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9/6/22> thi5 i/o post = U/i's processing output of thi5 weak's input: What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly ... actually sum 1 left a slew of data/tech- reL8ed boox in R liebury box (thx!) witch U/i th User/interface 5canned, but onely th Kelly book 5ucked U/i in (n0 offense 2 th others ... U/i onely wi5hed U/i had time 4 every book dat X's R path) ... U/i wd let Open Ai's GTP-3 «review» these boox in th 5pirit of post #1031, but thi5 seams tantamount 2 googling 'em, n0?

  • The Internet is Not Answer (2015) by Andrew Keen (U/i all-read-E kn0 inurnet ≠ antswear ... U/i read What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains)
  • ⓒopyright in the Digital Era (by Natl Research Council, 2013)(lord nose U/i halve gone on plent-E all-read-E about ɔopyrite on 5ɔense + thi5 book looks espeɔially dry)
  • Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big Data and the Future of Entertainment (2016) by Michael D. Smith + Rahul Telang (same az above, thought abt thi5 topi¢ daily working @ Napster all those yrs)
  • Data and Goliath (2015) by Bruce Schneier

> What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly comes @ a good time az U/i develip thriver meme/5elfish ma¢hine theory @ th basis of th work (iSBN) U/i = working on (essentially taking Richard Dawkin's selfish jean theory 2 next lvl by postuL8ing dat evolution o-curs @ technillogical lvl + humuns onely carry out technology's orders) ... naught dat U/i gunna rite a gimmicky pop-sighence book abt iT 2 make a bu¢k ... U/i got th luckshorey of veiling iT under th banner of «art» — of practising watt U/i preach – naught preaching > U/i shd als0 mention dat U red th book + rite thi5 po5t in part 4 R bedder-½ whoo = on 5abatical writing their one «We Are Stardust» book abt failed '60/'70s hippie baɔk-2-th-L& movements dat U/i (+ Kelly) think = in large part reaɔtion 2 technology (fear of iT) ... so wheel try 2 summarize key findings reL8ed 2 agriculture/food in dat time period (+ try 2 right normal in glish) + of course U/i foke us on parts dat 5hed light on R 5elfish machene theory > 5in¢e the book = Used, intresting 2 note what others b4 U/i hi–light = very diffrent then watt U/i dog-eared/underlined

> 4 starters, What Technology Wants = writ-10 in 2010 so in technillogical terms = very d8ed ... lot has happend in 12 yrs 5in¢e > Kelly 5tarts by Xplaining his notion of wut he calls «the technium» — N automonous accumuL8ion of all technologies + inventions az 1 universal pseud0-living system dat «wants to sort itself out, to self-assemble into hierachical levels, juast as large, deeply interconnected systems do. The technium also wants what every living system wants: to perpetuate itself, to keep itself going...»

> in th next chapter Kelly 5tresses dat language = singular mo5t important «invention» dat «launched [h0m0 sapiens] beyond all other earthly species» (th arrogance!) — dat allowed us 2 question R-5elves, 2 B 5elf-aware + 5elf-reflective > 1st thing 5apiens did w/ language (U/i mention 4 sake of R bedder-½) = cre8 bedder hunting tools + cooking methuds ... + dat «better tools meant better nutrition, which could assist in faster evolution» > s0 much happend in past 10,000 yrs, akin 2 how we domestic8ed dogs, cows + corn from wild antsisters, «technology has domesticated us» > he also 5tresses importance of th printing press, th sighingtific methud + th clock (of witch th computer = «direct descendant») ... witch U/i als0 mention 4 sake of R bedder-½, who als0 = vocal ½ of Sound Furies who R working on R next album abt time, Time's Tide (stealing a line from The Smiths) > Kelly also writes dat «Time is meaningless without change, and in the vast reaches of space that fill 99.99 percent of the universe, there is little change» + 5peaking of 5tardust: «And as we age we are really a river of cosmically old atoms. The carbons in our bodies were produced in the dust of a star. The bulk of material in our hands, skin, eyes, and hearts was made near the beginnng of time, billions of years ago

> + 5peaking of time, L8er in th book Kelly quotes from Joan Didion's White Album (1 of R bedder-½'s fave boox), regarding Didion seeing th Hoover dam 4 1st time, witch = worth repeating hear:

I walked across the marble star map that traces a sidereal revolution of the equinox and fixes forever, the Reclamation man had told me, for all time and for all people who can read the stars, the date the dam was dedicated. The star map was, he had said, for when we were all gone and the dam was left. I had not thought much of it when he said it, but I thought of it then, with the wind whining and the sun dropping behind a mesa with the finality of a sunset in space. Of course that was the image I had seen always, seen it without quite realizing what I saw, a dynamo finally free of man, splendid at last in its absolute isolation, transmitting power and releasing water to a world where no one is.

