednecks w/ mullets litteruley foot-stompin' ... scary Deliverance 5tuff > seams 2 B st8 law 2 wear masks in places s0 U don mask then th ppl @ th door tell us U don't need 2 s0 U take iT off + then sum 1 inside tells U masks = m&datory ... obviously contentious issue here, employees within establishments fighting over iT ... happy 2 do either, just tell us weather U want us 2 wear 'eM or naught

> got D-toured again thru sum random part of North Carolina + eventually found your place on the grassy banks of fork of New river run by sum old NYer who likely inherited plant8ion from grandfather + turned it in2 snooty inn w/ fine wines, etc.

> After watching Stalker (1979) a month or 2 ago, U got Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky,+ have bin reading iT > iT diverges quiet a bit from the movie (or vice-versa) > they 5till visit "the zone" + throw lugnuts in front of them 2 find safe path, but they don't have 2 sneak in + there's all this other drama not inklooted in film








mushroom-eating dear

1/12/22 | Grassy Creek, NC> woke up in cabin on top of hill, again, w/ dear living under the house... seams 2 B a thing, dear living under porches? they also eat mushrooms witch seams risky > other weird noises, animals chewing in th C-Ling, inside the grill > s@t on porch watching iT get light then went 4 run along river, saw dozens of deer + rabbits scared + running away > nice 2 sit outside + naught B a-tacked by mosQuoitos... 2nd U open window or door in DC yr place full of mosQuitos > continued along th Blue Ride parkway stopping a few times but more crowded w/ tourists than previous day ... thinking mayB U lucked out hitting stretch of parkway sandwitched between parts closed due 2 construction d@t most ppl just drove around > your GPS of course kept telling U 2 get off th parkway 4 faster route but y'all stayed the course, almost all the way 2 Asheville but then cut off rite b4 2 take shorter route 2 Hendersonville where y'all R stayin' > yr bedder-½'s folks parked hear 4 th summer s0 visiting them

1024 <(current)> 1026 > naked host brings Goat 2 yr knees 2 keep S-caping guns, plastic para5ites + th non-Carolinear DK 2 K-OS
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