5hedding N inkLing of 5kin 2 innerface w/ U/X cogs, ∀ll 2 blow up on dub-L dots of «möbius 5trip»


10/17/2022> when U/iUser innerface—THink oƒ October 17th, i/U thiNKth Loma Prieta earTHQuake baɔk in Santa Cruz, in 1989 . . . perhaps none 2 th rest oƒ th whirLed az th «World Series earTHQuake» > th whirLed = 5pinning  meCHanical Đ–vice, every 365.2422 dayZ iT notCHes in2 nu psychle, 4–ever R.i.P.eating . . . ⊕ naught (iF 1 con5iders Quantum Mechanical perspective, th0 4 all in tents + purpisses (on planetary LVL) celestial mechanics O–bay Newton)

> last year on Oct 17 U/i found ℝ–selves communing w/ goats on th Amalfi coast > 10 yrs ag0 2day on Oct 17, 2012, i/U = SCUBA diving in southern Tanzania + watching ELong8ed C urCHins walk on L&:

. . . 1 oƒ th 5trangeR cre8ureS on X planiT, thO the5e Sarcastic Fringeheads = pretty wiɔked:

> cool thing about 5¢ense = dat i/U can g0 baɔk 2 N–E pa5t d8 in th arCHives, ⊕ N–E place in th indeX, ⊕ look up pplsubjects . . . th0 U/i sorta 5hoot ℝ–5elf in th foot by naught writing in more conventional landguage, far az 5ear¢hability = concerned > X 5tyle i/U rite in hear on 5¢ense = more ⊕ less HTML transL8ion oƒ how U/i bin writing iSBN 978-1-940853-22-2, th0 lots oƒ 5tuff i/U can't pool off in HTML (az opposed 2 working in In Đ–zine (C B–Lo 4 eggsample) . . . naught 2 mention th time con5traint oƒ 4matting in HTML by h& (4 eggsample U/i got 2 TAG things ≈ <sup>super</sup> + <sub>sub</sub>–5crypts in5tead oƒ cliɔking 1 btn), ∴ wheel reTurn 2 more Linear free–flowing tXt (eXcept 4 i–tems  i/U can 5earch + rePlace 4 w/ eaze)

> U/i = more ⊕ less finished w/ 1/4 oƒ iSBN, th 1st 2 (oƒ 8) sexions (16 chapters oƒ 64) . . . ⊕ rather, iT (th softwhere/MAchine dat Uses   i/U 2 rite iSBN) = finished w/ U/i . . . i/U halve pushed In Đ–zine 2 th Limits, 2 th point ware iT crashes constantlylast year when U/i worked on Codamundi #2 in Đ♭ miner (witch got rejected after all dat work + now sits sumWare on ℝ hard–drive probly nvr 2 B pubLished) + th year b4 when i/U worked on Textiloma > 5pose U/i cd ab&on Adobe products all 2gether, but i/U halve 2 much invested in 'eM (knot just In Đ–zine, but Đreamweaver, Photoshop, Audition, etc.) . . . they got U/i by th balls (knot dat genderless i/U admit 2 halving 'eM . . . iT just = figure oƒ 5peech) > ∴ rather than push ℝ Luɔk, U/i ℝ gonna try 2 pubLish th 1st 16 chapters/96 pgs) oƒ iSBN az is . . . + call iT Soft Copy Hard . . . ⊕ bedder yet, U/X (shorth& 4 User eXperience in ℝ previous professional world of iA (in4m8ion Architexture)), a 5top gap 5olution 4 th time B–ing, in case i/U die ⊕ sumping, b/c who nose how long iT will take 2 finish th other 3/4 oƒ iSBN @ X r8 + by then U/i will probly halve completely re–written (U mite halve 2, given ℝ tecknowledgy issues) the5e 1st 2 sexionsU/X = 5napshot oƒ how biginning oƒ iSBN evolved