> dam!

> in th next chapter Kelly says thi5 s0-called technium (essentially th eXtended humun) = 7th kingdom (in addition 2 Eubacteria, Archae, Protista, Fungi, Plantae + Animalia) ... ≈ sum sorta biblicul profitsea > he says «if technology is an extension of humans, it is not an extension of our genes but of our minds» > perhaps iT = matter of semantics, but thi5 = ware U/i disagree... U/i think Kelly god iT baɔkwords, dat humuns = mere ɘX-10-sions of thi5 «technium»

> th next chapter = about exotropy (⊕ negentropy ... naught sure Y Kelly feels need 2 give iT another name, perhaps b/c he feels cheated by Schrödinger who coined th term 1st, in 1944, in his book What is Life? witch az U/i pointed out in R last post = gr8 book on thi5 subject (cybernetics az reL8s 2 eNtropy)), th inverse of entropy + then about progress, convergent evolution + summarizes all of life .... felt sorta ≈ dat 5cene in Adaptation (witched U/i rewatched recently)

> Kelly blathers on about inevitability of life 4ms, but also their randumness ... how iF we cd «rewind the tape» iT wd play out diffrent (witch seams a pointless thought eXperiment) > he credits Stephen Jay Gould w/ coming up w/ this «rewinding the tape» trope 2 illustr8 the unbiquity of «contigency in evolution» > U/i saw Stephen Jay Gould give a lecture during thi5 Wondeful Life book tour + all U/i remember = dat Gould = pompous ass resting on dead laurels he keeps rehashing (U/i dug sum of his earlier works) ... ≈ Kelly, he brags abt all his accomplishments, 5tarting every 5enten¢e w/ i, i, i ... (Y U/i 4-sake writing in 1st person singular) ... how much more ɘXpansive mite humaniT's knowledg-base bee iF all these fame-seeking humuns dint feel s0 cumpelled 2 take credit 4 + patent every dam idea? U/i got 2 thinking (naught reL8ed 2 th book) dat th reason «every revolution puts on the robes of the tyrant it deposed» all has 2 do w/ humun eg0, cuz these tyrants = self-5erving + mon0maniacal ≈ Napoleon, wanting 2 attach their name 2 a movement/idea/etc. 2 claim az their one > ≈ Kelly, U/i disagree w/ Gould's «entity not tendency» claim, 2 th contrary iT's tendonsea knot N-titty > tho U/i ain't sure U/i agree (@ least w/ th «want» part) w/ Kelly when he says (5peaking of robes of tyrants D-posed): «There is a tilt to evolution's seemingly chaotic churning that rediscovers the same forms and keeps arriving at the same solutions (...) It "wants" to materialize certain patterns.» ⊕ when Kelly quotes Christian de Duve's book Vital Dust (there's dat stardust again!): «Life is the product of deterministic forces. Life was bound to arise under the prevailing conditions, and it will arise similarly and whenever the same conditions obtain ... life and mind mind emerge not as the result of freakish accidents, but as natural manifestations of matter, written into the fabric of the universe.» > callus freak, but U/i 5ubscribe + 5ubmit 2 freaky K-OS, naught sum pre-ordained religious bull5hit ... watt = point of living iF everything = pre-ordained?

> naught til ½-way in2 th book did U/i google Kevin Kelly + onely then did U discover dat Kelly = born-again christian, witch X-planes a lot ... even th0 he seams 2 respect th sighingtific methud, hard 2 take hym siriusly knowing he = buybull thumper, just like iT's mind-boggling 2 U/i dat th evangelical Xtian/creationist Francis Collins = past director of NiH > thru Kelly's wiki page U also discovered dat Kelly has 3 children + «regrets not having a 4th» (fool dis¢lo5ure: U/i = atheist w/0 childen + 0 cars (+ D-spite worshipping Amish wayz, Kelly als0 has a car)) > th #1 problem thi5 world faces = overpopuL8ion, yet Kelly ≈ Elon Musk (who has 10 children (s0 men-E dat news sources have a hard time getting a factual #)) N-courages folks 2 halve more kids w/ a white-privilege undertone 2 iT, lamenting how birth r8s = flat-lining in Europe az iF immigrants don't count az popuL8ion inkrease + dat th likes of Kelly + Musk's white lineages fear B-ing replaced > in N-E event, U/i don't want 2 thr0w th baby out w/ th bathwater, there = sum good food 4 thought in th book weather U/i agree ⊕ disagree + come frm diffrent P.O.V.s > Kelly goes on 2 say every living organism = on its way 2 becoming, witch reson8s w/ U/i, author of The Becoming > «I seam to be a verb» az Buckminster Fuller said

