in sink B/tween 1967 BC/AD: hoVV VVe 5hape language + then iT 5hapes us in 10,000 yr time-peace


9/9/22>U/i've bin dwelling on concept uv synchronization L8ly > th nite after User/ interface got boosted w/ bivalence U/i had re5tless 5leep rife w/ «dreams» witch U/i put in quotes b/c they = 5emi-waking + naught «about» N-E thing in pertickler, in reel whirled ... more ≈ thoughts GOiNG thru R CPU over + ova + az they 5pin thru, each time they morph in2 sumping Ls + when U/i wake nun uv iT makes 5¢ense in lite of day ... naught unusual 4 U/i az thi5 = R modus operandus in life + on 5¢ense (4 life imit8s art + vice-versa, az wheel get 2) > 4 eggsample, writing «modus operandus» triggered U/i 2 REMember 1 concept U/i dwelled on la5t nite, how U found iT 5trange dat Latin ended up B-ing D-fault language uv catholicism (dat sermons = given in) when Latin = landgauge uv Romans dat persectuted G-zus + early Xtians + in 55 yrs on thi5 planit U nvr 5topped 1x 2 con5ider thi5 til la5t nite @ who nose what ungodly hour ... 5peaking uv de facto Latin, perhaps U/i shd blog hear in Pig Latin? that way U/i ouldWay oseLay even oreMay eadersRay + etGay us urtherFay lockedBay romFay oogleGay 4 eingBay onsenseNay/pamSay > U/i otGay 2 ointPay in R outhYay ereWHay U/i = eemlesslySay oficientPRay in ig-LatinPay > in actFay, enWHay U/i ereWay earningLay panishSay az otTay, U/i ouldCay peakSay panishSay ig-LatinPay etterBay anTHay egularRay panishSay, itchWay = ifferentDay anTHay english ig-LatinPay > in panishSay ig-LatinPay U agTay an F after each owelVay + enTHay th owelVay again, 4 eggsample, «como estas» = «cofomofo efestafas» ... ¿Lofo efentiefiendefes? > N-E ayWay, nofo tefe prefeofoccufupiefies, U/i ontWay riteWay isTHay eNtire ostPay in E-ther ig-LatinPay ⊕ atinLay > baɔk 2 R sychronized 5wimming, 5trange how th mined works ... ≈ cogs dat 5pin + pieces uv eNvironment + R DNA 5tick 2 iT az iT 5pins in massive juggernaut dat keeps churning + evolving w/ each individual (think uv az adam/particle) = part uv community/city/st8 (think uv az molecular compound/proteen) dat in turn 4ms even larger juggerknots (countries/continents) eventually B-coming part uv hole world/Gaia + B-yond dat 2 Universe, in 5ame way we halve moons, planits, 5tars, galaxies, etc.

