mossy Caged fungus, lit box newts, bright 5tupid confetti + other Mass n8ure + art instaLL8ions


9/20/22 | Lenox, MA > woke up in CATskills, drove across Hudson river 2 th Berkshires, 5topping on th way @ th 5ite of W. E. B. Du Bois's (who figures prominently in Totem #9) childhood home then hiked Monument Mtn, th trail where Herman Melville met Nathaniel Hawthorne > more 5hrooms + fungi + moss + ferns, but als0 these tiny bright orange newts > 5tarted 2 rain s0 checked in2 R hotel (Lifehouse) then when iT cleared wint 2 hike the Burbank trail (@ Olivia's Overlook) but got rained on NE-way + s0 many newts U/i couldn't really look around 4 fear of 5tepping on 'eM > 8 in Lenox @ Frankie's > Lenox feels very white/blue bood


beaver hut



cave where Melville + Hawthorne sat out a rainstorm


crystill floe


vu from Devil's Pulpit






gratuitous selfie #1039











> reading Bright Stupid Confetti by Gary Shipley > we associ8 Bright Stupid Confetti w/ the blog by Chris Higgs (back when ppl blogged ... R U/i th last 1 left dat 5till does?) ... th0 both took their titles from a Sylvia Plath po-M («In your vacuous black, / Stars stuck all over, / bright stupid confetti. / Eternity bores me, / I never wanted it.») > sum of these U/i remember reading in Black Sun Lit > hear's N Xcerpt from 1:

The future of art is the same as before. It's supersymmetry, it's both beautiful and nowhere. When everyone's saying how they can't relate. I wonder, are our fecal transplants getting lost in translation. But the future takes more patience than that. And no one said echolation would be easy.

> + sorry 2 report, P, there's n0 bat in our room ;-( > 5skipped Edith Wharton's est8 b/c we din't want 2 pay $20 to see sum rich person's man5ion

9/22 | North Adams, MA > R rental car = recalled, s0 yesterday had 2 find Hertz office + 5wap red Kia 4 blue Nissan, then we drove up Mt Greylock > bedder-½'s feet in lot of pain s0 U/i did sum trail running wile bedder-½ walked > 2 rocky on top s0 continued down a bit off th mountain + ran along a trail, saw more ferns, fungus, newt, etc. much ≈ yesterdayz hike, but also a big toad > foggy/misty s0 din't see NE views > pressed on 2 North Adams, went 2 Mass MOCA, witch = gr8 museum, 1 of best U/i've ever bin > lots of 5tuff by Laurie Anderson, witch U/i nvr saw in D.C. b/c dat 5how took place during pandemic ... s0 far on this trip, NY + MA = more lax than D.C., haven't worn a ma5k 1x, nice + liber8ing > lots of cool work by Amy Yoes + bunch of Turrell light box 5tuff, 5eems Mass MOCA = suited perfect 4 dat, lots + lots of 5pace + not @ all crowded, @ least when we = there > walked around town sum then checked in2 Tourists, where we = 5taying + also 8 dinner t/here out5ide after hanging out by th pool ... might B 1 of the last 70° sunny dayz, now iT = cold + rainy s0 mite g0 bowlling or sumpin




Spencer Finch



took pic of a Turrell b4 U/i saw n0 phot0 sine, s0 sue us


+ bedder-½ took pic of us observing art


+ U/i took fot0 of bedder-½ looking @ art



from Laurie Anderson's art school dayz


Gunnar Schonbeck

> there was a hole room fool of instrawments Schonbeck made dat U cd play, s0 Sound Furies per4md 2 pieces using Schonbeck instrawments:

> 5peaking of sound, there = cool John Cage sound installation:


another Anderson



Amy Yoes




Anderson virtual reality room

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