> Kelly then goes on 2 tock about convergent technologies, using Darwin/Wallace az 1st eggsample (nice tie in 2 convergent evolution) + how they both = influenzed by Malthus's book on popuL8ion growth > he scarcely mentions dat a big reason 4 thi5 = espionage/5cooping ⊕ dat those dat typically b-come famous 4 inventions/boox/ideas = privileged white ppl ... U/i mene, did Kelly 5top 2 think mayB there = ppl who think of ideas but dont have th menes/re5ources 2 patent 'em ⊕ just don't feel a need 2 take credit 4 'em? 4 eggsample, U/i din't think of R 5elfish machene theory tel 1 day in 2018 5tanding on a busy 5treet coroner in Rome, 8 yrs after Kelly publi5hed thi5 book > U/i halve 5in¢e wondered iF N-E 1 else had thought of thi5 idea, but naught in a weigh ≈ U fear B-ing 5cooped + want 2 write a book abt iT + take credit but b/c U just want 2 further ɘXplore thi5 idea + U got X-cited 2 think What Technology Wants might bee just thi5 thing ... th0 iT comes close, iT ain't > @ N-E r8, U/i don't rite in a language dat N-E takes siriusly ⊕ dat cd bee upheld in a court of law iF it came down 2 it ... R onely motive = 2 make original art out of the5e ideas 4 posthumun N-tit-T's (naught 4 humun$ ± money) ... again, imagine how much bedder R knowledge-base of art + sighence wd bee were iT naught 4 all the greedy entropy-sucking eg0s wanting 2 take credit 4 every single thing they do?

> Kelly cut his teeth working 4/w/ Stewart Brand @ Hole Earth catalog, witch we blogged about recently in post #1022 (+ who R bedder-½ = trying (w/ n0 sucksess) 2 inter-vu 4 their 5tardust book) > intresting thing U/i red abt Br& in Michael Pollan's How2 Change Your Mind (witch U/i blogged abt 2 posts ago in #1033) = how Br& came up w/ th idea 4 th iconic Whole Earth cover (Earth az scene from outer 5pace) taking 5hrooms (⊕ was iT LSD?) on a rooftop in S.F. ... baɔk b4 N-E-1 made those imgs publiɔ + then Br& B-came obsessed w/ wanting 2 kn0w watt we/earth looked like from outer 5pace + s0 he petitioned NASA 2 release imgs (after all, ain't iT R tax money dat paid 4 the5e 5pace missions!?) + after much harassing they finally did ... not dat U/i'd remember b/c thi5 = rite around th time U/i = born in 1966 > perhaps we take 4 granted all th imgs weave seen of earth from outer 5pace, but DAM, watt must uv dat bin like 2 sea dat image 4 th 1st time? az U/i said 2 R bedder-½, seeing R-selves from outer 5pace must uv had a big impact on th humun psyche in L8 '60s + perhaps helped fuel th baɔk 2 th L& movement ... how 5mall + in5ignificANT ppl must uv felt? U/i get dat sens8ion sumtimes looking down @ th L&scape from N error plane, but imagine seeing a pic of th N-tire Earth 4 th 1st time? + may-B U/i mentioned it in post #1033 but when U/i took 5hrooms a few weeks ago U/i felt a holistic connection 2 thi5 Gaia/technium just az U did 2 all living organisms + saw in ultra-vivid D-tale th 5tructure of DNA + saw dat iT all (life 4ms, technology, planits, atomic madder, etc.) all = connected by invisible (2 naked i) 5piderweb lattice + U = just 1 of 7.99 billion transitory humun st8s > naught onely does Kelly get @ thi5 in thi5 p-graph (witch rather than retype wheel just take a photo uv), but he alludes 2 technology az «selfish»:

(+ btw, th colored tabs = left there by previous reader, who also hi-lighted random passages)