> perhaps thi5 = X-10-sion uv la5t po5t ware U/i tocked abt watt Kevin Kelly calls th «technium» ⊕ perhaps b/c b4 bed U/i ⌚ed We are as gods, witch U/i mentioned in la5t po5t 5ince Kelly = buddies w/ Stewart Brand (U can sea him w/Amish-want-a-bee beard lingering in periphery in a few uv th 5cenes) > iF U had N-E re5pect/curiou5ity 4 Br& U lost iT ⌚ing thi5 documentary, witch does have apt title b/c Brand does liken himself 2 sum sorta god > most uv th movie = about Br&'s absurd + dangerous idea 2 revive th wooly mammoth from «de-extinction» witch U/i don't want 2 waste R time deb8ing/criticizing (akin 2 how iT = waste uv time criticizing Kelly's book) B-sides sane U/i side w/ Peter Coyote who rips Brand a nu asshole when he st&s up @ public lecture Br& = giving + says Brand = sociopath due 2 his «absence of doubt» then says «we are not gods, we are idiot savants» ... amen, tho U/i'd call us idiot zombees > what U find most 5hocking = dat such a hack sociopath cd actually get funding + do thi5 ... + who @ thi5 point needs 2 step in + intervein? sighingtific community, govts, UN? does Br& halve a rite 2 do thi5? @ N-E r8, th part dat perhaps came in2 play in R «dreams» = th bit about Br& bldg sum sorta doomsday clock — «Clock of the Long Now» ⊕ «10,000 Year Clock» ... googling now seams iT mite uv bin a project dat Jeff Bozos 5tarted, hard 2 tell whatever psych0 claims thi5 now, regardless what a fucking waste uv resources boring holes in2 mountains, how did they get permits 2 do thi5? iT's all s0 idiotic iT makes yr head 5pin + U/i don't even want 2 waste yr breath blogging abt iT (B-sides sane U regret ⌚ing th documentary iF iT put s0 much az 1 ¢ent in Brand's po¢kit) > but 5in¢e th next Sound Furies album, Time's Tide = all about time, th iDEA uv thi5 clock = intresting (dozen't mene they need 2 destroy a mtn 2 make iT, humanity (or aliens 2 come) wd B bedder served by ⌚ing Christian MarClays The Clock (2010), th0 un4tunately iT's 5till naught available 2 stream online (otherwise U/i wd buy a computer + dedic8 iT 2 stream The Clock continuously 24/7 az R time-peace on R altar)) > R bedder–½ vox uv Sound Furies kept a5king what = th point uv thi5 10,000 yr clock (no 1 in th movie cd articuL8 Y they built iT) + U/i specuL8ed dat ≈ other 5tuff these psych0 billionerrors make, they do iT b/c they fear death, ⊕ mayB they want aliens 2 find iT after humuns annihiL8 R-selves but U/i don't want 2 tock abt thi5 kneethere, U/i want 2 keep Xploring difference B-tween bi-illogical + physical time witch U alluded 2 in la5t po5t + thi5 clock triggered U 2 think abt iT more, e5pecially az we Sound Furies think abt 5ong ideas 4 Time's Tide ... naught dat we want 2 copy The Police + write an album called Synchronicity (we did however 5tart 2 make thi5 mixtape uv time-reL8ed traX 2 in5pire th album ... iF U halve N-E 2 add lettuce n0):

> 1 uv th imgs/concepts rolling thru R dreamy CPU = www, just th letters (th0 als0 how www 5tands 4 whirled wide web + also harks uv WWIII witch we 5eam on th brink uv > R ½-5leeping mined foked us on W letters + they 5plit in2 V's (after all W = «dubble-U» ware U = nu V (witch they 5till use in old English + Latin in5cryptions) s0 WWW B-came VVVVVV + iT 5plit in2 2 (VVV VVV) 2 reasemble i Ching hexagram (th 64 uv witch U/i Use 2 4m outline 4 iSBN), the book U/i = method acting 4) + 5peaking uv synchronicity (5ince we ju5t got R «bivalent» boosters), bivalence = th Ǝxis-10-ce uv onely 2 st8s/truth val-Us (true ⊕ false, 0 ⊕ 1) ... akin 2 binary > th Vs' then 5plit in2 individual lines, B-coming \/\/\/ \/\/\/ + th characters kept morphing + 5pinning ≈ 5lot ma¢hene ⊕ odometer flipping, witch probly dozen't make 5ense 2 N-E 1 Ls but U/i, but dat's 5orta how R CPU works + ≈ thi5 10,000 yr clock U/i can C gears grinding + turning ≈ how planet's ⊕rbit around 5tars + 5tars around galaxies, etc. + FYi, th 1st computers = akin 2 clocks, bivalent 5witches az R R mineds, we = computers running ≈ clockwork, fighting eNtropy, running against time

9/10> getting out uv sink ≠ messysorrily bad thing + mite 5serve 2 add additional layers/ harmonics, 4 eggsample in mu5ic when U get uv sink by a 5th ⊕ 7th U harmonize AND = synchronicity dat R 5scale = broken in2 12 notes ≈ clockwork?

> AND = synchronicity dat circ-L uv 5ths reassembles codon wheel U/i posted 7 posts ag0 in post 1029? + dat AND backwoods = DNA? ⊕ dat TiME backwoods = ƎMiT

> how mite R world B iF we Used DUOdecimal # system in sted uv accepted base-10 decimal system? U/i've illooted 2 b4 how U/i decim8 landguage in2 binary/bivalence ling0, perhaps U/i shd DUOdecim8 in2 base-12 duodecimal system witch 5ounds oddly (again, dat synchronicity) dewey-decimal system books = archived in (akin 2 iSBN #) > mayB b/c R bedder-½ + vox uv Sound Furies = writing their hippie book, another img running thru R CPU = piece symbol ... what = origin uv piece symbol N-E-way? B-ing a 4mer VW oner ('66 VW bug @ dat) U/i always maid dat connection (2 VW emblem) but ends up iT's naught juxtaposition uv V + W, but N + D (cre8ed in 1958 2 symbolize Nuclear Disarmament)

