GUTTerule reaXion 2 porcUpine butts in belly uv Moby Dick ware iT = institute uv techn0logy


9/24/22 | Pittsfield, MA > went 2 Melville's house (Arrowhead) + walked around th grnds w8ing 4 iT 2 0pen > got a tour (onely weigh 2 C iT) from purple-haired 5pace cadet who'd nvr red Moby Dick (shouldn't dat B prerequisite 2 B guide?) ... intresting dat Melville looked @ Mt Greylock (white w/ snow) wile writing Moby Dick, th img 4 his white whale > when U/i red Moby Dick ~30 yrs ag0 U/i travelled thru th outback uv Australia + lichened th whale 2 Ayers Rock

Pitts field


Melville's hearth


ware Melville rote Moby Dick (looking out wind0w @ Mt Greylock)


Mt Greylock (ware we hiked in post 1039)


2 go w/ Sound Furies current time theme


porcupine butt

> 8 slice uv pizza looking @ sum lake then went 2 th rail trail + U/i ran ~7.5–8 mile along Cheshire lake + N eXtra few miles walking, altogether well over 10 miles > went 2 sum ap-L orchard then 8 @ Sibaritas (★★★★) + ⌚ed Boom For Real (★★★★)(witch we'd seen most uv b4 in 1 museum, but nvr all in 1 sitting) abt Basquiat's early yrs

5urface uv Che5hire lake


ap-L orchard w/ loads of rotting ap-Ls

9/25 | Great Barrington, MA > D-sided 2 shift 2 gr8 Barrington 4 1 nite 5in¢e Pittsfield = th Pitts > 5topped 2 hike Benedict Pond loop + then th river trail along th Housatonic > 8 mole poblano @ Xicohtencatl (★★★★½) > 5tarted 2 read W8ing 4 the Barbarians b4 realizing U/i red iT (get confused about witch uv Coetzee's books U/i've red/haven't red) s0 then 5tarted 2 read Mike Corrao's GUT TEXT then ⌚'ed 17 Blocks (★★★) witch = intresting @ 1st butt then U/i 5tarted 2 wonder who = filming (th 1st 1/3 uv th movie = home video but then after awile iT's obvious they just try 2 make iT look ≈ home vid when iT fact iT's professional hollywood types) + th heart-string-pulling pian0 muzic + U/i felt ≈ U/i B-ing duped + white movie-makers R Xploiting th family 2 make poverty porn

Benedict pond



9/26 > U/i = on Mars last nite w/ sum sorta sighingtist type (playd by Jonathan Banks) + therƎ = 5trange Dr. Seussesque cre8ure ≈ mix B-tween Lorax + Che5hire CAT + th sighingtist X-planed 2 them how we = there 2 in5tall life on Mars + th cre8ure just lounged, smiling @ us wile th sighingtist X-planed how weed done eXperiments 2 make «life» work on micr0scopic 5cale in lab 5etting + now wanted 2 «5cale iT up» on Mars + U/i thought th sighingtist = s0 5tupid he couldn't C dat life already Ǝxisted there > th sun wint down + we had 2 sneak out, pa5t a parade uv 5chool «kids» who = various lit-L munchkin-like cre8ures az iF from Oz > now dat iT = dark, diffrent cre8res came out uv th woodworks, wild dogs 5niffing around, etc. > we had walkie-talkies + th sighingtist asked ?s ≈ «what's yr 20? over» + U/i said «B-hind th bldg on th ... left side, over» ... pausing on th word «left» b/c U/i din't n0 relative 2 what > U/i M-urged in front uv a 5chool @ th same time az th sighingtist + therƎ = film crew + th director said «CUT!» + U/i realized iT = film + got 2 thinking NE-1 ⌚ing th film cd look up th ℝeal loc8ion + retrace R 5teps + g0 back B-hind th 5chool + they'd C all the5e martian cre8ures back there but then got 2 thinking Y wd NE-1 even think dat, 5in¢e th film = fiction + then U/i got 2 thinking how many films U/i assume = «fiction» R in fact ℝeal + iF U found th reel-whirled loc8ions what U/i mite di5cover?

> iℝL pushed on, stopped in North Hampton 4 breakfast + 2 C Y Sonic Youth wd live there? 5topped @ Walden Pond thinking we mite walk around iT but iT cost $30 just 2 park! absurd, what a 5cam, Thoreau wd roll over in his grave > continued on2 Cambridge, couldn't check in2 hotel s0 walked along th Charles + crossed over 2 th North End (~10 miles 4 th day) then 8 Turkish food w/ all th 5mart ppl @ Oleana (★★★★½)



North End

9/27 | Cambridge, MA > walked w/ bedder-½ along river but they had 2 give keynote 5peech @ sum climate data/machine learning meating @ MiT > U/i continued along river 2 Harvard ... naught sure U/i've bin 2 Harvard/Cambridge 5in¢e we lived nearby in Portsmouth in 1997 ... bin 2 Boston a bunch 5in¢e but usually U/i 5tick 2 other side uv Charles river Xcept mayB 2 run along iT > lots uv 5mart ppl on thi5 side uv th river dat's 4 shore > tried 2 goto List Visual Art Center but closed b/c in-B-tween 5hows > sew laid in sun on MiT campus reading Mike Corao's GUT TEXT



List Visual Art Ccenter




> GUT TXT = reminiscent uv Blake Butler's Ever ⊕ R one The Becoming, sum sorta corp0ℝeal N-titty dat Corrao breathed life in2 + now iT has mined uv iT's one ≈ Frankentext > weed Quote sum passedges butt th ©opyrite pg sez tXt ©ant B reproduced Xept brief Quot8ions in reviews + U/i ain't shure iF thi5 [xx] Qualifies az «review»? what = [xx]?

undoctored lens flare 5uperimposed over 5pread uv GUT TXT s0 fair game, n0?

[xx] = Ngaugement > other GUT TXT pgs look ≈ 5urface uv Che5ire CAT Grin:

Che5hire lake

⊕ [xx] = tXt abt GUT tXT, ⊕ naught/knot ... kin U/i parrotphrase in R one words 2 = st8 fair use? 2 yield R GUT reaXion in R Deleuzian/GUaTtarian Bw/O? Corrao rites «"pilgrimmage to the holy mountain" ... "in Arafat"» + U/i wondered iF thi5 = reference 2 Mike Kleine's book U/i just red? N-E tXT = re∀ssemblage, key = 2 giv iT one iĐentitty 2 self-gener8 iT5elf ware iT = in5titoot uv teɔhnolo-G, 2 re4m/trans4m Using 4ier X-4m, 2 achieve nu-found st8 ware landgauge = virus > 5peaking of virus, seams MASS din't get th mem0 dat pandemic = over b/c restraunts + hotels 5till reQwire ma5ks + vaXsine cards ... 0i

⊕ [xx] = juggernaut dat piX up peaces uv Nvironment ≈ 5tone fish 5ticking iT 2 R 5kin 2 call one 5hell, ware 5kin Xtends 2 GUT, FYi > GUT para5ite after U 8 CAT GUT TAC-OS

1040 <(current)> 1042 > economiz8ion of how ppl ha1ve B-come th tools of their tools
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