9/7> a chapter on Ted Kaczynski follows, «The Unabomber Was Right»... U/i halve als0 red th Unabomber's manifest0 + thought, dam, there = a lot in there dat reson8s/makes 5ense ... not dat U/i R about 2 g0 live in a log cabin making pipe bombs > wile th Unabomber B-lieves th technium must be D-stroyed, U/i think iT shd bee eMbraced + iT = th User's re5ponsibility 2 not B-come deependant on iT > U/i don't even B-leave in monkeywrenching ... ⊕ @ least a situ8ion has nvr maid U/i feel strongly enough 2 D-5troy ⊕ 5abotage technology b/c most likey dat 5ame tech wd just bee remade s0 iT wood just bee a waste of re5ources ... iT = inevitable ... 4 eggsample, when ppl complain abt Jeff Bozos U/i think iF not Bozos/Amazon, there'd bee sum–1/thing else perhaps even worse > iT ≠ technology dat = @ fault, but th capitalistic forces B-hind iT ... az Karl Marx said, we humuns are just «appendages of the machine» > callus naive/idealistic, but U/i halve a more U-4ic Utopian view akin 2 Richard Brautigan's All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace (2 th ɘX-10-t dat 4 a wile there th 5ubtitle of thi5 blog paid homage 2 th poem + th documentary of th same name by Adam Curtis witch U/i can't recommend enough 4 N-E 1 intrested in th influenze of technology on resent humun culture (⊕ cureus 2 kn0w WTF happend 2 us in th L8 '90s)

> in N-E event, th so-called technium = invevitable, there = nothing 1 can do about iT ɘXcept naught Use iT > th technium = akin 2 peloton ... try az U mite 2 cycle ahead in front, th peloton will inevitably reel U baɔk in > U/i certainly don't feel angry twards th technium, U/i feel a certain piecefulness ≈ how U/i felt th time U/i was held up @ gunpoint in Peru (where gun = ɘX-10-sion of technium dat U/i halve nvr oned ⊕ 4 dat matter halve nvr even held in yr h& ɘXcept 1 x @ age ~8 U/i fired a friend's .22 once @ a can + th gun 5lammed against R ¢heek + U/i nvr touched a gun ever again ... az Neil Young sings: «... raised my rifle to my eye / never stopped to wonder why / then I saw black / + my face splashed in the sky / shelter me from the powder + the finger / cover me with the thought that pulled the trigger) > Y is th Unabomber + Kevin Kelly s0 afraid of machines b-ing in control? U/i wood rather B-driven by a driverless car (assuming th technology = up 2 snuff) then sum idiot humun driver ... humun air 5cares U/i more than machine air

> iT o-cured 2 U tho (in lite of R bedder-½ We are Stardust book) dat a lot of watt motiv8ed th Unabomber motiv8ed baɔk 2 th L& types + then they s0 quickly give up on their baɔk-2-th-L& pipe dreams once they find out how much iT actually sucks + dat they actually have 2 work > per Kelly: «The young are not under some kind of technological spell that warps their minds into believing civilization is better. Sitting in the mountains, they are under no spell but poverty's.» > Kelly goes az far az 2 say dat all anti-civilizationist sell out («composing their rants on on fast desktop machiens while they sip coffee») 2 modern conveniences, «Except, perhaps, one purist: the Unabomber. Kacynski went further than other critics in living the story he believe in» ... iT = 1 thing 2 conseed dat th Unabomber = right abt a few things, but Kelly baysickly worships th bum! ... + who is Kelly 2 say Unabomber = th onely 1!?!? there probly = 100s of anti-civiliz8ionist types living happily in piece + harmony out in th 4est + we don't know about 'em b/c they don't communic8 w/ N-E 1 ... ⊕ @ least naught 2 Kelly ... does Kelly really think every anti-civiliz8ionist in th world = in his rolodex? then he goes in2 sum sorta 12-step recovering alcoholic spiel comparing technology w/ drugs ... «"needing more to be satisfied less" is one definition of addiction» > U/i agree 2 sum X-10t thO U/i wdn't g0 az far az 2 B-little drug addicts, U/i'd say many ppl form deependseas w/ technology, naught addictions ... unless he = tocking abt certain things ppl do w/ technology ≈ gamble ⊕ look @ porn