> ≈ clockwork, there = dat dewey-decimal time-peace w/ 2 peaces uv π cut out 2 serve up ala mode > naught sure Y, but th other nite U/i + R bedder-½ went down a rabbit hole of mash-up videos ... mind-blowing how menny mashups there R + dat ppl wd sit around making these (sum highlites = Black Sabbath mashed w/ The Temptations ⊕ The Doors, ⊕ RATT mashed w/ Marvin Gaye (dat mite uv bin R entry point down thi5 ma5h-up rabbit hole, wanting 2 C th Round + Round video 4 'ol time sake) ... 5peaking uv TiME, here = «Time after Time» mashed up w/ Fleetwood Mac:

> iT's also souprizing how similar songs R when U look @ their fundamental 5tructures, onely s0 many combin8ions > spose dat's what the5e blog posts R, ma5hups uv di5parate ideas floating thru R CPU dat U/i 5teal from other 5orces > U/i = a bit out uv sink az far az input, documenting what = going on reel whirled, @ least az far az what movies weave ⌚ed in la5t few weaks > la5t nite we ⌚ed Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time (★★★★)(5peaking uv time), documentary about Vonnegut, ore rather about his friend5hip w/ Robert B. Weide (of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame) who set out 2 make thi5 documentary decades ag0 + nvr finished iT s0 th documentary B-came sorta dog-8-my-homework 5tory abt Y he din't fini5h th movie > sum other movies/5hows weave scene = Better Call Saul season 6 (★★★★★ – maybe best 5how ever, @ least dat 5tayed gr8 all th way thru 6 seasons), Belfast (★), Blue Collar (★★★★), Across 110th Street (★★★★), 9½ Weeks (★★★), The Accused (★★★), The Weather Underground (★★★) + bunch uv others we 5tarted 2 ⌚ + din't finish (bin turning off a lot uv movies after 5-10 minutes L8ly, inklooting Elvis (★) witch = joke how awful iT = ), ± 1s we can't remember/4got 2 log

> th Weather Underground documentary in5pired us 2 write a song (or mayB th other way around, mayB the WU was on R mined s0 we ⌚ed the documentary) called «Weatherman Waltz» (stealing th word back from Dylan ≈ how U2 said (in regards 2 «Helter Skelter» «This is a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles, we're stealing it back» > iT = 2nd song on th album in ¾ time + a few other songs R heavy on triplets, either in drums ⊕ finger-picking patterns ... naught dat they sound N-E-thing ≈ polka ± waltz, more ≈ dirges in ¾ time + Y naught? ain't there plenty uv 5ongs in 4/4? 4/4 = 1, s0 redundant 2 say, no? th hole western convention = predic8ed on 4 ... bottum # (denomin8or) = # uv quarter notes, Y not «3rd notes»? naught dat U even n0 how 2 rite mu5ic but U need 2 set time 5ignature in Logic Pro 2 hear th metr0nome + s0 dat th corresponing loops + drum beats jive > hear's th lyrics, witch probly have more 2 do w/ Westworld than weatherman (you'll halve 2 w8 2 here finished 5ong):

Weatherman Waltz

the maker's dead,
but zeitgeist serves the machines
whirring + whirling,
decerebrated uv gleam

a carousel uv mannequins,
curtsy + spin,
silhouettes pirouetting
blown in the wind
ghost hosts waltz dizzily
in endless figure 8s
animatronic androids
in a dance uv decay

there's a MAN in MAchiNe
take away man + you're left w/ chi
irreversible 4ces
dict8 our course

half-dismembered zombies
withered down 2 threads
wind-up dolls who've lost their heads
rubber souls + plasticeine hearts
melt in2 dust
taxidermied pneumatics
bleed in2 rust

steampunks mosh up dust devils
heard all the way in brazil
2 the temp0 uv weather
sympathetic nerves twitch still
w/ élan vital

dervishes twirl in the snow
on aut0pilot circling round the globe
a diorama uv carbon, coils + guts
we shape our tools then they shape us

