5hakers, art, machenes, agriculture + other posthumun EXTensions DKing in2 K-OS


9/22/22 | North Adams, MA > hung out all morning b/c iT = raining, then went bowling (for 1st time in mayB 1 decade) > around 2 or 3 iT cleared up s0 took off walking from R hotel + ended up on th Appalachin trail > sines said onely 4.2 miles 2 Vermont border, but our bedder-½'s foot = gimpy 5till s0 U/i took off running > by th time U/i got 2 Vermont iT started 2 pour, th trail b-came ≈ 5tream > 8–9 miles of steep (1000–2000 ft of elev8ion gain) trail running in adverse conditions > 8 @ Publick

in2 K-OS





weird shaped 5hrooms




1 mile from Vermont


Appalachin trail turned 5tream

9/23 | Pittsfield, MA> woke up, checked out of Tourists, hiked Cascade trail near North Adams then headed south 2 Williamstown, walked around + went 2 Williams College Museum of Art, main exhibit = Mary Ann Unger > then went 2 th Clark Art Institute, saw exhibits + walked around th grounds w/ cows > then went 2 Hancock Shaker Village + pet goats + chickins + walked around ... all in all 9 miles > pushed on2 Pittsfield, 8 @ District Kitchen & Bar then saw Don't Worry Darlings in a theatre ... mayB 1st time in 5–10 yrs we've bin 2 a theatre > naught sure what 2 think of Don't Worry Darlings, spose it = intresting > Pittsfield = th pits, sketchy, feels more unsafe than DC or NYC, looking over our shoulder a lot walking around > seeing th FX of drugs ≈ fentanyl on these remote lit-L towns ... or mayB iT's just a matter of what U = Used 2



selfie w/ Franz Kline (Williamstown museum)


Mary Ann Unger


Clark Art institute



Degas tiny dancer


Jose Guadalupe Posada




Yuji Agematsu


Agematsu made hundreds of these little sculptures from garbage found walking streets of NYC





Tauba Auerback


Shaker village


Shakers loved their brooms


more cows



+ hear's what the goats sounded like




eXcuse U/i wile U/i kiss th cow


Xcuse U/i wile U/i hug th chickin





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