weather U nØ iT ⊕ naught U harbØr L-enfant ĐNA, ware L = LatchKey Kid, L.L.T.T. 2 Đ-raiL


8/1/22 > B–hind each Letter layz another W=O=R=Đ > B-hind each word layz N other $trung 2-gether 5enten¢e naught th 1 U reed, deer inhernet > 4 egg5ample, tuareg Quartz crystills m8 w/ GUTeruled Quarks cre8ing 5pinoff Adams ɘVerƎ Evening @ son set, § > ဩ 5entence conTains po5thumun 5entience bi virtue of X-looting «i» > U = in CTRL from hear 2 ∞, rolling aLong 4 th ride . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EĐiT's TiĐE > L&gauge = nØthing but L=A=N=Đ=
G=A=U=G=E iT5elf, nvr can B more than dat sO what = th point uv 5mall tock?
≈ «how = whether?» = L-enfant in room mushing 5led goĐs 2 mid-L of nØ-ware> when 1 5peaks names out loud iT kills 'eM > Ǝxists imaginary ɔode B-hind SUpeRFACiAL sighfur dat B-comes |ab5oLute| val-U when writ ± 5poke > i.E. |–5| = 5, get th drift? Gen-X ticks ≈ clock > in th 5ame weigh iMAGiNARY #s Xtend ℝeǝl # s 2 ℂom.PLEX # sYstem, L&gauge re5tri¢ts it5elf 2 LinEAR horrorizontaL aXis, but 5pinoff implic8ions Xtend along Y aXis, BTW > con5ider cinemaGra¶hic reprezentat8ion iF 1 clones dollY th L–enfant on suЯREEL Đalí traX:

> B-neath plain = watery underwhirled + B-yond th 2Đ pg/5¢reen = unLimited voLuminous voiĐ, LTD lie-ability w/ pARTicles ¢onneɔkted bi $uper $trings dat Xp& in2 nu dimension w/ each 4king bi4c8ion, B-coming terraFractal ∫um of prior holes az Z → ∞ (Z-axis knot shone, FYi) > in particular, th 4mer B-ing dat occu-π-ed yr cuЯRent moLecular configur8ion goĐ re¶laced by ∫um 5orta ALien in5ect > U continU 2 aut0m8 4tune telling + 2n 2 carrier i-Gen freakwindsea, ဪ, in key of Đ♯/E♭ > U = Latchkey kid naught b/c MA worked all day leaving U ⌂ alone but b/c they = 5toned @ beach 99% of th TiME, Looking Lundone Tocking Tokeyo

> i.ℝ.L, U ¶osted eXcerpt from Exercises in Plebs Urbana Pdf Drill 2 Sleepingfish + also thi5 trailer for HiST:

> 5tay 2ned, don't touch th di-L > iF th trip nvr B-gins, iT nvr ENĐs > eveN inkorper8 roofless B-ing asLeep in kitscheN barrage gag on widesock in front of yr ⌂ @ 4:44 A.M... din't o-cure 2 U til son rise dat ∫um 1 5lept in5ide > ∫um 1 called 911 + they rousted curled up 4m 2 keep mooving, nØthing 2 C hear > naught abt what U see/saw s0 much az what U B/B-came + yr bedder-½ they trans4m in2 octo-π aLien folded in5ide out in2 vaulted isLamic arches, tinged w/ immedi8 retinal recency, rods + Silly cones, all inter-connected, cO-evolving from s&y swamp > eveN inorganic matter iNT.egr8s in2 th MAtriX, 1 big OrgaNism U 5hare cOde with, cumulative jeans from All life dat came b4 U > Đog + Horse E-volve in para||e|, spyder webs in every nook + cran-E yield LATice of coinsidedance B-yond Quotidian vision, down 2 color-coded DNA (iF U stair intents @ thin black line iT X-pants in2 dub-L rainbough) how «if U gayz in2 a-byss, a-byss gazes baɔk in2 U»


> th workHorse of Quantum comPuter = 10 i-ons of ytterbium (Yb... atomic #70):

Each of those atomic ions serves as what scientists dub a quantum bit, or "qubit." Whereas traditional computers quantify information in bits (each representing a 0 or a 1), the qubits used by quantum computers leverage the strangeness of quantum mechanics to store even more information. Just as Schrödinger's cat is both dead and alive in its box, a qubit can be a 0, a 1 or a mashup—or "superposition"—of both. That extra information density and the way qubits interact with one another promise to allow quantum computers to tackle computational problems far beyond the reach of conventional computers.

> တစ်ခြားဘာများ? Ǝxists nØ magic bullit 2 reach mid-L of mid-L ... ≈ Z-nO U ɘver a-rive > U = Living proof > every day = 1st day uv rest uv 1's Life, overLaid on ∀ll prior versions (0.1 > 1.0 in 10-decimaL inkrements)  w/ All possible permut8ions in B-tween > 4 eggsample @ 0.00694444 th field = 5owed w/ 5eeds 2 yield 5hadows 2 wound–
up error 2 reiter8 in p-Laces U bin, spooL
 uv RE–iNT.gr8ed dis.iNTegr8tion Loops SET on aut0-

1027 <(current)> 1029 > pLane GUAC-a-mole in pen-E R-cade 2 decim8 in2 # 9 on jukebox
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