> U/i stole th la5t line from Marshall McCluhan ... ⊕ actually iT = McCluhan's friend father John Culkin dat said «we shape our tools and thereafter they shape us» in summarizing McCluhan's ideas 4 a 1967 article in Saturday Review > however, b4 dat in 1943 Winston Churchill said «we shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us» + even further back in 1854 Thoreau wrote: «We do not ride the railroad; it rides upon us» > 5ince our bedder-½ = working on their hippie back-2-th-L& book, iT's worth quoting th Thoreau passage more fully 2 give dat quote contxt:

... It lives too fast. Men think that it is essential that the Nation have commerce, and export ice, and talk through a telegraph, and ride thirty miles an hour, without a doubt, whether they do or not; but whether we should live like baboons or likemen, is a little uncertain.If we do not get out sleepers, and forge rails, and devote days and nights to the work, but go to tinkering upon our lives to improve them, who will build railroads? And if railroads are not built, how shall we get to heaven in season? But if we stay at home and mind our business, who will want railroads? We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us. Did you ever think what those sleepers are that underlie the railroad? Each one is a man, an Irishman, or a Yankee man. The rails are laid on them, and they are covered with sand, and the cars run smoothly over them. They are sound sleepers, I assure you. And every few years a new lot is laid down and run over; so that, if some have the pleasure of riding on a rail, others have the misfortune to be ridden upon. ...

> perhaps iT's also worth summarizing Culkin's 5-pronged summary uv McCluhan here w/ N emphasis on th senses (5in¢e thi5 = 5cense.com) + als0 (4 R bedder-½'s sake) regarding late '60 hippie/counter culture types who were probly indirectly ⊕ directly influenzed by McCluhan a lot more then ppl let on (4 eggsample, in th last post Kevin Kelly appropri8ed McCluhan ideas left + rite):

1) 1967 B.C.—All the senses get into the act — Culkin symmetrically (writ-10 in 1967 AD) summarizes humun consciousness + how iT's relative + evolving — Each culture, as it were, provides its constituents with a custom made [sic] set of goggles

2) Art imitates life
— 1st he tocks abt how man has devilipped bodily + sensory eX-10-sions (actually Edward T. Hall's idea, whose book sits in R 2-read pile): stone axe 4 hand, wheel 4 foot, glasses 4 eyes, radio 4 voice + ears + how in '60s L-ectric age, these eX-10-ded sen5es coales¢e in2 1 single unified field uv eXperience ... it's all-at-once > th eggsamples he uses R indicative uv th times, how when JFK = assin8ed th world realed instantaneously + how all their then current concerns reflect this organic thrust toward the new convergence and unity which is "blowing in the wind" (5peaking uv naught kneading a whetherman 2 kn0w witch weigh th wind bl0ws)

3) Life imitates art
— this = th section ware Culkin famously says McCluhan says we shape our tools + thereafter they shape us + how these sensory eX-10-sions interact in cahoots w/ th senses — media = message (or massage) — witch McCluhan perhaps = most fameus 4 sane

4) Culkin/McCluhan eX-10-d thi5 further by st8ing: we 5haped th alphabet + iT 5haped us + then tocks abt importance uv books/language, w/ eMphasis dat iT's naught just about con-10t but HOW th message = conveyed, th transmission (+ BTW, «ƎMiTs TiME» backwoods = «EMiTs TiMƎ» ... g0 figure)

5) 1967 A.D.—All the senses call to get into the act — Culkin/McCluhan tocks abt how print = superseeded by other 4ms uv media dat involve naught just vision butt aural, tactile, oral, kinetic, etc. + ends (BTW, th article = writ-10 w/ educ8ors in mined) by a5king (ala JFK) not what The Beatles = doing 2 «these kids», but what they (educators/parents) have done 2 these kids (presumably dat wd stoke them in2 such a frenzy over The Beatles ... we look now + wonder how repressed these kids must've bin 2 g0 in2 such hysteria) > All the data isn't in on what it means to be a balanced human being

+ now U/i = cot up, in sink w/ data flow thru R CPU 2 output az iSBN + Time's Tide

1035 <(current)> 1037 > U + i = π (± 7,999,255,128) in th dial-a-where H2O gap in ¾-time
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