> coinsidentally, ℝ tecknowledgy issues B–gan when i/U (⌘+C)ed + (⌘+V)ed   th umlaut ö in2 th word möbius 5trip, ∴ dat pg U/i had 2 leave az is b/c every time U/i touch iT, iT blows up . . . actually, th X–act point iT blew up = on th word tube (asterisked B–Lo), b/c U/i tryed 2 (⌘+C) + (⌘+V) th ∞ symbol in2 iT, 2 write «tube» az «t∞b», az iF both Litteruley + 4 ℝeel i/U ÷ by ∞ ( = 1 ÷ 0):

> 0nely weigh 2 circumNaviG8 th i55ue = 2 (⌘+X) pre–V–us 2 pgs from stored ver5ion + redo (⌘+Y) th edits > als0 note dat U/i reference 5cense.com in U/X . . . ∴ th integr8ion goes both wayz (far az method acting) > U/i integr8 ℝeel life/5cense w/ whatever art 4m i/U = working on > in th ℝeel world, we ( U/i + ℝ bedder–½) ℝ 5till conTempL8ing iT–L–E vs. aNYCity . . . whereaz b4 we = 95% 4 aNYCity, now th pendulum = swinging baɔk th other weigh (perhaps in part b/c we ℝ plane deviL's advoc8), thinking we need 2 g0 baɔk 2 iT–L–E 2 take th trip we nvr took last Đecember–January, 2 do do diligence

> we con5ulted th i Ching abt X Đ–cision + got #49—molting (witch corresponds 2 chapter #46 in iSBN (∴ naught inkLooted in U/X)

> ⊕ 5hedding 5kin, according 2 David Hinton (whose transL8ion U/i prefur):

On the days of their demise, revinventing themselves with the dedication of a bird sitting on eggs, things shed skins. Shedding skin, you move with sincerity. You use opening and delight to inhabit that illumination at the grain of things, and you use the hinge of things to penetrate everywhere throughout the wild vastness of things.

> ∴ i/U peel baɔk ℝ 5kin + fold ℝ–self in5ide out 4 fres5h nu perspective, 2 travel (or UNtRavel) 2 th hinge oƒ things, 2 molt ≈ N in5ect > U/i start 2 buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz + hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm az i/U 5hape5hift + i/U get N–tranced in th sound it5elf + n0/thing else, in th innerface oƒ ℝ B–ing, kneethere hear n⊕r there, trying 2 su5tain ℝ–5elf in th mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ⊕ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ⊕ purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr–
rrring ≈ CAT, 4 az long az U/i can breathe, ⊕ i/U foke us on ℝ breath ⊕ just sighlence, trying 2 REMain az 5till az possiBell, ⊕ move ℝ body 2 get absorbed by th movement unTel U/i ≠ in ℝ body bud in th innerface oƒ 1 holey all–N–compassing B–ing, 1 fleeting cog in th circuit, weather iT B in iT–L–E ⊕ aNYCity dozen't matter, U/i = everyware @ 1 x > i/U foke us on curtain soundsnK, az in inkLing > alphaBet = Đ–vided naught ju5t B–tween vowels + consonants, but hard vs. soft consonance, 2gether in t&um 2 achieve harmonic resinants > witch = 2 say i/U bin in2 drone music L8ly (listenly 2 Phill Nillock az U/i 5peak) > haven°t worked on ℝ nu Sound ƒuries album–Time's Tide–5ince going on ℝ NE trip 2 CATskills, Berk5hires, Boston + NYC), but now dat i/U finished   U/X — ⊕ U/X = done w/ U/i—wheel get baɔk 2 iT > iT all = inner–connected—sounds, images, tXt, touch even 5mell + taste az X recipe 4 butternaut squash lasagna illustr8s > ⌚ed a lot oƒ whore movies s0 far thi5 October, inklooting Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, Cat People + The Omen I, II + III > also ⌚ed Butterfield 8, The Long, Hot Summer + finished Reservation Đogs season 2, witch alth0 went in2 a mid–season slump, ended on a good note

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