Zen + th art of inner ear maintenance @ a X-road B–tween aNYCity + iT–L–E


10/22/2022> in Baltimore th past 2 dayzz ...bedder–½ had sum meatings, figured U/i'd tag along 5in¢e i/U haven't bin 2 B–more 5in¢e b4 th pandemic when @ times we wint 1x per week > wint 2 sum event @ P-body Liebury thurs nite + friday walked 2 R + U's house out in th burbs + saw their nu–born bay–B + chickins > 20,517 steps







P-body Liebury

> after 1 year or 2 of ℝ mineareyes d–zzz naught B-ing s0 bad, yesterday =1 of worst dayz ever, 2 th point ware U/i = s0 diz–Z i/U thought U/i mite fall down, had a hard time keeping ℝ shit 2–gether > din't help dat U + R's house = @ slight tilt (ends up naught just ℝ imagination) ... i/U really felt disoriented + Lop5ided ≈ i/U mite tip over + ℝ R ear feels swollen + 100% deaf (whereas 1 or 2 weeks ag0 U/i noticed when listening 2 headphones ⊕ 5witching phone B-tween ears dat both ears = 100% OK) > halving onely 1 ear aggrav8s disorient8ion b/c although ℝ left ear = perfect + i/U can hear OK, U/i can't tell ware sound = coming from 5ince i/U can't trianguL8 ... sorta ≈ B–ing blind in 1 i ⊕ a bat w/ onely 1 ear 4 echoLoc8ion > U/i su5pect culprit = salty mis0 ramen @ Mt Vernon Marketplace, but th 3–4 drinks (0pen bar) @ th P–body shin–dig certainly din't help (especially 5ince i/U haven't bin drinking much) ... iT's th 5wings in hydr8ion levels, need 2 keep a more moder8 even fl0w of food/water intake 2 B on even keel > als0 din't 5leep s0 well past 2 nites, pillow sucked in hotel + 5till deb8ing thi5 iT–L–E vs. aNYCity Đ–cision, keeping us @ nite, osciLL8ing back + 4th ... az it st&ds we = 50/50% deepending on th day, th0 aNYCity gig clouded by contigency on 10–ure

bedder–½ taking a potentially future–altering call in sum randum field in B–more

> red The Way of Zen by Alan Watts ... ⊕ re–red, U/i red it back in college ⊕ mayB even hi 5chool > even th0 Watts = white guy, his explan8ion of what is Zen = 1 of th best ... then again, th more i/U underst& th less U/i underst&, 4 trying 2 grasp it Đ–feets the purpiss > watched Husbands (★★★) ... gr8 @ 1st then the 2nd half (when they go 2 London) becomes randomly bad > U/i dint discover Cassavetes (az director) teL 5–10 yrs ag0, but man did he did sum good films > also It Might Get Loud (★★★) about electric guitars + Jimmy Page, the Edge + Jack White (who U/i find annoying, naught sure Y he gets 2 B in same camp az other 2 eXcept probly th film = his idea)

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