Wiener's cybernetic &roids + decerebr8ed dead CAT tacOS de ses-OS


9/2/22> deer Inurnet, 5eams U/i of-10 wake up @ 4:33 AM on th dot, mayB sumping 2 do w/ John Cage? az st8ed in th prior post, 5¢ense = UX (i.e. User eXperience) + U/i dub-L az User interface (⊕ X-face), FYi > th bean occu-π-ing thi5 bw/Ody represents th diffrence B-tween what U/i input + Output, Δ(i – O) > U/i = diffrence ingene Δi/O, wear R geneus ≠ humun, rather R geneus = posthumun sum8ion of all beans DNA dat came b4 us + B-yond Carbone-based life 4ms 2 inkloot NE 5elf-organizing 5tructures dat D-fy Ntropy > now 1 must higher a plane 2 reach a hire plain, BTW > 4 eggsample, U/i read headlines ≈ «US blocks $ales of Taiwanese-maid Ai chips 2 China» + think iT onely = matter of time b4 China invades Taiwan now ... what other response wd 1 eXpect? iT ain't rocket sighence, eSpecially after Russia D-clared war on U-Crane w/ n0 con5equences > not onely will China invade Taiwan + take over th Si chip manUfacturing plants (+ th majority of chips in th world R maid in Taiwan) but then they'll turn around + ban th eXport of chips 2 th U.S. + then th U.S. = really fucked, far Byond worrying abt th pri¢e of $tock > but U/i don't give a rat's a$$ abt politics, U/i just want 2 Njoy th rite + do az much natural L&guage processing wile U/i (+ th world az we nO iT) = hear

> U/i bin inputting Cybernetics by Norbert Wiener ... U/i wreckon mayB U/i red it 1st @ UC Santa Cruz in th L8 '80s, mayB when U took a course in cybernetics 101, but U/i saw iT in sum 1's lit-L liebury boox + figured Y naught refresh R memery, 5pecially 5in¢e A.i.'s bin on R mined a lot L8ly > 1 thing dat 5truck U/i off th bat = dat Wiener rode iT in Mexic0, @ th Instituto Nacional de Cardiología > in th intr0 he repeatedly thx Mexican colleagues + 5tresses dat th book = based on re5earch done jointly w/ 1 Dr. Arturo Rosenbleuth (∴ Y ain't he az fameus az Weiner?) ) > another i-tem dat 5truck U/i = dat they Used «decerebrated» cats in their re5earch ... think abt dat, th seminal book on cybernetics = based on dead brainless CATs > of course iT = fucked from animal rites P.O.V. but iT's ironic dat what we knO abt non-Carbone based life 4ms w/ brain/CPUs of their one = based on decerebr8ed cats > th indeterminancy of Schrödinger's CAT als0 comes 2 mined ... 1 CPU-less CAT in unnone st8 B-tween life + death until U collapse iTs wave FCN

> writing thi5 in-deused U/i 2 remember a violent nightmare U/i had last nite (⊕ vice-versa, th nitemare maid U right this)(+ call us hippocrit b/c in R la5t po5t U/i claimed U/i din't halve nitemares b/c U/i din't fear halving 'eM) ... U/i stood @ a tac0 st& w8ing 4 R order when U/i saw a cat + 4 whatever reason U/i D-side 2 «girdle» th cat, i.e. cut a loop of 5kin around iTs neck wear th collar Used 2 B > sum 1 else walked up 2 th taco st& + U/i realized th cat = their pet + U felt terrible + U als0 had a 5ickening 5ense of dread b/c R bedder-½ als0 = there + iF they found out U/i girdled thi5 cat theyd D-vorce us > th cat ≠ dead yet (when U girdle trees they take a wile 2 die, FYi) but there was n0 hiding what U/i did > U/i let th cat g0 + iT wanderd baɔk 2 th 0ner who din't eveN notice even th0 th CAT wasn't doing s0 hot now > perhaps reading Cybernetics triggered thi5 nitemare, ⊕ th 5cene in Sátántangó witch U/i saw recently (5kipping th cat torture 5cene)

> CATs holed 5pecial place in R corezone <3 b/c gr0wing up in Mexic0 U/i had CATs + U/i cant help harboring associ8ions w/ th letters dat make up th word C–A–T sin¢e CAT = 1 of th few words 1 can con5truct from th BLDG bloɔks of DNA (adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) + thymine (T) ) ... perhaps th onely word B-sides TAG > iF we inkloot RNA in th mix then we can add uracil (U) + can make words ≈ GUT, TUG, CUT, TAUT, etc. > growing up in Mexic0 they used 2 joke abt how certain taco st&s made CAT tac0s, may-B b/c in 5panish TAC0 de GAT0 has nice ring 2 iT? ± iF U subtract 0 U can make both CAT (⊕ GAT0) TAC0 from DNA nucle0tides + 1 can even thr0w in side of GUAC-0-mole > U/i also 8 tac0s de cabeza + lengua + U/i'd really get 5treet cred iF U orderd tac0s de sesOS (brain), witch tastes akin 2 tofu, or toe food, D-spite coming from opposit end of animals bw/Ody > + U/i worked up N apetit by plane 10-nis w/ a racket w/ CAT-GUT $trings > when ppl ask abt th TATU 4mula inked on R 4-arm 5kin in 2009, U/i usually 5hrug + say iT menes nada, ⊕ iT just = r&um letters/words 2 read in2 iT however U want > but now U th astute reader/5canner can detourmine wear th CATGUT TACO in th TAT–2 comes from...