> Kelly then digresses further in2 next Amish-wor5hipping chapter, w/ th disclaimer dat he's not Amish (th0 he has a beard ≈ 1) BUT ... spends time w/ 'em, witch sumhow makes iT OK (akin 2 saying U «have good friends that R black» pre-empts U from B-ing racist) ... there's just sumthing offputting about all his privileged boasting, «i this ... i that ... i propose ... in my experience ... believe me, etc.» bragging abt all the billionaires, CEOs, hippies, etc. dat he nose (w/ a brown knows, specially how tries 2 ride Brand's coattails)... «I've lost count of the hundreds of individuals I personally know who left communes to eventually start high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. It's almost cliche by now—barefoot to billionaire, just like Steve Jobs.» ... iT ≈ he = disgruntled dat he ≠ az fameus az Jobs ⊕ Brand ⊕ Kaczinski > Kelly takes his guru Brand's «We are as gods» (name of new documentary abt Steward Brand dat U/i've haven't had a chants 2 C yet, mayB 2-nite) ... he says «Our role as humans, at least for the time being, is to coax technology along the paths it naturally wants to go» ... az iF he = sum sorta god/shepherd > technology dozen't give a rat's ass about us ... we don't control technology, technology controls us, Uses us az pawns > then Kelly digresses further + actually quotes the 12-step serenity prayer, az iF iT's part of his self-help therapy 2 right thi5 book + we got 2 lis-10 2 his B.S. > then he tries 2 act ≈ he = card-carrying sighingtist, sane thi5 technium is a 4ce Mbedded in th fabric of matter + enurgey, dat «it follows the path of physics and obeys the ultimate law of entropy» where iT = «exotropy» ... Y th obsession w/ wanting 2 re-coin words dat don't 5tick? U/i kn0w enough phy6 (U/i have gradu8 D-gree) 2 kn0w he = fool of 5hit ... wile Schroedinger's negentropy Ǝxists, iF U google «exotropy» nothing comes up ɘXcept a page abt how Denzel Washington = L.L.T.T. ... «eXotropy» = made-up nu age mumbo jumbo dat eXists onely in Kelly's la-la L&, th0 he claims «it is an observable force found in the intersection of information, matter, and energy, and it cam be repeated and measured, though it has only recently been surveyed» .... watt a joke! sure glad U/i din't buy thi5 book az U/i'd h8 2 think U put $ in his po¢ket > Kelly als0 has the nerve 2 say: «If you knew where a particle is and it's energy and direction, you can predict exactly, without fail, where it will be in the next moment. This utter allegiance to a path predetermined by it's previous state is at the foundation of the «laws of physics"....» ... not sure watt laws of phys6 he's tocking about (pre-19th century?), but the Heisenberg uncertainty principle = sumting U learn in physics 101, dat th opposite = true, U can't prove ɘXactly, w/o fail > Kelly needs 2 get his head out of his ass + out of th 18th century, souprizing he = editor of Wired ... weird > Kelly dozen't even get his fax rite, he claims «At least 11 million different songs have been recorded» when th actual # az of 2011 (when th book was writ-10) = 79 million, according 2 GraceNote, th Ntitty dat keeps track of such 5tats ... th0 sin¢e he said «at least» guess he ≠ technically wrong > sum of his other graphs seem su5pect (specially th ones regarding popuL8ion) but U/i won't bother 2 g0 find those 2 fact check 'em 4 him, dat = sumthing his publi5her shd of done > th kicker th0, is dat he waits til pg 355 to start throwing th G-word around + go on sum cultish religious rant (again, iF U/i knew he = born-again Xtian U/i wdn't of wasted R time), saying crap ≈ «There is even modern technology that postulates that God, too, changes.» ... siriusly? then he says «I bring up God here [az if he knew if he did it @ th biginning he'd lose readers ≈ U/i] because it seems unfair to speak about autocreation without mentioning God—the paragon of autocreation.» ... page 355 invalid8s everything he said b4 ... watt a waste of time + U nvr even find out What Technology Wants eXcept 2 say «the technium wants what evolution began»

> @ N-E r8, th book got U/i 2 thinking abt R one thriver meme/5elfish machene theory 2 apply 2 iSBN, iF naught az negative antithesis + again, in th name of art > 5peaking of technology, U/i + R bedder-½ just got R bivariant boosters ... quiet a marvel dat they came up w/ vaccine s0 fast dat most just take 4 granted > + als0 5peaking uv technology, a few dayz ag0 U/i god a Fender 5trat0caster! in R eyes th ultimate invention ever

th flaming O

> in all these years U/i've nvr spent more than $200 on a guitar + finally did iT (dint g0 all out, bot th introductory «player» str@t) ... got tired of R cheap0 epiphone dat n0 amount of tweaking cd compens8 4 th fucked 5pacing on th fret bored (case U = wondering Y th guitar on R 1st album = out of toon ... then th next 3 albums U/i onely Used a coustic) > + 5peaking of 5trat0casters, th other day U/i = astronished 2 di5cover a wiki-pg D-voted 2 David Gilmour's Black Strat (these 5orts of things R last gr8 thing left on Inurnet) ... in particular: «Due to the constant modifications, the only original parts on the guitar, apart from the body, are believed to be the pickup selector switch and (possibly) the bridge plate.» ... s0 if most everything = 5wapped out, watt really is The Black Strat? + btw, th 1st name dat popped in2 R mined 4 R one pink 5trat = Flaming O ... wheel C iF dat name 5tyx

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