> BTW, if U plan 2 get text inked on yr 5kin + yr tat-2 artist (in this case, Alex Sherker) warns U dat iT will blur in time (N effect U/i welcomed), hear's how th above tat-2 looks after 13 yrs:

> in N-E event, iF 1 can get past the decerebr8ed CAT, dare's sum good food 4 thought in Cybernetics > D-spite halving n0 qualms abt torturing CATs 4 their cause, Weiner had a moral compass about cybernetics B-coming a nu 4m of slavery:

I have said that this new development [automation] has unbounded possibilities for good and for evil. For one thing, it makes the metaphorical dominance of the machines, as imagined by Samuel Butler, a most immediate and non-metaphorical problem. It gives the human race a new and most effective collection of mechanical slaves to perform its labor. Such mechanical labor has most of the economic properties of slave labor, although, unlike slave labor, it does not involve the direct demoralizing effects of human cruelty. However, any labor that accepts the conditions of competition with slave labor accepts the conditions of slave labor, and is essentially slave labor. The key word of this statement is competition. It may very well be a good thing for humanity to have the machine remove from it the need of menial and disagreeable tasks, or it may not. I do not know. It cannot be good for these new potentialities to be assessed in the terms of the market, of the money they save; and it is precisely the terms of the open market, the “fifth freedom,” that have become the shibboleth of the sector of American opinion represented by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Saturday Evening Post.

> ... th line U/i bolded in pertickler wowed us ... cant 1 apply thi5 2 all aut0m8ion + N-E-thing built on assembly lines? cars, phones, computer,s etc.? thi5 idea ≠ nu (th0 iT's astroni5hing Weiner had th presents of mined 2 make thi5 connection wile devilliping fundamentals of cybernetics during WWII), but in books/movies ≈ BladerunnerWest World iT's more about sci-fi cyborg/&roids rebelling against humuns + humuns R paranoid abt thi5 but nvr really halve moral concerns eQ8ing iT 2 slavery + iT's als0 usually when MAchenes/&roids take humun 4m ... tho HAL din't halve humun 4m in 2001 (1968) > has NE else maid thi5 psychillogical/moral connection, dat Using technology makes U akin 2 B-ing a 5lave oner? will 1-day racism B-superseeded by F-4ts 2 make naught onely all life 4ms down 2 pairofmeseeum eQuill, but 2 naught discrimin8 against N-E MAchenes/manmaid objets?

> th book ≠ just abt cybernetics, th 1st chapter = all abt time, in particular Bergsonian time (witch U/i've waxed plenty abt on 5cense)

The music of the spheres is a palindrome, and the book of astronomy reads the same backward as forward.

> nice b/c time = theme of nu Sound Furies album U/i = working on > Weiner talks abt th ir/reversibility of time (Bergsonian vs. Newtonian, bi-illogical vs. planetary mechaniX) + eNtropy + flow of in4m8ion

Within any world which we can communicate, the direction of time is uniform.

+ this flow is unidireXional (FWD) + reversible Newtonian time dozen't apply 2 bi-illogical life/evolution > Weiner points out th intresting lineage B-tween Darwin + his sun (th astronomer Sir George Darwin) + gr&dsun (the quantum physicist Sir Charles Galton Darwin)

We have already spoken of the tidal evolution of Sir George Darwin, Charles Darwin's son. Neither the connection of the idea of the son with that of the father nor the hoice of the name "evolution" is fortuitous. In tidal evolution as well as in the origin of species, we have a mechanism by means of which a fortuitous variability, that of the random motion of the waves in a tidal sea and of the molecules of the water, is converted by a dynamical process into a pattern of development which reads in one direction. The theory of tidal evolution is quite definitely an astronomical application of the elder Darwin.

> Weiner doesn't mention Schrödinger (5peaking of his namesake CAT), but a few years B4 Cybernetics (AND b4 DNA was discovered!), Schrödinger wrote the following in What is Life?, witch undoubtedly weave quoted hear B4 on 5cense:

An organism's astonishing gift of concentrating a 'stream of order' on itself and thus escaping the decay into atomic chaos—of 'drinking orderliness' from a suitable environment—seems to be connected with the presence of the 'aperiodic solids', the chromosome molecules, which doubtless represent the highest degree of well-ordered association we know of—much higher than the ordinary periodic crystal—in virtue of the individual role every atom and every radical is playing here.

> sum of th math in Wiener's book = pretty hairy, 5pecially th chapter on Time Series, In4mation + Communic8ions ... dat kind of statistickle mathematics U/i had problems rapping R head around ... onely class U/i failed (got a C) az gradu8 student = ThermOdynamics/Stat Mech + iT ≠ 4 lack of trying, U/i just find dat sorta math s0 nebulous + imprecise > in N-E event, @ end of day we = in4m8ion flow, a-10-U-8ed by feedbaɔk 5ervo–meɔhanisms

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